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  1. Your player report has been approved. As the Lil' Trump seen him multiple times abusing this type of a glitch I'm going to close this up and the suspect will be banned. Thank your for reporting and keeping the ZAM clear.
  2. That's the problem with levels. You gotta add stuff that you unlock to make It sensible otherwise It would be plain level after level with no particular goal. And that comes to preference. If you like the idea of simply leveling up to some nonsense rank and have that "image" of high level player or implementing new stuff which you can grind for but that ALSO comes to alot more work for Classixz because he's gonna need to make It possible. Me myself I like kind of both. You know differentiating players by rank and making yourself an "image" of I don't know how to say this correctly, better player? OG player? Skilled player? Or a sign of you playing alot? Everyone I think kinda likes when he can get something unique on himself and be different. This is sort of one way to do It even tho everyone can reach It but you know.. adds another thing to grind for.
  3. kinda watchable i enjoyed
  4. Frupiss


    i just watched 14 minutes of you standing behind boxes and shooting so much enjoyable .-.
  5. *abusing* n1 likes kappa
  6. ye it actually sucks they bought cc's to just camp harder than before lol.. their 290 starting points are just abused and not even used for better start while knifing for example or saving it for late camp ... no! they just stack up on one spot and everyone who has starting pts pre-cade it so zombies have no chance at all and thats what makes this all extra boring when youre 2 zombies against 11 people camped af.
  7. idk i didnt read i just got excited when i saw that logo XDD
  8. i mean why do you need one when this already looks sick by my opinion xd
  9. disagree with banning skoll but kinder.. well fuck it i guess even he got unbanned (banned unfairly) but still he got back and sweared the shit all over here and insulted like everyone who spoked to him so yh why not just to remind he still got to be perma'ed no?XD i remember dat griggs poll so plz justice come over XD
  10. Not a good way. Im actually sorry for ya buddy but your ban appeal you have made day ago I think? was denied by Unforgotten. If you think you really need to get unbanned go ahead and PM him but making more appeals after last ones were rejected is not helpfull.
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