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  1. Easter eggs on ZAM

    Reznov: Mason...Every journey begins with a single step. (Takes the guards keys and club) This is Step 1! Crowd: Secure the keys! Reznov: Now we take Vorkuta! What is Step 2? Crowd: Ascend from darkness! Reznov: 3? Crowd: Rain fire! Reznov: 4? Crowd: Unleash the horde! Reznov: 5? Crowd: Skewer the winged beast! Reznov: 6? Crowd: Wield a fist of iron! Reznov: 7? Crowd: Raise hell!
  2. New server?

    paintball server!
  3. I'm Done

    new moderators were cool.
  4. Server command overflow

    Check the functions you have added recetly, add some waits here and there in loops, that's how I got rid of mass command overflow error.
  5. Server command overflow

    Has it started happening recently?
  6. ZAM Update log / Idea thread

    i) Vampire Class(Admin only for testing) Vampire: 1. Nighthunter [100p] Requires swift Every knife kill grants the attacker +0.02 movement speed. (max:1.3)(swift is 1.1) The attacker will become visible on map for the rest of the game after killing a zombie with a knife. (2% cpk)(chance per knife) 2. Sharpen Fangs [100p] Every knife kill increases the damage of attacker's knife by 20. [Max:500] (no one shot nemesis kills) 3. Counter UAV [400p] Self explanatory 4. ??? (rebirth hands and zombie facepaint?) I still need one more special before I can release vampire. ii) 5th special for captain and battlemage 1. Battlemage: [Whirlwind] [200p] Summon a whirlwind in front of you which pushes away every zombie. Duration 7s, (a better version of barricades, since you can shoot through them) Does not affect cades. 2. Captain: [buy/Upgrade Spas] [500p] (maybe for some other class) Normal Spas > Spas with soem attachments > Spas in zombie mode vi) Thundergun and m14 in zem ix) TNT [1000p] or 40 deathstreak reward? Deals 1000-1400 damage to cades in 400 radius. Explodes after a 30 seconds countdown. x) Frozen Zombie A zombie type which freezes all humans in 300 radius for 3(?) seconds on death.
  7. New Mustang&Sally Skin?!?

    nice to see that zam staff is more reasonable
  8. New Mustang&Sally Skin?!?

    Why don't you make shiny/metallic skins?
  9. New Zombie Items?

    1 braby is enough
  10. ZAM Update log / Idea thread

    wut? upgrading a weapon or camo?
  11. Files for Santa Hat (for Lemon/KEX)

    I'm not modding blops anymore @Mr.StealYoGirl, thanks anyway
  12. NEW IDEAS FOR 1.6!!!

    mvp to admin?
  13. NEW IDEAS FOR 1.6!!!

    The present can creatures an option on players screen: press L to choose class. Then the player will be stripped of its perks from its old class, Will keep its weapons though. Then the new class menu will appear in the shop menu. Also, the cip headicon should appear on player's head. That's how i planned it to be at the beginning.
  14. NEW IDEAS FOR 1.6!!!

    Yeah, I saw it, but I couldn't decide which topic could be the most appropriate place for xmas ideas edit: I'll just post some of them here for the time being. 1. Summit snow ambient fx on all maps.(This was ramsy's idea i guess) 2. Replace grenade model with snowballs. 3. Zombies drop presents(real model) on death(10% chance) (pick it up for random rewards: points, weapons, attachments, free vip) 4. Xmas tree in shop.(One time use per map) Randomly generates presents below it. 5. Santa hats for all zombies. 6. b2 bomber model replaced with sled and reindeers 7. santa player model for admins(human) 8. snow texture on top of cades
  15. NEW IDEAS FOR 1.6!!!

    I guess we should also post ideas for christmas here.
  16. more gameplaypp

    I've a video of a mw2 zombie mod gameplay which is at 833.836 views, clearly not all 800k of them played the mod.
  17. Vote for Deagle/M40a3.

    zem deagle ofc. :D
  18. new chat! I don't like this one for some reason

    I'm pretty sure, nobody needs a turkish translation
  20. Bugs on 1.5

    Ballistic knife takes away tactical insertion.