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    Yo, im back after a yeah i think. Hope some of u remember me, my ingame name is now SpitzBube. See you on ZAM
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    As most of you know I haven't been playing much lately, well tbh, not at all. Since the death of ZAM also know as "the rebirth of zam" i haven't enjoyed playing it anymore. Much more glitchers etc etc. I'll hop on the server once in a while and check the forums sometime. And once ZAMBO3 is finished and going well i'll maybe re-join. Im gonna miss alot of you guys, no clue if you're going to miss me at all but, cya'll.
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    I saw that you guys hosted a server called 'AI Zombies' This is, admittedly, an old gamemode, but it was a very fun one. I know it may not be very populated, but it'd be cool to see it again.
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