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      ZAM has been moved to a new IP   06/13/2017

      ZAM has been moved to a new IP due to the massive lag at the data center in Amsterdam. The new location is in London, UK and should provide a little bit better connectivity for American players. You can find the server in the Unranked tab in-game or with the IP


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  1. ZAM 2.1.5

    Fixed map bugs reported by @viirus_iquickz Fixed Stroke of Daylight message Added Array Tower by @The One Patriot New way of loading bunkers added A new tool to determine the exact position of a barricade added. Ability to randomize bunkers in certain spots.
  2. ZAM 2.1.5

    The credits will now show the creator of the map that was played. (right now only on known maps) Bomber Zombie now always explodes when killed, except for players with Misty skin. New players will receive "Blood" from Cold-blooded to help them survive better. Unknown Soldiers will now be renamed to their XUID to prevent rulebreaking Fixed jetpack fuel showing as a zombie. Normal barricades will take 3 hits and now costs 50 points.
  3. ZAM 2.1.5

    Removed the time limit for barricades at the start of the game.
  4. ZAM BO1 Maps

    Crisis bunkers by @Griggs added:
  5. ZAM BO1 Maps

    This thread will be used for updates regarding maps for ZAM. Download the bunker mod here: https://gitlab.com/Classixz/bo1-zambunkers/blob/Live/readme.md Submit maps or individual bunkers here (post screenshots): https://undeaduprising.net/forums/forum/2-zam-discussion/?do=add
  6. Happy Birthday brotha, I hope you have a blessed one. 

  7. HES COOL :D

  8. ZAM 2.1.4

    I could make the limit go away after a certain amount of zombies if this will be a problem, let's give this a try for a week or so and then we could redesign this system.
  9. ZAM 2.1.4

    Reduced damage on ther STG-44 Players will no longer be able to cade during the first minute in-game. A maximum of 50 cades can be placed by a player. This update will be live within 30 minutes of this post. Please use this thread to provide feedback on these updates so that I know if I should reduce the limits or make them higher. Suggestions from @Emberino & @^◡^っ✂╰⋃
  10. Can you please update the server with the content I bought. 4 days have passed already ...

  11. i bought the skin pack to 12.99 and Sara Michelle Gellar to 5 dollars and i havnet got it yet please help me!




    1. Kinder#Bueno


      Exones just be patient .. you need to wait 2-3 days

  12. ZAM 2.0.1

    Take a screenshot.
  13. ZAM 2.0.1

  14. ZAM 2.0.1

    Massive fixes when it comes to Party Games. Fixed a bug where people spawning in with a Skorpion wouldn't get it. Fixed a bug where a random survivor would spawn in the zombie team when the countdown was still on. Optimized Team Switching due to it causing a server crash. Fixed the limit of C4's Removed a message when zombies get extra HP as a deathstreak, New damage system added and a lot of damage changes. Overall improvements and optimizes.
  15. ZAM 2.0

    I will start working on new bunkers for ZAM once I feel that 2.0 is stable enough.