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  1. idk

    i'll check in a bit, thx bb
  2. idk

    no i dont get kicked, i just thought i'd address it since i'm no part of UU anymore, i dropped out of the group and i can't access any hidden pages on the website anymore so i was wondering why i still had the automatic clan tag thing. Someone probably just forgot to delete it
  3. idk

    it resets every time the map changes or i rejoin i ain't no part of uu anymoe hell i haven't even played in a year or so
  4. idk

    Idk if it's a bug or anything but i keep getting the UU clantag thing when i join KEX pls fix
  5. No drama pls

    no offense but how can an ex break up with you
  6. Again...French Idea.

    poor fella, it's been 7 months now
  7. UU-K and UU-S

    lol, y'all still noobs at knifing bet i can beat u ez and i haven't played for a year now joking aside, is there an anticamp system now? where has zam gone to lul
  8. Happy birthday Bro <3 have a nice day.

  9. The Hazmat skin

    4 limbs pls XD
  10. I might be intrested, are you vacbanned on anything, do you have the phone code thing? any security questions?
  11. Again...French Idea.

    do you even know/ realise what you're saying?
  12. Again...French Idea.

    Jesus fucking christ you must be the dumbest kid ever known to fucking mankind If im not fucking talking to you then just shut the fuck up
  13. Again...French Idea.

    when are you gonna learn, DEAD SHIT CANT BE BROUGHT ALIVE AGAIN (unless it's like a living thing ofcourse) & i don't criticize french, it's a beautiful language, but why not post more how should we call it, Global? idea's, Something that apply's to everyone and not just you. I mean it's sooo obvious you're posting this shit only to advance your own rank
  14. Again...French Idea.

    who the fuck even eats popcorn with salt on it? how can it be good?