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    it came to my attention today that myxa is obviously a racist and a biggot. he accused faith anohter admin of being asian, and faith came back and called him british, pointing out somebodies ethnicity obviously means that they have a hatred deep inside for them, and want feel that they are better, than myxa got offended for getting called british cuz well british people mostly suck so he then kicked faith because he had the power too because he felt better than an asian/muslim who lives with jews. This has to end, someone needs to be done, classixz needs to fix the staff NOW. As you can see I am over hyping a funny situation like ohters have done recently and it shows how funny it is when people get butthurt and feel entitled to something and make a bigger deal out of it than normal. I am a child for posting this but I feel it was needed, everyone in UU needs to stfu and laugh more
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    Myxa needs to calm the fuck down, if he doesn't want people to make jokes about him he shouldn't be making jokes about other people. And yes I am talking off topic because Indy can't determine if something is indeed serious or not. And I was with Braby and Bloody on ts3 when this happened and I took Braby's advise about just ignoring the whole situation, but you just opened the case again.