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    I'm back to playing ZAM again, some of you guys may know me from the past from about a year ago and I'm a HEAD ADMIN if you didn't know, Myxa is fag that's all I've got to say.
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    My first live recorded game play hope you enjoy sorry for no commentary don't want to really just talk to myself enjoy. I will be recording allot know so you will be seeing more.
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    Welcome back Anonymous. I guess I gotta deal with you for another year or so. I remember you from the good old days, you seemed pretty cool to play with, and talk to. Hope to see you more often on the server(s), and website and have another fresh start with each other. Just be glad he is back. :ph34r: MyXa is truly a feg in my opinion.
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    Wow, you're the first person who says i'm chill. And no problem! ;)
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    Welcome Back! Don't really know you but look forward to play with you! Do you play mostly EU or US?
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    Welcom back, I know you rarely but saw you sometimes in ZAM and you seem nice. However, hope you enjoy playing ZAM again. btw i send you a friend request on steam! :D
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    I think that his previous reputation is more involved with his down votes than his actual ideas...
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    Then you haven't tried MW series if you are saying that :D
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    Here's an idea: I took them off of tf2 :3 New class [VIP]: Spy -Deathringer: When knifed by a zombie becomes invisible for 2 seconds to escape. (only usable 2 times: per person) [2000] -Backrape: All backstabs become insta-kills with any knife (500dmg so if zombies get 600 hp not instakill) [500] (i figured 500 would be good because mvp's have bowie knife which is 500 points too.) -Critical hits: Pistols do 2x the dmg they did before [1500] -Transform: Transform in to a zombie (same as escaper. Didn't really have an idea for 4th). [650] Heavy: Same as tf2: Heavy weapons guy. [MVP] -RPD (from mw2) [1000] -Mediiic!!! (restores limb protector but is only usable once per person.) [1500] -DeathMachine [2000] -Chain Saw (from Call Of Duty Ghosts) [1500] Sniper [Free] -USR (CoD Ghosts) [650] -Intervention (mw2) [1000] (does 450 dmg) -FMJ (Makes all snipers do 600 dmg) -Marathon pro (run slightly faster and for unlimmited amount of time)(better then speedo) [950] This could maybe be the UU-S class idk. ^ Obviously dmg and/or prices can be changed. Also, i thought of some kind of event. Since ZaM doesn't have that much classes we could pick 3 winners with the nicest (possible) classes and reward them with something. E.G.: The new player models. i'm just saying some stuff but i think this would be a really nice idea. And Maybe we can do this with map designs too. Anyway i'll try making some more later.