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  1. Hi. I have problem .

    Today I had a big problem with ping. Several times I went in and out of the game. During the next game I showed that I am a bad player and at the end of the countdown I was zombie with ping 999. So I left the game and immediately wanted to enter but jumped out the message that I am banned on 1.5 day


    1. Classixz


      Someone has recently been sending DDOS attacks to ZAM, this might be the cause of the problems you and everyone else experience. 

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  2. Hi C,

    See the server crashed when we had a few people in,  but wasn't able to restart server. Can we get access to restart?

    i noticed tp cmd !np......... is not working for me now? i like to use when new people join?





    1. Classixz


      Solved, thanks for letting me know. !np is automatic, so no more need for that.

  3. Classxiz... How Did i got in [ZAM]..... Clan name And why?

  4. Welcome to the forums UndeadUprising :)

    1. Classixz


      We had one, but its currently not under our change anymore.

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