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  1. HP bug

    Not a bug, a feature. Players helping new players will also benefit out of this.
  2. dear classixz

    nice wallpaper
  3. ZAM 2.2.0

    ZAM 2.2.1: Leveling is finally back! Ammo can no longer be bought while holding C4 or a death machine. The Leave Game button is now updated with the new rage quit rules. Barricades can no longer be purchased if a player has less than 50 points. Updates to special zombies Headicons should no longer be displayed on zombies. Fixed fast download on ZAM EU
  4. Axis zombie bug

    Applied something that could prevent this, please let me know if you experience this anymore.
  5. Cade price bug

  6. Small idea for camos

    Yeah sure, it's possible. At least on BO1 weapons
  7. Small idea for camos

    Was planning a sort of csgo case opening with camos, but for that they need to work on all the guns.
  8. Small idea for camos

    Can't guarantee that I can get the camos on other guns than the ones for BO1, I could look into that.
  9. ZAM 2.1.5

    Fixed map bugs reported by @viirus_iquickz Fixed Stroke of Daylight message Added Array Tower by @The One Patriot New way of loading bunkers added A new tool to determine the exact position of a barricade added. Ability to randomize bunkers in certain spots.
  10. Maps

    This thread will be used for updates regarding maps for ZAM. Download the bunker mod here: Submit maps or individual bunkers here (post screenshots):
  11. ZAM 2.1.5

    The credits will now show the creator of the map that was played. (right now only on known maps) Bomber Zombie now always explodes when killed, except for players with Misty skin. New players will receive "Blood" from Cold-blooded to help them survive better. Unknown Soldiers will now be renamed to their XUID to prevent rulebreaking Fixed jetpack fuel showing as a zombie. Normal barricades will take 3 hits and now costs 50 points.
  12. ZAM 2.1.5

    Removed the time limit for barricades at the start of the game.
  13. Maps

    Crisis bunkers by @Griggs added:
  14. ZAM Event

    Me and @Griggs worked on bringing old maps and some new ones back, they are live on the server now.
  15. ZAM Event

    I believe most of our old maps are gone, I could have a look and see what I can find. Are you interested in any certain version of ZAM that it should be picked from?
  16. ZAM Event

    We could schedule a June Summer event of some sort running from the 16th to the 30th of June, and maybe do another one 14th of July to the 30th of July. Bomb me with ideas, feel like VIP-weekends for that long might not be so fun so some other type of stuff might be good as well.
  17. Zam Sun bug

    This is a client bug, a new version of ZAM has to be compiled in order to fix it. There's no plans at the moment for a new client update.
  18. ZAM 2.1.4

    Reduced damage on ther STG-44 Players will no longer be able to cade during the first minute in-game. A maximum of 50 cades can be placed by a player. This update will be live within 30 minutes of this post. Please use this thread to provide feedback on these updates so that I know if I should reduce the limits or make them higher. Suggestions from @Emberino & @^◡^っ✂╰⋃
  19. ZAM 2.1.4

    I could make the limit go away after a certain amount of zombies if this will be a problem, let's give this a try for a week or so and then we could redesign this system.
  20. Platinium improvement

    I'll see if there's a way to extend the current class change system we got for MVP's to make this possible.
  21. camping

    Our damage has always been based on the price of the guns, a weapon for 800 points that only do 50-45 isn't worth it. I could bring it down to 80.
  22. I know how to stop campers

    I'll start off by adding the limit you talked about and if it doesn't help I'll work on some sort of anticamp.
  23. camping

    STG-44 DMG changed to 101. There won't be any good way of determining if a player camped the last game or camped at all for that matter. What I could do however is checking if they used their 290 points on cades the last game and if so make them start with 0 points and give it back to them once they get a kill. I will not remove classes that some players got, points seems fair enough. For the inactivity part I'm not sure why we need to kick people for being afk.
  24. camping

    I'll look into the STG44, what's your suggestion on a possible fix to the people constantly camping? Also if the flying spots you're talking about is really bad you should provide some screenshots and I could block them off.