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    So the thing is that i've, pretty much, completely stopped playing blops whats on ever, and have decided to pass UU-K over to someone not only i trust, but i know is very good and will be very good. Yes, thats you Braby*. OMG !!! Why braby?!? THAT NOOB? :O. It's him because he is probably one of the only trusted people i know, and i very well know he will do what it takes with UUK like i did, he's the next leader and it will stay like that for a long time, hopefully anyway. Its your boy myxa. Class when you read this give him the UUK lead spot, i can stay in the team as co-owner or something along those lines.
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    get us limbs to throw^_^
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    Gonna steal organs and sell them on the black market? Nah, but have fun.
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    I am going to work on a Hospital and won't have the time for gaming :l
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    omg 10 upvotes, first time ever "popular" and 10 downvotes for him xD
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    forget it fuck you fuck you fuck you and guess what fuck you!!!!!!! i will stop play bo or atleast dis mod lel fu fu fu fuf uf uf ufufufufufufufufufufufu fufu fuf ufu fufu fu and your stupid becoz you got anus-raped so :P bitchezz nigha
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    You take the disk out, snap it in half and throw it out the window......
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    i simply ask something and ofc with your american stupidity you'll never make it through school -.-
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    mudder you're defenitly not in UU-S lol.. Oh yeah btw he was still playing last night... So yeahhh
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    How can i load the mod faster i mean before it crashed i was the first in game then after i fixed it i am joining the last one or as zombie ,mostly as zombie.Tell me please how.