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    Hey guys. i seriously dont know what to say or where to start but i just want to say im done. UU or ZAM itself is not fun for me anymore, all the old UU that everyone loved and that i was part of is mostly gone now and im left alone. i told myself to stay no mather what i tried to lowkey be strong for the community and help as much as i possibly could but its really hard when the new UU dosent know who you are what im trying to say by that is that you cant have fun with people who constantly think they are better then everyone, its hard to explain but UU was always a fun place for me it was always my second family, the new UU dosent know that family aspect or that friendly aspect now its just everyone fighthing with eatch other trying to be the best and get promoted, i know its sounds bad coming from me because everyone knew how much i wanted to get promoted but it sucks to finally get it and hear people that suported you say you dint deserve it in the end and that you dont deserve shit when you have been there way longer then them on a positive note, it was the best 2 years of my life, i never tough i would have THIS much fun playing video games. the day i came back i dint know anything, i was gona go play ZEM and i was it was dead so i went on ZAM. and i falled in love with the community and mod itself and i knew i was there to stay, im never gona forget the countless moments i had with this community. the hours ive spent playing with my friends the hours ive spent laughing with my friends, UU isent like that anymore and no one can do anything about it anymore. i spoke up for not liking the new UU and got judged for saying my opinion, theres nothing i can do but say i dont like the way its going anymore UU once again was the best moment so far like i LOVED everything it brought and all the fun moments i had with it, id like to thanks kevin,pat,elmo,alpha,ramsy,bren,gunter,startoon,moon,indy,wildey,fluffle,bloody,platfuss,destroyer,horky,myxa,bananaz,brady,faith,estima,makeyousayWTF,ben,frupiss,uvenus,greyhound,iking,mudder,once,optimus,viirus,stoner,classixz,griggz,gart,nmaple,enrage i know i forgot some people and i am really sorry but i tried to remember every member i could in the 2 years i was here and there are so many more but THANK YOU all of you that made my experience as a UU member what it was, without any of you the fun it wouldnt of been what it was. love you all<3 so thank you for making UU,UU. a long time ago i told classixz one night that i would never retire, that i would always suport him no matther what and try my best to help the servers out as much as i could. the past months have been hard for me to call myself a UU member just because of how bad everything was going, its just not fun anymore... maybe 1 day i will come back as a ZAM admin, if i play egnouf or even if garts wants me after what i told him. but i want everyone to know ur opinion is important and i said mine i accept the consequences, im gona miss all of you alot but im still gona be on steam, just dont expect me to be on the website or on ZAM as much as i normally was, im so sorry for doing this normally i would say you guys are losing a good admin but people would think the oposite. a quick message to the people who made me leave, i dont wanna be mean but you know who you are. im not gona cry over it but i just want you to know you made it not fun for me anymore, something that was once fun is now something i try to stay away from, i told this to kevin the other night but normally i would want to be with UU to avoid the problems at school but now i wanna be at school to avoid all the problems UU is having. i was one of the most LOYAL UU members out there and i loved the clan so damn much. the day kevin and pat left was really hard for me because i just lost my 2 best friends my 2 best suporters, they were the reason i got in and i dint see any porpouse of still beeing in. BUT I STAYED IN. why? to suport to help because i loved the clan NOW im gona get some hate and some support for doing this, if you leave a comment saying something negative all it shows is who you truly are, i dont hate anyone so i dont expect bad stuff but its really not easy for me to do something like this, UU was my home and just like most people you dont expect to leave you're home, but i was let down and everything is now bad i just cant do it anymore. once again since ive typed this message ive been staring at the post button for 20 min now, if you end up seeing this just keep in mind it wasent easy if i was admin i would say im sorry for leaving because i dont want to let you guys down, but i was let down and now im nothing again so it dosent afect me.. and i know its technicly not a retirement because im already not in UU but i cant just leave without giving explinations. IN CONCLUSIONS. thank you everyone for the amazing time i had with all of you ill never forget UU, i have the UU hoodie and i love it so much and im gona keep it for ever to keep in mind the good memories i had with all of you as a kid your french canadian -Bluebird
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    What do you guy's drive? That is if your old enough lmao! This is my Holden SS V8 330kw which is my weekend car, as i have a company ute to drive around in during the week. Cheers, BradymaNZ
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    Rules of UndeadUprising: Everywhere: You are to respect everyone, even if you’re not fond of them. Glitches within UndeadUprising should be reported to Staff members. If caught using them, you will receive a ban depending on the damage you might have caused. Your rank will not make you invincible to our rules, they apply to everyone. Do not post or link to NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content (such as nude/gore/etc.). Do not post or offer any information concerning piracy, warez, or leaked content. You are not allowed to do any kind of server, community and/or website advertisement that are not related to UndeadUprising. On the website: Do not post player reports in the chatbox, use the “Report Player” section for that. Also - don’t ask for unbans, use the “Ban Appeal” section for that. Do not spam the website with useless content, sure we could all have a laugh, but be prepared that some people might not think what you enjoy is funny. Don’t spam posts and threads to make it look like you are a regular on the forums if you want that post count needed to apply for a group you should start slowly. Do not give yourself reputation points; if you have a low amount, it’s probably