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  1. ZAM Gungame #2

    kinda watchable i enjoyed
  2. More

    i just watched 14 minutes of you standing behind boxes and shooting so much enjoyable .-.
  3. OMG......i did it!

    :DD wait wot?
  4. OMG......i did it!

  5. okay lets be clear

    *abusing* n1 likes kappa
  6. Nuketown V2

  7. camping

    ye it actually sucks they bought cc's to just camp harder than before lol.. their 290 starting points are just abused and not even used for better start while knifing for example or saving it for late camp ... no! they just stack up on one spot and everyone who has starting pts pre-cade it so zombies have no chance at all and thats what makes this all extra boring when youre 2 zombies against 11 people camped af.
  8. Help Me 1 More Time!

    idk i didnt read i just got excited when i saw that logo XDD
  9. Help Me 1 More Time!

    i mean why do you need one when this already looks sick by my opinion xd
  10. Looking for Help /w GFX

    that just sounds so egoistic
  11. Lets ban 2 children

    disagree with banning skoll but kinder.. well fuck it i guess even he got unbanned (banned unfairly) but still he got back and sweared the shit all over here and insulted like everyone who spoked to him so yh why not just to remind he still got to be perma'ed no?XD i remember dat griggs poll so plz justice come over XD
  12. Sorry for rage quit

    Not a good way. Im actually sorry for ya buddy but your ban appeal you have made day ago I think? was denied by Unforgotten. If you think you really need to get unbanned go ahead and PM him but making more appeals after last ones were rejected is not helpfull.
  13. Let's play ZAM this weekend

    it was literally from 0 to 100 in few minutes.. someone without any experiences with holding permissions on busy servers (busy servers uhm) and doing a staff job is by me not a good choice to the future. now we have 20 days for rq gj XD
  14. Let's play ZAM this weekend

    Yo somebody made appeal cause he got banned for 20 days because of rage quit and they have hidden that propably cuz theyre scared of being hated. I bet nobody (normal people) would agree on that shit. rip dragon abusing confirmed wait wasnt this rebirth new awesome start?XD