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  1. Map Bunkers Revamped

    Speaking of Villa, adding something on the spots on the screenshots could be cool, we could have flags teleporting players to the areas. If I remember correctly we did have something like this before but I was unable to find it.
  2. One last month

    I cannot say for sure how many votes should be needed for it to pass. Please vote above!
  3. Happy Birthday to an amazing owner! Enjoy your birthday, Classixz! :thumbsup: :)

  4. ZAM Development Roadmap

    You can find our Trello board here:, you can use it to vote on features and add suggestions or ideas if you want to, if you want to you can also use our forums for this.
  5. Connection issue

  6. Why im sorry to ZAM

    This should be his first warning, caught doing this or encouraging others to do the same we should for sure should use him as an example. Could "PermaZombieBan" him ?
  7. Why im sorry to ZAM

    Why should we unban you? You should clearly have a longer ban for bug abusing and not bringing any attention to it before now.
  8. Zombied bc restroom issues

  9. [BUG] [Players can do everything, even if you cannot.]

    If I understand you correctly, you are inside a spot and a player who just joined the game spawns directly behind you? If that's the case it's simply just a problem with how Black Ops handle player spawns, there's simply no check for players who connect like there is for people already in the game when it decides where to spawn, this bug should also be seen on some occasions in unmodded Black Ops. The points one I'm not entirely sure about, from what I've understood it's very random so reproducing it is very hard and therefor I'm not entirely sure how to resolve it.
  10. ZAM, NEW FAN ART 1920-1080

    looking forward for the bugs.
  11. Party games bug (ZAM)

    This bug should be fixed, let me know at the next event this friday.
  12. ZAM 70K EVENT

  13. ZAM Black Ops 3

    Hey so I never posted any public statement regarding ZAM for BO3, the project was basically put on hold when the public beta was released due to the fact Treyarch basically stopped supporting Mod Tools for BO3, while ZAM still is possible to be a thing on BO3 the game is lacking a key feature that never was added, support for menus. ZAM without a shop wouldn't be ZAM, if they do decide to add this feature in a later update the project could be brought up again.
  14. ZAM 2.3.X

    ZAM 2.3.1: Fixed a bug related to headicons giving players who use FPSBoost wallhack. Fixed a bug where survivor items could do damage to other survivors if a player became a zombie. Exo Zombie no longer do 25 DMG Fixed a bug where the knife would do 25 DMG Added a .5 seconds cooldown to long sprint Fixed a bug where the credits would display the wrong number of cades placed. Fixed a bug where democlient could be picked as a zombie. Fixed a bug where the same person could be picked twice as a zombie. Fixed a bug where survivors who used adapt and died would become invisible as a zombie. Fixed an out of map glitch with Arlington on Launch. Unknown Soldiers will now be renamed to their Steam 32-bit ID instead of their XUID. Some more optimizations have also been made.
  15. 3000 points starting bug

    applied a fix, let me know if this still happens.