because you made bad decisions in the past. However, don’t expect people to forgive you. You need to really put effort into making it better. Do not share your account. Forum accounts are intended for the use by one person. You are allowed to post links/videos and images in the chatbox if they meet the rules. On ZAM: No use of hacks, cheats or exploiting of glitches. Your rank means nothing when it comes to breaking rules. Don’t use it as some sort of cover. You are not allowed to leave the game directly after you got killed, after you became the first zombie or when there are fewer zombies than survivors. Don’t try to get other players killed in any way. Don’t destroy barricades for and of other players carelessly. If you want to get to their spot you need to make sure that you can replace the same amount that you destroyed and that you and the person will survive after what you have just done. Play the mod the way it’s made. Don’t AFK as a zombie, don't camp as one and don't help survivors as a zombie. Don't go to places you know is unfair for zombies. Don’t use the in-game text and voice to spam or harass other players. Using survivor features as a zombie is not allowed. Isn’t it logical? If you're on a player built barricade platform or any kind of unreachable spot you are not allowed to take cover inside barricades. You are not allowed to glitch yourself into cades and by that make yourself invincible from limbs. However you are allowed to use barricades as cover from the sides, but you need to be visible. On TeamSpeak: You are not allowed to disturb people in DND channels (DND = Do not Disturb). Your TeamSpeak name needs to be the same name you have on the website and on our servers. Member channels are meant for members only. No exceptions. Everyone in your TeamSpeak channel has to be notified of you recording while in the channel. Make sure you read the description of the channel you want to join or the channel people you want to talk to you is in. The description is a way of telling the users what kind of channel it is and if anyone is free to join or disturb the people in it. Members: A member of UndeadUprising shall always follow the rules. No exceptions. A member violating our rules will receive a strike. As a clan member, you shall always be reachable via TeamSpeak while playing on our servers. Common sense applies to members. Don't take influence from other members. Don't give bad influence to other members. Staff: Our Staff members need to follow exactly the same rules as any other player. You should report them if you see them breaking them, you will not get punished for reporting them. Staff members' decisions on ban length should not vary because of reasons such as friendship. Staff members shall always be reachable via TeamSpeak while they play on our servers. Purchasing stuff: When you are making purchases within the UndeadUprising store you need to agree with the following and if you don’t, you should not continue with the purchase. UndeadUprising has a NO refund policy! We will not grant any refunds. However, if we can clearly see that something is not right - such as purchasing a skin you already have - a refund could be granted. However, account credit is our main go. But keep in mind that all our sales are final. You must contact us with any billing questions or discrepancies. Performing a chargeback or dispute with your card issuer will result in immediate and permanent account termination. The purchases you make will be locked to the account they were purchased for. We do not do any transfers between accounts. Also, your purchases will never be taken away from you (all of the things you buy are permanent if not marked otherwise). Make sure you read and understand what you will get by purchasing an item. The sidebar will give you information regarding the product and its usage. Interested in why you received a ban for a certain amount of time? Check this out: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1llVDJHQshWdHVFKpaMtVmnJuizGPshs8w1Fim1jlPg8/edit?usp=sharing
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    So...Ye it's time. Me and Blue had a talk a long time ago and I said that I am so happy for UU and Zam but I said: -When will it all end? Nothing last forever. It lasted 1 year for me and omg this has legit been the best year ever. Thanks to UU I have gotten friends for life and have gotten so many memories that I will never forget. I am truly sad how this had to end, also how I lost friends. Why I am leaving is not because I don't play as much Zam as I used to it's because this community is not it was when I joined it. You can't argue about it because it's true and we all know that. I'm not saying that the community is shit now but it's just not the same. When the drama started many people expected me to leave, but I didn't. Why I didn't leave or give up in the beginning was because I believed we could fix everything and the situation would just be worse if I left aswell. And my friends told me not to leave because I spent so much time on this mod, tbh I waited a long time to get admin and ye kids if u want something u gotta wait for it I never thought I would make this topic, I thought I would go down whit this mod but I can't support this community anymore, I can't. It was fun being a part of the staff team and in UU but it's time for me to leave, Thanks for this time. - Moon
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    Now I'm talking to everyone. Everyone have different opinions and let people have different opinions. We should not be fighting over something we can't help or effect, let people have their opinion in this . The only one that have a saying in this is Classixz so there is no need to fight, if people do a hashtag then fucking let them! It's their opinion and they are allowed to express it, and to the people with this opinion, If people don't agree with you then fine they don't need to have the same opinion as you, it's their own choice. This is destroying friendships, and it should not be like that. Let people have their own opinions and we are fine. And stop with the bs to try to blame anyone because it's everyone's fault. I'm making this topic for all this to hopefully end because I could not stand it anymore. I was in the middle in all this and my closest friends in the community got kicked/banned, I can admit that stuff they did where not the best thing to do but don't talk shit behind their backs don't talk shit about them infront of me, they are my friends and I can't stand hearing all this. And plz remember the positive things they have done for this community