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  1. ZAM Black Ops 3

  2. ZAM Black Ops 3

    (lol, twitter is more hyped for black ops 3 ports than UU)
  3. ZAM Black Ops 3

  4. ZAM Black Ops 3

    It would be possible.
  5. ZAM Black Ops 3

    Anything is possible.
  6. ZAM Black Ops 3

  7. Black screen

    Do you have sun disabled in ZAM Settings?
  8. ZAM Black Ops 3

    Some barricade ports has been done, I've added some variants due to the fact that we now can have more than 3 cades. Still working on the in-game placement and physics regarding them, I want it to feel and get as close to Black Ops I as possible.
  9. Let's makes ZAM perfect!!

    This is intentional.
  10. Let's makes ZAM perfect!!

    That bug got resolved, US had the fixed version running by that time.
  11. Let's makes ZAM perfect!!

    1. Yes it would be possible. 2. Yeah it's possible, but I can't do it for as long as I'm an alpha tester for mod tools (at least not release it publicly on ZAM.)
  12. ZAM 2.0.1

    Massive fixes when it comes to Party Games. Fixed a bug where people spawning in with a Skorpion wouldn't get it. Fixed a bug where a random survivor would spawn in the zombie team when the countdown was still on. Optimized Team Switching due to it causing a server crash. Fixed the limit of C4's Removed a message when zombies get extra HP as a deathstreak, New damage system added and a lot of damage changes. Overall improvements and optimizes.
  13. ZAM 2.0.1

    Take a screenshot.
  14. ZAM 2.0.1

  15. ZAM 2.0 Is really bad

    Fixed. Thanks for reporting.
  16. ZAM 2.0 Is really bad

    I'm aware of this issue, currently looking into it. Thanks for reporting it.
  17. ZAM 2.0 Is really bad

    ZAM Version 2.1.0 includes improved team checks. Issue resolved. Report bugs to get them fixed, I won't be able to find them all by myself, I need people to tell me what the bug is and what you did/happened that might have caused. 2.0 has been out for two days, don't expect it to be perfect.
  18. ZAM 2.0

