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  1. Double starting loadout

    I've added some extra checks to prevent this, also added some extra logging to the server to identify what is going on with the no loadout bug. The past 3 hours since I started the logging it seems like it have not happened on the server, due to it being so unpredictable I hope it should have been sorted out, only time will tell
  2. can you update the server for me so i have my mvp and skins


  3. ZAM 3.1 suggestion

    Sadly level 256 is the highest level we can go for, the scoreboard cannot display higher levels. For a new version I was thinking of redoing the XP needed since the jumps right now are quite weird, especially in the lower levels, prestiges were also a thing I had in mind before, but I'd rather keep it simple and just keep it as it is currently with just levels and no prestiges. Some of the custom weapons have issues when it comes to camos, they display a bit weird depending on what game they originated from, most BO2 weapons work quite okay, Intervention as an example get a quite faded camo, you can barley see it but it's there. Not sure if possible to redo the texture for them, never got the time to do so since I wanted to get as many done as possible, and not just focus on some specifics. I'm not 100% sure if ZAM 3.0 is at it's max currently, it's very close to it, meaning that it's quite limited in how much things can be added, there's some hardcoded limits in BO1 that cannot be exceeded, however there's a few messy workarounds that I could use to get more barricades into the mod, so it's a possibility, but not sure if I'll do it.
  4. how do i activate vip

    Hi, I have sent you a message here: everything is active now in ZAM
  5. Zam member apply

    Your [ZAM] Member application has been approved. You have been added to the website group.
  6. Sell custom cades

    While I do like the idea of that, 1 of the biggest problems is that everyone has to download the texture, and with the slow downloads of BO1 it quickly becomes a problem
  7. Premium Gone?

    I cannot see any past purchases on your account, are you using the correct one? (here on the website). You can view orders here:
  8. Map Bunkers Revamped

    Speaking of Villa, adding something on the spots on the screenshots could be cool, we could have flags teleporting players to the areas. If I remember correctly we did have something like this before but I was unable to find it.
  9. One last month

    I cannot say for sure how many votes should be needed for it to pass. Please vote above!
  10. Happy Birthday to an amazing owner! Enjoy your birthday, Classixz! :thumbsup: :)

  11. ZAM Development Roadmap

    You can find our Trello board here:, you can use it to vote on features and add suggestions or ideas if you want to, if you want to you can also use our forums for this.
  12. Connection issue

  13. Why im sorry to ZAM

    This should be his first warning, caught doing this or encouraging others to do the same we should for sure should use him as an example. Could "PermaZombieBan" him ?
  14. Why im sorry to ZAM

    Why should we unban you? You should clearly have a longer ban for bug abusing and not bringing any attention to it before now.
  15. Zombied bc restroom issues