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  1. gooch hair or armpit hair

    Racist I make forum bout u now, lol jews
  2. gooch hair or armpit hair

    Half* brain dead, thought you were*
  3. which one makes for a better oral sexual experience ive tried the neck rub thingy on redblast but the promotions hype doesnt live up to its offers
  4. Bitch ass niqa, hey mind dm'n the roids ya use

  5. Happy birthday, AghChew!

    i fukin 10 1/2 fgts
  6. Neejc finally makes an introduction.

    u forgot the part where ur with me and call me juicy
  7. What do you do for a living??

    i scratch me balls,sandpaper till i blister, usually look out the window with my weiner in hand so my neighbors know im alpha male, fuck bitches get money, thats just from 11am to 11:15, rest of the day i work 4 the cartel and soon im gonna be the one in charge of carrying out hits, then at 8:30 pm i google bed stories with dragons for 4 kids and i talk myself to sleep to 11 am.
  8. Clash of clans

    Look up Chaotic, located in U.S virgin islands,wars twice a week,theres currently 10 ppl
  9. Rewards in ZAM!

    10/10 would bang
  10. 1000 posts!!

    i love u
  11. Classes for 1.6 >> 1.7

    me like the idea,the traitor one would seem a bit unfair unless zombies would have something do with it.
  12. Keybinds?

    Yea*,seriously*,though*,Seriously*, you forgot the period on the last sentence.* "c:" isn't a real word either.
  13. Minecraft suggestion