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  1. Maps

    New Array tower
  2. ZAM Weekend - April 14th to April 16th

    Im free for a few hours today, les do it, im always in ts
  3. Pats.vids

    Pat videos Epic clip knife server Flutt vs Pat knife! Quick Killspree Intense camp Python S&D Right Hand broken and Fully casted (no keyboard use)
  4. Pats.vids

    ZAM MONTAGEarinooo
  5. ZAM Black Ops 3

    Once ZAM is made in BO3, atleast for as much as you can, please dont add platinum/premium classes. This would keep the game more fun, balanced, and fair.
  6. Map Updates

    My first vote goes to Radiation, there is too many cades on the map and everyt time i load the map it crashes my bo1 (idk if others have same problems or not). Villa and Cracked could use some new spots, maybe give Havana a litlte change too?
  7. a gamer that needs gamers help

    This is the one i Use. Razer Kraken 7.1 Super Comfortable and Good quality. Around 85/90 bucks for new. I bought the Refurbished instead of new for only 56ish USD (But was perfectly fine, so far no problems at all) Link for Refurbished if interested
  8. Pats.vids

    PFF I wish i made it
  9. What happened to me

    Glad your alright bloody, hope to see you healed soon m8!
  10. Looking for the name of a song

    Ask Siri she knows everything.
  11. ZAM 1.9 Issues and Suggestions for 2.0

    You wanna make some changes? At the beginning of each map There will be a vote! The Vote will say if the map should be normal, or if each human gets maximum of 10 cades. If the Vote Is over 75% THEN each Human Gets a maximum OF 10 cades. So your wondering why? Because if 75% OF the server dont want to camp/deal with tryhard nibnubs, And rather just run and knife or whatever, then it should be. Then why should each human have maximum of 10 cades your wondering? Because cades are useful when you run around to block doors etc. Im just saying 75% is a pretty high number, if the majority of the server wants a specific round for only running with no camping..well there you go... Im not sure when should the voting show up tho, any ideas? MORE IDEAS COMING My Mind: IF the Vote is YES, Then ALL zombies should Automatically start with fast run AND all Zombie can only have a maximum of 300 hp.
  12. Eyyy! Thanks a lot everyone :))) 

  13. ZAM 1.9 Issues and Suggestions for 2.0

    You forgot about turning on your hacks brady! OHH WAIT I wasnt suppose tell everyone you had hax?
  14. ZAM 1.9 Issues and Suggestions for 2.0

    More ideas comming/little glitches. I believe when you use the "Free Loadout" FALL DAMAGE is a thing. So if you are using the Freeloadout or You dont have VIP, and you jump from Array Tower Riparino to you. Fix it Oh and Ask Staff members/UU members to make ZAM Map SPots. NOT ZAM MAPS! They should each make 2 spots. And post the code in the map section, then apply only the Good ones into zam. Teach them how to use ZAM Bunkers Extractor. And if you dont want everyone to have zam bunker, then teach them how to get normal bunker mod.
  15. ZAM 1.9 Issues and Suggestions for 2.0

    -Nerf aa12 even more. For example, If it has 8 bullets in the mag, make it 6 instead, (it doesnt have to be the damage that you decrease). -There are many powers or stuff that are in the Special Shop (4-5-#) that are not really used that much, so make a little change to them. For example, for Master Hunter class, I believe it is 4-5-4: It gives you a sickle Knife, 95% of people don't like this knife, so make it a different knife maybe? Flash Class, Over Speed - It only works if you already bought speedo, and it does not give you much of a boost. Change it. Make Over Speed give you Speedo Perk Straight away, and it should be faster than normal speedo. So once you buy Over speed, it will give you speedo, not only speedo, a faster speedo perk. - Wizzard class - (if Possible) Add a few more stuff to wizzard (Roll the Dice), Just some cool stuff that come to mind, so as the Shredder knfie (it use to be in zam a long time ago). - And as kevin said the knocking out Limb would be pretty cool I Just woke up like 20 min ago So was kinda feeling sleepy when i did this, if more ideas come to mind will let ya know
  16. Pats.vids

    no the one i had was gone
  17. Pats.vids

    you never looked at what i typed i guess xd ye i put the wrong one then i changed it back ^_^
  18. Pokemon GO

    for a second i thought this would be UU Pokemon GO division ^^^ lol pls no
  19. Pats.vids

    when you make ur first thumnail for 2 hours then you put the wrong one lol
  20. !fpsboost return?

    is it time you add this back then? the vote went pretty positive and have the improvements been made to it yet?
  21. INdyS.Vidz

    if you stream you must turn on the Camera
  22. !fpsboost return?

    I am still thinking about it, but I will say it is not just a "boost" for the fps it is also a way to see zombies from a very long distance.
  23. Moon Bear's Videos ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

    so is this a moonbear montage or pat fail tage? But seriously tho..pretty awesome montage!
  24. 1 unban from zam plox

    its not who cares, and who doesn't. Its the person that steps up and does it