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  1. The Peanut got mad

    Is this 3rd grade again or what.
  2. Help Me 1 More Time!

    When you hit the tennis ball do you scream like your having an orgasm
  3. US server

  4. US server Hehe
  5. Looking for Help /w GFX

    Kevin may i be your trusty sidekick
  6. Kinder

    Im speechless
  7. Kinder

  8. Lets ban 2 children

    But how do you know that they are kids.
  9. Let's play ZAM this weekend

    You forgot @BIGz but that dont matter
  10. The Future of Bo1

    When i first started playing zam i played on my shitty laptop with like 45 fps
  11. The Future of Bo1

    At least let players from the us have 1 more game on the us server
  12. wht the best plat knife

    I stopped playing for certain reasons (ask anyone most people know where i was) while i was gone my life changed alot. I have played since i lgot back bu t with few players on its hard to have fun with 2 to 3 players. I do not know when zam will be on bo3 but im shure it will be soon. Yes i will play zam again. Its also hard with school trying to graduate along with deppression from where i have been. Zam is still fun and i am going to play again.
  13. wht the best plat knife

    What you dont know is that before i left all i did was use bowie balli. Alot of things have changed since i have been gone
  14. wht the best plat knife

    Well if you give me bowie balli then i can have some fun