and don't just look at all the negative. They love/ loved this community hopefully as much as you that are reading this are, for them this is/was like a second family. Yes it sounds cringy but that's the truth they care about UU, and if you haven't seen it you must be blind. And I'm tired that I have to stand up for my opinion and that I get shit for it and that people just assume stuff about my opinions, and I'm especially tired of people that are trying to argue with me even if I tell them I don't wanna talk about this ... Then I just get the comment : Oh so you have nothing to say? No it's not like that I can sit and argue and tell you what I think and what my opinion is, but I'm not gonna do that because I want it to end and if we keep arguing about this and keep talking about it, that's what gonna destroy the community, nothing else. Are we a strong community ? Do we give others second chances ? Do we accept that people have different opinions? Do we accept each other even if we don't like the other person ? Ask yourself that, I don't want you to share you negative comments here, you can think what ever you want about this topic I don't care, it's you opinion not mine. And now I don't wanna hear anymore bs about people and their opinion. As I said everyone have different opinions they can't always have the same opinion as you. And this is up to Classixz no one else. I'm tired of this and want to find a solution so if we need to fix a meeting for old/banned/ active members were we can talk about this I'm open for it. - Moon
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    Hello fam. I suppose I have some explaining to do. You may notice my new status as "Retired Staff Member", and wonder what the heck happened. Well, drama happened. A whole lot of drama. Drama kills friendships. It causes people to say and do things that they know in their hearts aren't right. I've always tried to avoid drama. Or if possible diffuse it in the best possible way for everyone. I feel like recently I haven't been living up to my Head Admin duties. I was in a strange way depressed by our Communities resentment towards Class and Griggs. I couldn't and still don't understand how a group of people can side with someone who willingly left our community, then earned a ban, then tried propaganda tactics to force a return. (I should note that my opinion is not shared by many of my friends.) Indy at one point was a great asset to our Community, then he removed himself from it. He wasn't forced out, he left us. Then made some video's that were pretty disrespectful to Class. You might be frustrated with Classixz for not responding, I applaud his restraint. But some people are followers. They see the videos and talk to him and are convinced that he will be some great savior for ZAM. Let me tell you, even when Indy was here, he was barely here. He wasn't on the servers everyday putting in the work, but he put in work when he could. I can't take that away from him. In his prime, he did lots for this Community. But he also turned his back on it. Now he remembers the good times and wants to return by any means necessary.. I can honestly say that Indy was a friend of mine. He helped me in the past like he helped many of you as well. But Indy changed. And maybe i've changed as well. I was fed up with the in-fighting and rather than wait it out, I chose a different option. I chose to make a statement. This in-fighting has consequences. Sometimes unforeseen. I will never stop repping UU. UU and ZAM are my second home. They are my family. I will never leave, and I will never turn my back on you. I will continue to be on the servers and forums daily as usual. If I earn my respect back and feel like I'm worthy of a spot on the UU roster, then I will apply and go through the same process as everyone else to apply for membership. Start from the ground up. Earn it the right way. Until then you will see me like always, playing ZAM and helping when I'm able. Kevin
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    Here is me, just washed my lambo Edit: Me 2 poor 4 real car
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    Fairy Squad Mother is about to gush. I joined this community less than 2 years ago, on the 8th of June, 2014. Since that time, I've been a Guest, Regular, Member, Moderator, Senior Admin, and now Head Admin along-side @The One Patriot. Looking back, it feels like that time has come and gone very quickly. Almost 2 years should feel like a lot (to me), but it doesn't. This community has in a very real way become my second family. The friends that I've made here will transcend the video games we play together. I hit 1000 rep today. It's weird. Rep shouldn't mean that much, but it does. It means overall my opinions on these forums have been agreed upon 1000 times (at least). It's good to know the community you care so much for shows that love in return. To celebrate my little personal victory, I will tell you all how I came to ZAM and this community. I found ZAM during a transition in my life, leaving one major career for another and taking a huge risk in doing so. During this transition, my then 6 year old son Charlie (whom some of you now know and have played ZAM with) joined a modded server on Black Ops. It was ZAM. Charlie tells me it's fun, but people are using bad words I immediately kicked him off my computer and told him he cannot play ZAM anymore. That rule only lasted a few months, but I still don't allow him a headset. The cries are real But I'm the curious sort, so I joined the server and played a few rounds. I was addicted. I saw the messages about TeamSpeak, so I downloaded it and immediately started chatting up the staff and members, becoming fast friends with people I still to this day talk to. I've gained some responsibility since those early days, for my loyalty and presence in ZAM and this community. This has never been a burden to me, because I'm doing it to protect something I truly care about. Having people at my side like @The One Patriot helps with that. I'm not sure I would be the staff member/player I am today without Pat. He's truly a good friend of mine, a person who has also earned respect in this community for his skill and patience. (I could make an entire fanboy post about Pat without blinking probably). Having the trust and respect from @Classixz & @Griggs makes all the difference. Having you (the players) respect means everything. Thank you for being what I needed during many hard times and good ones. We're still growing as a community and will continue to do cool stuff together. ~Kevin PS- 1000 rep bish, get on my level.
