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  1. Server crash

    We will put in a chat box or something on the main page, so ppls can use it to report things like this.
  2. 3 Free VIP!! OMG!!!

    Results coming soon!
  3. Moderator Application

    Hum thread is hot... Will wait a bit to make a decision, has not personally seen you on.
  4. 3 Free VIP!! OMG!!!

    Our servers started at 30 march, how defuq can it be 2 or 3 months?
  5. Mod Aplications

    Accepted for a trial period.
  6. Ban pls he h4ck g4m3 plssss bann
  7. Zombies Ideas

    Free VIP today if im home before 19 pm.
  8. Mod Aplications

    Maybe, i know you should fit for the job.
  9. Bug

    This will be fixed.
  10. Recommendations and Improvements
  11. Zombies Ideas

    Thanks for the ideas! Moved.
  12. Steam account.

    1 usd me no have euro o.o
  13. KickArse 40% Admin.

    Rejected by griggs.
  14. KickArse 40% admin.

  15. KickArse 40% admin.

    What will you do if you join the server and ur banned?