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    Was making an avatar for Dennyb the other day and it turned out pretty great! If anyone wants something similar with a different background image or something let me know. I also have this if any other designers wish to use it since I've noticed someone's been manipulating the original avatar with this in it. And I my as well throw these C4D renders in here...
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    Thanks for this upload, I tried to do something, and it turned out okey, still looks kinda weird, i will try to re-make it tomorrow xd
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    Will make your avatar when I can! I live in an upper-class family so if they were to walk by my room and see a weed leaf on my computer, I'd have fun telling them why lol
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    allrigth, ill make a brand new one then we can both get our ideas and make 1 good map
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    Okey, there, here's a much better version =)
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    im pretty sure im the only one that understodd parts of it, its in french lol