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    Introducing a new way of dealing with rage quits. Rewritten rage quit rule All players have an accessible rage quit log in their console. This also helps admins determine how many players were online and such. If a barricade is destroyed by a hunter a message will appear in the killfeed. Also, a red exclamation mark will be seen in the minimap where the incident happened. Various typo fixes. Update is live on ZAM
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    Bans now display remaining time, this will help people know how long they have left if they are not in the CET timezone.
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    I'm just glad that I found time to write this resignation so all I can do is just copy and paste it. I don't really care how much you guys read what I wrote, but the key word of this topic is “resign.” Enjoy! Hello. I believe it's that time guys. I've been in this community for over three years and I just cannot believe it. Time flies by, but not memories. After seeing what happened to certain people in this community, after seeing many people left ZAM, after seeing how many staff members there are, after seeing the DDoS attacks we've had and after seeing the ZAM vs ZEM situations we've had in the past, it has come to my attention that I'll be resigning. Between April 09, 2013 until now (the present), I've met so many people on ZAM who still play ZAM or stopped playing ZAM. I also met so many people on ZAM who are either my friend or enemy. I remember people telling me stories of how rude I was to the ZAM players and I remember being like that. It's because of how rude the ZEM community and the ZAM community was towards me. I'm really sorry for hurting your guys feelings but hey I managed to change a lot in 3 years. I remember mostly everything that I've experienced on ZAM and this is why I'll never forget my ZAM Memories. I actually have a folder on my computer called “ZAM memories” so I won't forget about this mod for the rest of my life. I've always asked myself this question and it's kind of hard to answer. Once I resign what will happen to me? First of all, I'll still be friends with everyone who is on my Steam friend's list. Second of all, let's talk about YouTube. As most of you guys know, I actually have a YouTube channel. When I resign, I will quit YouTube and move on with life. My YouTube account is already hacked and deleted so there's no point in making my last YouTube video. Last of all, I'll still be playing ZAM when I get the time to play it. I'll be active on the forums seeing what's up and what's going on. I just need to focus more in school and my life. Hopefully Bloody will be alright doing the notices when I resign but if he ever needs help just help him out. It's not that hard to do. Hopefully Classixz chooses the right guy to replace me because I've done a lot for the current and former staff members and I've managed to help out in this community. Hopefully the admins look at the reports on a daily basis because I've been handling the reports ever since I became a Senior Admin. You guys should actually thank me for my hard work and dedication in this community. My dream was to become a Head Administrator of ZAM but that won't be happening. I'd like to wish luck to the current USA staff team. After I'm gone there's only going to be 4 U.S. Staff members left. I apologize for resigning at a very bad time but these final weeks of school are going to be very tough. I don't want to go to summer school. I want to enjoy my summer vacation with you guys. I also want the good grades. Maybe in the future I might apply as an administrator once again if the staff team is in need of help (support). But for now, you guys got Bluebird, Gart, Stoner, and BradymaNZ to help out. The thing that I hated the most back then was when there were multiple admins in-game and one admin did everything. Back then, I was usually that one admin who was handling all the rule violators in-game. Guess what the other administrators did? Nothing. They just sat there, looked at their monitor and continued playing the game while I was doing my job. But hey, I did my job while they just sat there and didn't care at all. This isn't really a big problem anymore nowadays since we have better staff members, moderators, trusted members, and reporters but it was a huge problem in the past. I'm just glad we fixed this problem. Otherwise I would of resigned earlier if this problem was never fixed. I loved playing ZAM, but it's coming to a point that I can't really have any fun anymore like I used too. There's too many people complaining and I can't handle babysitting them. There's also many tryhards in this community that I can't handle anymore. Thanks to the tryhards in this mod, the new users just leave and never return. I hope you're happy you tryhards of ZAM. I'd like to remain as a UU member but feel free to disable my admin status on the website, on TeamSpeak, and in-game. That'd be great. Throughout the first time I registered my account on the website until now, there have been certain people who have written comments saying that no one should even read or listen to what I say anymore. I just don't understand why people in this community would say such hurtful stuff to a new website user. I totally got pissed off that people typed that stuff to me but guess what, I had to deal with them. How would you guys feel if someone said the same thing to you? Even though we all started somewhere different in this community, we all experience different things. I thought this community was better than expected. Guess not :| Then there are people who instantly get butthurt when I dislike them. Look guys, I had a negative reputation back then thanks to you all. I disliked people's post because I wasn't in support or their idea or I disliked how they couldn't type basic English. There's also those people in this community that hate me but what I do is just deal with them and not care at all (this sentence falls in pretty neatly for this type of scenario too - Treat everyone with kindness and respect, even those who are rude to you – not because they are nice, but because you are). Want to hate on me? Go ahead, nothing's going to change. Then there's those people who type “it's just viirus” as an excuse because they don't know the real reason why I've been acting like this or doing stuff that I normally do in my life. They don't know the real me I should say. Then there are those people who consider me a troll even though I rarely do that nowadays. Then there are those people who can't stand my long posts like this one and reply tl;dr. I mean what if it was important. Who knows? Eventually, it came to a point that I stopped caring about what this community thinks about me. I just have to deal with the UU and ZAM community nowadays and move on with life. https://undeaduprising.net/forums/index.php?/topic/3085-viirus-life/ https://undeaduprising.net/forums/index.php?/topic/4193-viirus_iquickz-is-not-nice-to-me-nor-the-community/ https://undeaduprising.net/forums/index.php?/topic/5091-rekviirussdream/ https://undeaduprising.net/forums/index.php?/topic/5068-his-name-is-viirus-is-a-dick/ I just cannot believe in the past 3 years people had to make topics about me. It just makes me sick viewing these topics once more. You guys could of just talked to me on Steam or sent me a private message on the website and we could of settled this problem 1 on 1. But instead you created a useless topic on the website, let most of the website users view it and then people start hating on me for a few days or maybe a few weeks. How would you guys feel if someone made a topic about you? Think about it. People in this community don't even think about their actions. They just do what he/she thinks is the right thing to do. It has been fun! I wasn't expecting this to be a very long resignation post but hopefully you all understood the concept of it. Thanks! And there goes 6 hours of my life writing all of this nonsense. Thank you! Later.
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    Hello everyone, maybe you have noticed that I wasn't online at UndeadUprising.net from the 21.07 on and neither on Steam, kik etc. I fall into a comatose state for 5 days after I had an motorcycle accident. I am writing this from the hospital, will be back at home in a few days. http://prnt.sc/byqqcv Greetings, -Bloody
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    As you all know Zombies are able to buy a SR71 from the Zombie Shop. A SR71 is most used for finding the other team(survivors), when they are hiding. whenver it's hard to locate the enemy or generally just to find them quick. Remember: A Spyplane can also fulfill these important prerequisites. Zombie vs. Camper: You can use a SR71 to find the camper but a Spyplane also does the same job. You are just not able to see every movement(per second) with a Spyplane but you don't need that anyways when the survivor is camping. Zombie vs. Runner/Knifer: Whenever Survivors run and/or knife it's hard for them to play (for example: when a big amount of zombies are playing against a single human) while the enemy has a SR71. My suggestion: Replace the SR71 with the Spyplane in the Zombie Shop to make the game more fair. Where does the Idea come from? I've noticed that a lot of people start their suggestions in the forum with "platinum class", and "new classes". Also some people keep talking about adding more weapons (but Classixz clearly said he doesn't want to add weapons(because of some reason)). And all of these ideas are big steps, and I want to start step by step, by solving the little problems (which are in fact the big problems) by making the mod more fair. PS: You can keep my grammar fails to yourself. Leave a like if anything of this post was in anyway helpful.
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    ZAM 19.0.8 +Stroke of Daylight at ZAM Arena *New and better spawn locations, no more spawns inside Nuketown *Arlington, Meltdown, Wizard TP & Disapparation will be disabled at ZAM Arena. +Teamwork required to complete the Nuketown easter egg +Overall improvements for the Nuketown easter egg. W.I.P - A fort and tower for ZAM Arena.
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    Dear community, I'm done dealing with people being afraid of me, people talking behind my back, people that don't care, people that don't trust me, people that don't respect me, people that can't come with a solution, people that is just quiet & people that don't understand what it took to get UU where it is. I'm done with UndeadUprising, it's been a project for over three years now and I have dedicated my life to it. I've given the community what they asked for and really tried my best. It has all been for nothing. There's nothing more that I have to say to our community. Either you understand what I've done for UU or you don't. UndeadUprising's forum that I manage full-time with updates and other back-end shit that takes hours and no one appreciate that is still required for UU to fully function. The forums will be closed on the 18th of June when the license runs out. I don't expect anyone step up and take care and manage UU, it's just a waste of time. Do something better with your life. There is no such thing as lack of knowledge when it come to do anything, anyone can run UU, but you got to have what it takes. I might have had it for a while, but the community took it away from me. At least some people appreciate ZAM, or maybe I just got that wrong and they are just to scared to tell me it sucks. ZAM and UU is still the same community and I wouldn't be surprised if you want ZAM to fall as well. For now, I'll leave ZAM out of this. Consider this my resignation from UndeadUprising. Be real to me for once.
