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  1. Knife challange

    Updated, 500 points will be the reward for 4 kills for people that already got the bowie.
  2. Free mvp bug

    This issue should be resolved.
  3. ZAM Translations

    View the full document here: Translations are needed for the following languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese and Russian. (If someone would like to go through the English ones as well to fresh them up a bit or fix any grammar or what ever could be in there feel free to do so.) The more people willing to contribute the better, it's good if there's more than one person on the same language. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- People currently working on translations: French: @*FR*skoll, @aShamed Italian: @horky* German: Spanish: @Dennyb, @KingJake Simplified Chinese: Traditional Chinese: Japanese: Polish: @░MyXa░, @ZoMbieK9 Portuguese: @ViiRuS_iQuicKZ Russian: @KingJake --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You have to send a reply or notify me somehow if you want to make some changes as I have to give you access to edit it. If you have any questions or anything regarding translations this topic will be the best place for it.
  4. ZAM Translations

    No, they are not needed as the game doesn't support it.
  5. ZAM Translations

    I sent the invite to the email you have on your account here at UndeadUprising, if you have another email/gmail I could add that as it would be much better if you could make the changes yourself.
  6. ZAM Translations

  7. ZAM Black Ops 3

    Added. Added.
  8. ZAM Black Ops 3

  9. ZAM Black Ops 3

    Added a bunch of more strings that needs translation added the new one as an attachment: (it includes MyXas translations) I'm moving this project over to Google Docs so that everyone that translates will have the same updated version. It can be found here: For anyone that wants to translate you have to give me your email.
  10. ZAM Black Ops 3

    Awesome, once you're done upload it here or send it as a PM to me so that I can update the main file.
  11. ZAM Black Ops 3

    I've attached a file containing a few of the words that need to be translated, I will add more to it when needed. LANG_ENGLISH is the English string, if you are translating Spanish you need to edit where it says LANG_SPANISH etc, should be really easy to understand. If a sentence is the same in your language then please change it to "#same"
  12. ZAM Black Ops 3

    Mostly simple strings such as: Points, Health, Cades Placed, items in menus etc. There will most likely not be any long sentences.
  13. ZAM Black Ops 3

    I'm looking for people that could translate ZAM into: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese-Brazil and Russian. as most of the language could be translated using Google Translate or something similar I feel it's better to ask people that might know these language for a much better translation instead of the automated one. Please reply if you can, and which language(s).
  14. this is dumb.

  15. Glitch

    I'm aware of this issue, don't use the sun setting, it will only work on a few maps and glitch out on other. It will be removed if there will be other ZAM client updates.
  16. bug report

    Do you have to do something to make this happen? (I'm going to roll out an update for the skin system soon due to the new skin that is being added)
  17. Dear community, I'm done dealing with people being afraid of me, people talking behind my back, people that don't care, people that don't trust me, people that don't respect me, people that can't come with a solution, people that is just quiet & people that don't understand what it took to get UU where it is. I'm done with UndeadUprising, it's been a project for over three years now and I have dedicated my life to it. I've given the community what they asked for and really tried my best. It has all been for nothing. There's nothing more that I have to say to our community. Either you understand what I've done for UU or you don't. UndeadUprising's forum that I manage full-time with updates and other back-end shit that takes hours and no one appreciate that is still required for UU to fully function. The forums will be closed on the 18th of June when the license runs out. I don't expect anyone step up and take care and manage UU, it's just a waste of time. Do something better with your life. There is no such thing as lack of knowledge when it come to do anything, anyone can run UU, but you got to have what it takes. I might have had it for a while, but the community took it away from me. At least some people appreciate ZAM, or maybe I just got that wrong and they are just to scared to tell me it sucks. ZAM and UU is still the same community and I wouldn't be surprised if you want ZAM to fall as well. For now, I'll leave ZAM out of this. Consider this my resignation from UndeadUprising. Be real to me for once.
  18. Thoughts on CoD XP 2016 (so far)?

    I haven't bothered watching any livestreams, just seen some short gameplays of the multiplayer. One of the biggest biggest downfall for Infinite Warfare is that only PS4 & XBOX One will be able to participate in the Beta, it just show how much hate Infinty Ward got against the PC CoD communiuty and they are doing a really good job in killing it. As far as mod tools, I have no faith in IW releasing any kind of mod tools for their game and even if they did I'd most likely never create anything for them because of their lack of support for the PC players. -rep IW
  19. bug report

    Thank you for reporting this bug, it has been fixed in ZAM v2.1.1.
  20. VIP Weekend

    Stared school when you were 2? Sounds legit. I'm guessing 14 years of school should at least help you calculate how many years you have been in it.
  21. ZAM Black Ops 3

    I'd also like to have a few recommendations of weapons that I should port over to Black Ops 3.
  22. Score limit

    Higher scorelimits haven't really been tested on 2.0, I guess we could give this a go.
  23. ZAM Black Ops 3

    Yep, I feel like doing a big showcase of what I've been working on instead of showing small parts in separate videos.
  24. ZAM Black Ops 3

  25. ZAM Black Ops 3

    As the weapons are not really made for sliding, wallrunning and swimming you have to either make the animations for them or base it on a weapon that looks and works similar.