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  1. Mudda's Videos!!

  2. Moving on from Zam?

    Thanks Wildey. Have fun man!
  3. Moving on from Zam?

    No, I said I'm not leaving. I'm moving on, but not 100% leaving. Like leaving from the community.
  4. Moving on from Zam?

    I dont want to go into a long topic about changes that are going. I'm not leaving Zam, please just watch the video and understand what my reasons are for. This decision has been stressing me for some time.
  5. Mudda's Videos!!

  6. Mudda's Videos!!

  7. Mudda's Videos!!

  8. UU-K Update!

    Congrats NoWay, hope to see you out there knifing!!
  9. Off for VACation for a week

    yeah pretty much spot on :D
  10. Off for VACation for a week

    Im sure you are all so happy to see me leaving for a week </3. Im off to New Jersey to the beach for a week. Have fun all! Cya when I get back.
  11. The never ending sentence

  12. Mudda's Videos!!
  13. Mudda's Videos!!
  14. The never ending sentence

    is the reason for
  15. The never ending sentence