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  1. Can't play zam atm.

    Use ASF (ArchiSteamFarm), much better than Steam Idle Master and it is getting regular updates, farmed around 1.2k cards with the use of it.
  2. idk

    Change your clantag in your playercard while you have ZAM loaded. /clanname is not permanent and therefore it resets.
  3. ZAM 2.2.0

    ZAM 2.2.9: Fixed a colouring problem with knife streaks Fixed a ZAMb3 bug where players could be logged as survivors. Fixed a GUI bug with player skins and loadout pick. Fixed a bug where with infected zombies message. Hazmat Playerskin no longer W.I.P Minor changes to Nuketown EE Removed Firing Range EE Music due to the buggy audio. Minor changes to Firing Range EE Updated prices for builder. Some more optimizations.
  4. Where is the bunker mod
  5. ZAM 2.2.0

    ZAM 2.2.8 Even more optimizations More changes to make the P2P process more efficient for the server Removed a death barrier on Crisis Fixed a bug with the cadelimb that made it possible to kill players Fixed a possible cause of Fast Download not working properly. Disabled Array Easter Egg due to a possible cause of server crashes. (Working on a replacement.) I'm in need of testers for ZAM 2.2.9, please check this out:
  6. ZAM 2.2.0

    ZAM 2.2.7: Tactical Insertions had to be disabled to a possible cause of server crashes. (working on a replacement) P2P checks are now more efficient to reduce server load. Fixed typo on cade streaks awards Harder to get Exo Zombie by request by many players Fixed a bug that made it impossible to get points as a survivor and zombie. Fixed a bug caused in Party Games where players would spawn in without any weapons.
  7. ZAM 2.2.0

    ZAM 2.2.6: Popup for new players has been changed so it no longer covers the whole screen. Fixed tactical nuke Optimized a lot of files in order to solve most of the SRE's left since older versions of ZAM This updates purpose is mainly to help zam with stability issues and improve uptimes that recently haven't been that good due to possibly the event. This will probably be the last update that I'm going to release during this event, the last two versions have had problems syncing to ZAM resulting in a lot of downtimes and I don't like having to wait for a crappy support team to sync the server each time it goes down.
  8. You can pay with paysafecard via PayPal in any country in which paysafecard Mastercard is available. These are: Belgium Finland France Ireland Italy Latvia Malta Switzerland Poland Netherlands Austria Portugal Slovakia Slovenia Spain Cyprus Great Britain Read more about it here:
  9. Your [ZAM] Member application has been approved. You have been added to the website group.
  10. ZAM 2.2.0

    ZAM 2.2.5: ZAMb3 will no longer "ban" a player at first, they will get one extra chance. Players have the ability to play ZAM, but only as zombies. Players who rage quit and decide to still play ZAM will be auto picked giving people who play by the rules a higher chance of not getting picked. A black screen will pop up for the player who rage quitted, enough information should be on it for them to understand what they did wrong. If the player rage quit as a zombie they will be instantly banned and this time not able to play ZAM for a certain amount of time. People currently banned for RQ by ZAMb3 can play on 2.2.5 as of right now, but only as zombies. (This system is really W.I.P but think it's getting better. As of now only ZAMb3 can give players another chance, this will change in the future) typos in the screen is fixed lol. i should probably sleep now.
  11. ZAM 2.2.0

    There are so many of them, go and knife and you should be able to see some of them.
  12. ZAM 2.2.0

    ZAM 2.2.4: Nuketown tac-antiglitch added. Updated Nuketown, Radiation & Summit bunkers Nuketown EE sounds will only play if EE is started. Fix for ZAMb3 double bans ZAM Summer event tweaks Nuketown, Radiation & Summit now features random bunkers Updated: Knife streaks, Fast Knife streaks & Cade Streaks A lot of optimizing.
  13. ZAM 2.2.0

    ZAM 2.2.3: Map Updates (see screenshots) Make your own bunkers with our bunker mod: Minor tweaks to auto ban Tweaked dog damage
  14. ZAM 2.2.0

    ZAM 2.2.2: Added a new special zombie, Exo Zombie. ZAMb3 can now auto ban players rage quitting. (testing for now) Maximum ban time as of now is set to 36 hours. Moderators now have headicons. Players will now get a group promotion based on their connections to ZAM. (Might add more/remove some if suggested) 250 connections: Advanced User 500 connections: Power Player 1000 connections: Legendary 2500 connections: Godlike Updated the country database that we use to display where players are connected from.
  15. ZAM 2.2.0

    Bans now display remaining time, this will help people know how long they have left if they are not in the CET timezone.
  16. Funny bug

    Can you go more in detail with this? Is it random? Does it happen after a certain time?
  17. Funny bug

    Reverted changes that could have something to do with this. Let me know if you experience this again.
  18. New special zombies?

    keem*: Can double jump can jump into player spots can only do very little damage to a player, 4 knife hits to kill super fast rare
  19. New special zombies?

    Napalm zombie: Can only walk, very slowly 3000 HP or more Ability to suicide just as a bomber zombie On death drop, a big napalm killing players close by Very very rare
  20. HP bug

    Not a bug, a feature. Players helping new players will also benefit out of this.
  21. dear classixz

    nice wallpaper
  22. ZAM 2.2.0

    ZAM 2.2.1: Leveling is finally back! Ammo can no longer be bought while holding C4 or a death machine. The Leave Game button is now updated with the new rage quit rules. Barricades can no longer be purchased if a player has less than 50 points. Updates to special zombies Headicons should no longer be displayed on zombies. Fixed fast download on ZAM EU
  23. Axis zombie bug

    Applied something that could prevent this, please let me know if you experience this anymore.
  24. Cade price bug

  25. Small idea for camos

    Yeah sure, it's possible. At least on BO1 weapons