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    okok I usually only make H1Z1 Funny moments buuuuut this time I made a Zam video so ... enjoy c:
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    Earlier tonight, I called together a community meeting last minute. We had a good turnout, with a good 10-12 people showing up in TeamSpeak. The main focus of this community meeting was to discuss the topic of the shutdown of the website. This meeting was extremely helpful, after working through many solutions, we've come to a conclusion. I'm glad we had such a good turn out and were so cooperative in working together to find what I think is the best solution to this issue. In the topic Classixz started in which he announced the closing of the UndeadUprising website, he mentioned someone stepping up to take his place in managing the clan. We have reached a solution to this problem. Two members of the community are willing to step up to take over the website as well as manage the clan. I've recently been talking with Stoner and he has told me that he would be willing to re-license the website. Now, that's only half of the problem. I am willing to step up and manage UndeadUprising. After school ends, I will have the necesarry time (and hopefully necessary resources) to manage UndeadUprising. With Classixz permission, I would take the position of community manager, and Stoner the position of website administrator. I think I speak for both of us when I say our interests are that of whats best for the clan. I have been playing ZAM for over a year, and have been a member for nearly 11 months, I would hate for this to be the end. I'm not saying that it is, because in no way is ZAM or UU dying, but the closing of the website would start it. The UU website is a hub of communication for both staff members and the community. Not to mention the store, website reports, prism, and support tickets are all features that would disappear along with the website. I don't want this to happen, as long as I'm here I am going to do everything within my power to keep UndeadUprising, the website, and ZAM alive and running as smooth as possible. But what does this all mean? How will this affect the clan, the staff and the community? - I would take over as community manager, subsequently manage the community and keep things running smoothly, much like Classixz' current position, - Stoner will become the manager of the website and there will be no closure on June 18th - Regarding the community, leadership will be more involved in decision making and in general - Most importantly no one should be hateful towards Classixz in this situation, he will still be considered the founder of UndeadUprising and will still have authority in any decision made in the community My whole point in making this post is to help the community, I would like both UU and ZAM to last as long as possible, and as previously mentioned, i will do everything within my power to do so. Now that I've explained what will happen, how can we as a community get there? - I am going to as that we all keep a positive attitude in this situation, ZAM is not dying, UU is not dying, there is nothing to worry about - Be supportive of the current and prospective staff and leadership of UU, everyone is trying everything they can, with only the interests of the community in mind. - Do NOT spam Classixz (or anyone else for that matter) telling them, or trying to convince them to support this cause, I don't want this to turn into drama OK, I'm sorry this took so long, but I needed to get my point acrossed. The only issue now is Classixz must approve of our plan, but he has been M.I.A. for the past few days, Stoner and myself have been trying to contact him for a few days now. Once we can get a response hopefully we can have a smooth transition of leadership. I would like to thank @xStoner420x for stepping up to help me in this situation, @Classixz for everything he has done for our community, I truly appreciate it, ZAM is basically my second family. Also, I would like to thank everyone who attended the community meeting earlier tonight, even though it wasn't planned, I think it helped to clear a lot of this out, and get people's opinions out there. Thank you all so much for reading, just know I am trying to everything I can to help the community, many of the things aforementioned have already been brought to Classixz attention, it can only get better from here on out. A side note for Classixz: A meeting time needs to be set up soon. I am leaving for one week to go camping this Sunday
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    I've been quietly reading and listening to this entire topic over the last few weeks. I decided early on to stay completely neutral and not provide any input. However, today I can no longer hold my tongue. You kids need to understand something. Just because you want something in this world, doesn’t mean you have a right to get it. The UU community is not a democracy. Classixz created it, developed it, and manages it. He has the ultimate final say in the day to day affairs of both UU and ZAM. If you don’t agree with his decisions, then I suggest you go out and develop your own mod and community website. However, first stop and think of what Classixz did to get to this point in his life. He fully developed a BO mod and supporting website from scratch. A difficult feat for anyone, especially a high school kid and now full-time college student. It’s easy for you to sit back and question his decisions, because you have no vested interest in his community. You simply turn on your computers and expect ZAM and UU to be there. Remember this one thing, Classixz doesn't need this hassle. He can simply pull the plug on this entire thing tomorrow to focus on his education. He keeps it going because he likes seeing the joy it brings to all of us in the UU family. Now concerning Indy's ban. If and when the day should come that Classixz decides to unban him, he will do so. But until that day it really isn't anyone's business, other than the two of them.
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    Requirements for applying as a [ZAM] Member: Must play ZAM Must be a member of the ZAM Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/UU-ZAM Must know our rules and be able to follow them. Must be able to fill out the template bellow. Must use the [ZAM] clan tag while on ZAM. Template for applying: Your in-game name: Your Steam profile link: What country are you from?: How much do you play ZAM?: Have you read and followed the requirements?(Yes/No):
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    From now on I will post Staff Changes every month on this topic as our Dynamic Staff ranking system is fully implemented now. August 2017: Fade - Promoted from Moderator to Junior Admin Nagini - Demoted from Junior Admin to Moderator
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    ZAM 2.2.2: Added a new special zombie, Exo Zombie. ZAMb3 can now auto ban players rage quitting. (testing for now) Maximum ban time as of now is set to 36 hours. Moderators now have headicons. Players will now get a group promotion based on their connections to ZAM. (Might add more/remove some if suggested) 250 connections: Advanced User 500 connections: Power Player 1000 connections: Legendary 2500 connections: Godlike Updated the country database that we use to display where players are connected from.
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    Can you stop posting random bullshit?
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    Well it's a sad day gentlemen, as I just moved my youngest into his dorm at college. Gave him my gaming rig for entertainment and classwork, so I hope to be back on soon with a new one. Stoner
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    Some barricade ports has been done, I've added some variants due to the fact that we now can have more than 3 cades. Still working on the in-game placement and physics regarding them, I want it to feel and get as close to Black Ops I as possible.
