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  1. Happy birthday, SlimyMaster!

    ty partybot :D
  2. Trusted members

    mudder only hs soo bad
  3. Rules for UU-S Members in ZAM

    :P good luck is very hard to control this We start with the campaign
  4. i wait of me apply feedback

  5. Ban appeal

    hey guys 1. you steal me name :angry: good luck
  6. UU S Team report

    1. sry wrong section 2. the image of the uu s is bad (team report) 1. harm credibility
  7. UU S Team report

    i think so tooooo
  8. UU S Team report

    Hey guys :D I would like 2 UU- S members report by rule breaking :angry: (ban Pls) (Name: UU-S Delicious, UU-S Dismay) First Free Points / Kills: 1. 2. ( ( Glishing: 1. 2. 3. ( ( ( I'm a little disappointed of UU S Team: with any questions or ambiguities, can you ask me your slimy
  9. Anyone want to go for sniper clips?

    Going for clips on a 3 year old game :lol:
  10. The UU-C

    maybe UU- D for dota plays :lol: but for zam have divisions enough :huh:
  11. Happy New Year

    Hey guys whats up It is time to forget the past and celebrate a new beginning. Happy New Year New Best Electro house See you Slimy
  12. Nuketown - Yellow House

    lol map villa pls change it :o
  13. 15 years old.

  14. