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    i like soccer, basketball, and cross country
    check out my youtube channel.I upload minecraft zombies and zam.http://www.youtube.com/user/jackmonkeybomb

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  1. Happy Birthday jackmonkeybomb!

    1. iamindy33


      i think he is still banned from the website :x

    2. viirus_iquickz
  2. Jack's.Vids indychinian

    watch till the end
  3. Jack's.Vids

    2 years mate,much fun,much,hours
  4. ZAM Parody

    New ZAM Parody!Hope .Indyyou like if you like.Indy isnt Pitbull...tehehe
  5. Community challenges?

    drink horse cum.a guy did it on jackass
  6. stlmokevin's next tournament!

    Creative camping is just a bunch of noobs in 1 spot
  7. Jackmonkeybomb's New Parody

    Tell me if its good. Probably not cause im a bad singer.lolz
  8. UU-S IS BACK (once again)

    Your Steam name: jackmonkeybomb Your Steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198081681156 Your in-game name: jackmonkeybomb Your BO1 XUID: 1100001073ca704 Country:USA Age: 12 Which ZAM server do you play the most?: US On a scale from 1-10, how would you rate your sniping skill?: 8
  9. ZAM 1.6 Testers (Apply now!)

    ZAM 1.6 Tester Application In-Game Name:jacmonkeyomb XUID:1100001076ca704 Where are you from?:USA How long you played ZAM?:about 6 months/over 600 hours/joined the server over 450 times Will you give the password to anyone that's not a tester?:no Will you leak information about 1.6?:no Will you contribute with ideas, and report all bugs you find?:yes
  10. ZAM 1.6

    :)I have I-7 processor and 40 ping. you need to fix the laggy shop. I always die cause cades don't place in time :)
  11. zam

    ZAM is the best mod that i have played. Thanks so much for making it. Keep updating zam and making new classes.
  12. i like the new special box in zam but it is to op. we need to get rid of deathmachine,raygun,m&s, and dragons breath