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    I doubt its possible, but it would be cool if when you are using escaper and the zombie perk, if you could have the green name above your name visible to actual zombies so its more of a sneaky beaky class xd then they would have to look at the radar to see that you're not a green arrow thing walking around... would make it more fun to play with and troll xD because right now even the biggest noob on the server realizes its a human and not a zombie xd
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    Was making an avatar for Dennyb the other day and it turned out pretty great! If anyone wants something similar with a different background image or something let me know. I also have this if any other designers wish to use it since I've noticed someone's been manipulating the original avatar with this in it. And I my as well throw these C4D renders in here...
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    So, some of you may know, some may not know, however this is some what irrelevant. I want to apologize for a lie which i made 4 years ago. This lie had to do with a picture online, blah blah, lets just get straight in. -I will fully admit it, i wish i could go back and fix it, but i cant. I truly apologize, i wish i didn't make this mistake in the first place but i feel its time to just move on from it. -I took a picture from the internet of some random ass dude, (google images) At first my intentions were to troll some dudes in thinking it was me, being sure someone would realize I'm lying. However this didnt happen. Noone realized, i forgot about it, so did everyone it seemed, however, a year or so ago it was brought up again by Griggz, at that time i was hoping he would also just forget about it after sometime. But as i expected he didnt, i just didnt have the balls and courage to randomly come on teamspeak and be like ''Ye erm.. that picture isnt me btw lololol gotcha its just a prank bro rite?'' No, i admit that and i feel disgusted however i cant just the past. ==Extra apologies to my ''So called best friend'' Dusty for lying for this amount of time, i wish i didnt but it just happened so fast, pls forgib m ;_; xd == similar with griggz ;_; And since i owe the community one, here you go: http://imgur.com/Yi7y1j1 ye ik ik ik ik i look young always been told that so u dont have to plz spare me fak So thats about it, again i wanted to apologize for my stupidity in the past, hope you guys understand<3<3 haf a griet tiem fak rip me
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    ZAM 2.3.0: Long awaited "rigged zombie pick" added. Players who became first infected will not be picked the next game. Rejoining will clear you from the list and you will have a possibility to be infected. New players will not be picked since most of them die kind of easy anyways. Fixed a bug on Nuketown where some bunkers would look glitchy with missing barricades. Removed unused out of map spot at Summit. Added Villa by Nagini. Remade the head icon system since it would load multiple times for P2P & Staff. Added new head icons for Platinum and Premium players.
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    ZAM 2.2.5: ZAMb3 will no longer "ban" a player at first, they will get one extra chance. Players have the ability to play ZAM, but only as zombies. Players who rage quit and decide to still play ZAM will be auto picked giving people who play by the rules a higher chance of not getting picked. A black screen will pop up for the player who rage quitted, enough information should be on it for them to understand what they did wrong. If the player rage quit as a zombie they will be instantly banned and this time not able to play ZAM for a certain amount of time. People currently banned for RQ by ZAMb3 can play on 2.2.5 as of right now, but only as zombies. (This system is really W.I.P but think it's getting better. As of now only ZAMb3 can give players another chance, this will change in the future) typos in the screen is fixed lol. i should probably sleep now.
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    Well, since the whole issue started i kept telling myself that everything would be okay, but it wasn't going to be. I've been lying to myself for quite a few months now telling myself this community means a huge deal to me still, but sadly it doesn't. i had faith that this whole community will stay together but it hasn't structured the way i guess, well i wanted it to. It isn't that i don't like the new members, it's that i miss the old. everyone who i grew close too, has left and it just isn't as enjoyable anymore. I wish it could go to what it was a year ago (prior to me being a member) but it can't. To Moon Bear, Gunter, Kevin, Pat, and more i apologies for being who i was and everything i did wrong. all of you are gone now and UU just isn't UU anymore to me. To the new leader, Gart, and all of you UU members still out there willing to fight for UU, good on you, i hope that everyone does honor you for that and i hope your enjoying your roles. When you guys all appeared i thought that it was a huge mistake but the thing i didn't see coming was that fact that you are the next generation of UU, the future of Undead Uprising. You guys aren't just newbies anymore, you are all leaders, and each and everyone of you has to do your part. Ill still be on team speak a lot so feel free to talk to me, i might come on zam if some friends are on but chances are ill stick with csgo. I wish you all a really good experience and goodbye. I'll always love you guys
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    Would you like to see the !fpsboost return?
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    Let's try to get 24 players on Saturday the 25th. I am going to be playing then while being on Teamspeak in a Public Channel, so if you'd like to play and talk, you're very welcome to join me. It's not hard to get 24 players to play ZAM, we have so many active people on the forum, almost twice the amount of a full ZAM server every day, but all we need is like 16 players to stick around, and then new people will also join the server. I am looking forward to getting to know you all better (= EDIT: 24th - 25th is midsummer's eve and day, could be fun to play late on the 24th :>, but also the 25th and 26th in case you're not home on midsummer.
