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  1. ZAM DLC Maps

  2. New Run and Gun mode

    If this is what you talked to me about in TS it sounded a bit different from what TKEM is. This mod is 95% finished, so it's worth picking it up and start working on it rather than creating a completely new one. Things left to do on TKEM: Classes Shop items Other than that, it's basically done. As of right now it's playable and I'd rather pick this project up again.
  3. Website Bug

  4. _Mana - ZAM Member Application

    Your [ZAM] Member application has been approved. You have been added to the website group.
  5. ImRiz- ZAM Application

    Your [ZAM] Member application has been approved. You have been added to the website group.
  6. Zam application Jesse

    Your [ZAM] Member application has been approved. You have been added to the website group.
  7. TeamSpeak - Permban

    Your ban appeal has been accepted. Your ban has been removed.
  8. Banned with not enough proof...

    Your ban appeal has been denied. You left the game when it was 5 zombies and 3 survivors. That image proof might not be enough, but you were caught by our automated RQ system.
  9. Website Issue

    That's a problem with the website theme, I'm currently working on a new one and if you have the issue a lot I'd suggest switching to the default theme.
  10. I need help with my mice

    What kind of macro are we talking about? The ones that makes you shoot faster?
  11. Banned for bug

    For a while? I first got to know about it yesterday, and that wasn't even how the bug worked. It's impossible for me to fix anything if I'm not aware of it. Report bugs to me.
  12. ZAM 1.9.6

    A message showing that you destroyed a friendly barricade will display, also how many. MVP Change Weapon Loadout has been fixed. Arlington Spot at Map Grid ( D2 ) Admin Class removed New weapons for Platinum
  13. ZAM 1.9.6

  14. Platinum Weapons

    ZAM is kinda full ATM when it comes to adding new weapons, however I do like the Storm. Can't promise that it will be added to ZAM.
  15. Platinum weapons

    Store and support tickets has been updated and it's now possible to change to some new guns.
  16. Platinum weapons

    Sure, this will be possible in 1.9: MP7: Red Dot & Siliencer MSMC: Red Dot & Silencer Peacekeeper: Silencer I work on everything except maps ATM for ZAM.
  17. ZAM 19.1.5

    Remake of the "RQ Log", it will include more helpful information for the staff team. (Such as kills as hunter and if they are new to the server.) RQ Log that is saved on each player will now display the map they rage quitted on. This system is also updated and got the key changes from the RQ log. Prism's API server has been successfully moved over to a faster server. B3 has been updated to version 1.10.11. A red exclamation mark will be shown on the minimap where a new player is. Base for the new stats system. The sever currently keeps track of class & skin picked, barricades, items, special items & weapons bought. etc. A preview of it can be seen here: New Firing Range bunker Probably something else that I forgot to write down, there was a lot of bug fixes just before the server event.
  18. ZAM 19.0.8

    ZAM 19.0.8 +Stroke of Daylight at ZAM Arena *New and better spawn locations, no more spawns inside Nuketown *Arlington, Meltdown, Wizard TP & Disapparation will be disabled at ZAM Arena. +Teamwork required to complete the Nuketown easter egg +Overall improvements for the Nuketown easter egg. W.I.P - A fort and tower for ZAM Arena.
  19. What I think

    Yeah and this thread is only about that, I have no clue what you're on about. I made a statement saying that the members of UU did not want you in, and clearly you did not like it. I also pointed out that you were not able to even join when the members of the clan had absolutely nothing to say about it, and still you're here complaining. If you're not happy with the new way prism will deal with staff members, so why not go ahead and post your opinion there and not in this thread.
  20. What I think

    In August 2015, 28 people applied. 1 got in. Some familiar people applied and got rejected that month: These people sure as hell did not deserve to join UU, no one wanted them in the clan? That's why all of them got rejected, no matter what they wrote on their application, as everyone was lazy enough to look at all 28 of them. I don't believe any member took a close look at all of the applications before making a vote. And what you guys are referring to as a "New" system is is 4 months and 18 days old. It's not new, it's been here for a long time and complaining about it this long afterwards is really pointless. However changes can be made, but I will personally not do any changes without a community meeting and people to convince me that this system is not good enough. As you made an example of your self. Your 45 minutes application got you rejected Startune, and I think you know exactly why. However you did not give up and I'll give you credits for that. As for you Frupiss, you are still not in UU, you even failed this new "simple" way of getting, even though you also gave the old systems a few tries and got rejected.
  21. pay

    Make sure everything you entered is correct, you can also try a different browser or clear your browser cookies.
  22. Changing up the shop

    UZM & ZEM had it client side. Both mod suffered more shop lag due to it being client sided. Client sided menus need to be closed before the new one can open, a server menu doesn't have to closed, this saves time and "lag". If you have a ping under 150 you wont have any problems at all using a server sided shop. Also for people with high ping, they do also benefit from it as they can easily stack due to the time for the menu to close being longer than if you had a low ping. As for modifying points, VAC will take care of that. Plus sides with server sided shop: Prices & New thing can be made without people having to download the whole mod again New classes can be added. People with high ping can stack. Faster, does not have to wait for another menu to close, reduces "lag". Downsides: Slower for people with high ping, still will be with client sided. More work for the server as it has to render a menu for each player. ZAM is all built on server sided menus, changing that requires a lot of code rewrites. There's a max menu limit, ZAM has a lot of menus, we will probably hit that with a client sided shop.
  23. Is it okay ??

    There is no rule saying that you are not allowed to camp.
  24. ZAM Commands

    The commands should be available for you now.
  25. Improved Network thingy

    Added something similar.