    ZAM 2.0 Changelog: New ZAM Project started up, transferring ZAM’s main functions and recreated the structure. Fixed weapon name typo: Scorpion > Skorpion New HUD. Survivors and Zombies got their own separate HUD. Controller (XBOX) HUD support added. New Muzzle Flash for custom ZAM weapons. Perks rebuyable after RTD roll that takes your perks away. Fixed a bug were zombies could pick up frags when they had a limb. Gametype is no longer visible in the in-game HUD. Gametype is no longer shown on the loadingscreen. ZAM Settings menu added. FOV Slider for both ADS and Viewmodel FOV added. Optimizing settings added such as maxpackets and snaps added to ZAM Settings menu. Ability to turn the in-game chat off added in ZAM Settings Ability to turn off the sun added n ZAM Settings. New “Free” cade skin added. New “MVP/VIP” cade skin added. New “Bunker” cade skin added. More weapon variety added for Platinum players. Killstreaks earned/bought will no longer be given directly to you. You have to activate it to use it. You will no longer switch out to the camera spike after purchase. Graphic Settings can be edited while in-game. Sounds has been optimized, unused sounds have been removed and a new structure has been made. Nuketown Easter Egg updated. Small changes on the Array Easter Egg. Two new Easter Eggs added. Fixed a lot of typos. New Mainmenu song added. Some music added. Reload sounds added for M40a3, R700, Desert Eagle and a lot of other weapons. Cade Streaks has been redone. Killstreaks has been redone. Added Knife streaks Added “Fast Knife Streaks”-challenges Zombies will be limited to 300 HP as long as there isn’t people that is camping. Zombies will now get 100 points for killing a dog. Zombie killstreaks added. Zombie death streaks redone. Hijack satellite text removed. Bunkers for DLC maps added. Special Zombies reworked. Bowie and Knuckles now got the same price. Fixed a double message that were shown when zombies got a free limb R700 Killfeed icon size fixed. Sentry gun limit has been removed. MP40 is back. Variants added. Sten variants added. Ability to not have any player skin added. (You will be assigned the default black ops skin) Voices added. Meltdown rework. You will now get your rank instead of only getting MVP. Classes that you don’t have access to will be blacked out. Fixed a bug were “free” players would have fall damage. Added points earned/spent to the stats shown at the credits. Optimized the zombie/survivor counter used for the RQ log. Changed the “Leave Game” menu to be different for the survivors and zombies. Random Map vote has been added. 5% chance of being able to vote on party games added. All kinds of limbs now got a blood trail. Knife Camos added. Weapon Camos added. Players no longer have to hold the Desert Eagle or B23r in order to upgrade them. Fixed Reload Empty animation on the Peacekeeper. FPSBoost reworked. Fixed a bug where knife challenges were shown for zombies. Fixed a bug where you would get knife challenges completed with dog kills. Changed a lot of weapon damages. Fixed a bug where survivors would not switch over to zombies when killed. Fast Sprint has been reworked. Fixed a client crash when changed the refresh rate while in-game. “P” point indicator will no longer be shown in the messages on screen. Increased the radius on freeze traps. Decreased the radius on mines. Increased radius on hell zombies. Fixed a message saying that you already got hell zombie. PSG1 IR has been changed to PSG1 Acog Added a UI fix for a green compass being displayed on the screen. Flash class removed due to its lack of use. Stroke of Daylight has been added to Declassified. Stoner63 removed from Declassified. Jetpack Fuel will be shown under “Cades Placed” instead of being in the middle of the screen. Time limit removed on the death machine. Ammo cannot be bought for the death machine. Theater optimized. Fileshare added to the mainmenu. Adapt Recharge time has been increased. Bots will now have a random player skin. Fixed a bug where players would stay as survivors 1 second after they got picked as a zombie. Fixed random weapon message being displayed to all players Limited ADS Fov to Min 10, Max 60 Fixed a bug where the wrong variables got added for the vote system Fixed a double message on Roll the Dice Fixed a bug when no one voted and ZAM got stuck. Fixed a barricade bug when they didn’t spawn like they used to. Optimized the spawning of strong barricades. Fixed Roll the Dice rolls that made the shop freeze. UndeadUprising Icon added to the main menu. Added Arlington death barrier to firing range Various weapons changed in the shop. Various Item price changes. This changelog only contains the changes that would be of most interest. 140 changes made in the ZAM core has not been listed and things soon to come/easter eggs updates have been left out. 2.0 main focus has been optimization. Files size reference: Files: Version: Size Client 1.9 59,4 MB Client 2.0 100 MB Server 1.9 4,26 MB Server 2.0 3,59 MB Server files has been optimized and should provide better stability for ZAM. Please report any bug that you find in ZAM 2.0.
  19. ZAM 2.0

    I will start working on new bunkers for ZAM once I feel that 2.0 is stable enough.
  20. ZAM 2.0

    HOTFIX: Fixed a bug causing TeamSpeak Award not to be assigned. Fixed a bug where a gun in gun game was not properly loaded. Fixed a bug where players that got the Skorpion SMG would not get any starting SMG MISC: Optimized death barriers to not kill players anymore.
  21. UndeadUprising Social Media
  22. !fpsboost return?

    Yes, the majority of the people that voted wanted it back.
  23. !fpsboost return?

    I'm fully aware of the strange bug with the scope while on FPSBoost, I've added a little fix for it so it will disable once you ADS with your weapon. Also this should help with long distance shots we had before.
  24. New Avatar & Free To Use Renders - UU

    It's easy to resize images... anyone should be able to do it, but if you're not and don't have any photo editing software laying around you can do a quick google search and end up with something like this: I've changed the limits on image size to 5MB and the resolution to max 800x800px.
  25. ZAM DLC Maps