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    Hi Guys. I think my time has finally came as I have took a break ever since that "incident" and have not really felt like playing ZAM since. I know I will hop onto it every now and again but I will no longer be regular and will not play a lot. I have been playing ever since the mod started and have had good time playing. Because I will no longer play, other than a few times, I am leaving UU. Thanks for the good times!
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    Hello guys, I decided to do a highlight vid of the last 3 months, enjoy
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    Hello, my name is Riz, well, my nickname is Riz. My real name is Kuba. I'm from Poland and I love games. This is off-topic but I really like spicy chicken nuggets. I'm a Steam member for around 2/3 years, I don't know. I just recently bought Black Ops 1, and joined this awesome community!
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    Thanks for taking your time to read this, I hope you had a nice day as a fresh 19 years old man. First of all if you forgot him already: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198071864140/ 2. As you might know the latest posts and chats are about the ex community manager iamindy33. I personally think everyone should get a second chance, we all know that you're the "big one", the one who has the full power to change anything in the mod. I am going to be honest with you, wasn't it the community who made the community big? BUT what's a community without love? This sounds kinda funny but did you notice where the mod is right now as it was before. Yeah, we reached 55k Players and it's still getting more but as more players we get, the servers will be empty if you don't put love to it. This community, YOUR community and actually the community of everyone who is part of it, was once a good reason never to give up. Just making updates of the mod itself doesn't make it better. The main thing is people know you don't have a lot of time and when you actually have time to play games, you don't play ZAM all the time(but that's ok). But hey nobody can blame you for not being here for us, and if I mean "being here for us", I don't mean just sitting around the forum, the community meeting, etc. and actually do nothing. What I mean is being ingame, just being there for the people who trust you. And if you just can't do it on your own, choose people next to you, and no, not head-admins who just keep people away who break rules(SURE rules are important, and they are here because of a reason). Someone like a manager, who might not be perfect, just someone who is like a "father" for "the kids". Someone who represents the whole community, someone who is dealing with people who can't speak that good english(me as an example), SOMEONE who is dealing with people who spam you 24/7 for their problems of ranks, updates, vip, mvp, ... WHATEVER! SOMEONE was iamindy33, and why I made this PM and also the post right now is because he trusted me, (remember: Trusted?) so I will trust him to. AND before you read "3.", I am not interested in getting my rank back or anything else, people are scared to talk to you because they have something to lose, but I DON'T... YOU should be able to understand that(if my grammar wasn't that hard in this PM/Post). I am ready to step up for someone who steped up for the community. 3. This message is not about to blame someone, it's my honest thinking and you should take this message without a personal attack. - Peacy
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    Vov4ik (fade) got banned from the website for boosting his own rep with a fake account he made where he pretended to be his own best friend or something lol
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    HAROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GUYS im back......... Well if you havent noticed yet...I was gone for a little bit, I went LA, Universal Studios with family, which was SOOOOOOOOOOO much fun, and if u havent tried it yet, u vee gott to do it. Anyway...yea im not dead, im back ;D xd
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    I've moved up from doing two cades!!!! yeeehaaaa gran maaaa!!!
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    Hey so I never posted any public statement regarding ZAM for BO3, the project was basically put on hold when the public beta was released due to the fact Treyarch basically stopped supporting Mod Tools for BO3, while ZAM still is possible to be a thing on BO3 the game is lacking a key feature that never was added, support for menus. ZAM without a shop wouldn't be ZAM, if they do decide to add this feature in a later update the project could be brought up again.
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    Hello friends and everyone else. I've made this topic to say I might not be on for a while. The reason being last night I was coming out of work and I was on my way home when a lady slammed on her brakes I had no time to react and I rear ended her. Although she slammed on her brakes I was apparently the one that caused the accident. I am currently at the hospital getting tests done to see if anything is broken or if there are any problems. If there are problems I going to have to go out of state to receive treatment due to the fact that the hospital here is crap and almost killed my gpa. Yours truly, Leo or Dennyb
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    (lol, twitter is more hyped for black ops 3 ports than UU)
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    Hey kids, want an awesome fpsboost for black ops 3? Well, I can honestly say that I found the biggest and most awesome fpsboost on the planet. It's called "a new graphics card"
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    As you guys know, 2 days ago, we broke rules and it turned on to get us permbanned from TS3 and kicked from UU. I clearly see what I have done wrong as the rules I have broke are " Your TeamSpeak name need to be the same name you have on the website and on our servers. " , "Common sense applies to members." and "Don't take influence from other members. Don't give bad influence to other members". I strongly regret breaking these rules because doing what I did under the circumstances at the moment, may have been over the line. I was clearly not using common sence because when I think about it now, its obvious that it would get me a ban and I feel stupid for doing it. As well as this, I should definitely have not took influence from another member as this is what drove me to do it, of course ill take the blame for what I have done but I should not have broke this rule and feel bad for this as well as this is what got me here in the first place. I am sorry for what I have done and I know it Is wrong now, I should have thought before I done it. Sorry. I hope to make this right soon. George.
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    FYI... Shame: "YOUR" means your. "YOU'RE" means you are. I've always hated those dicks that constantly correct grammar, but damn YOU'RE killing me Smalls.
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    Awww look they died together!
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    So is your english
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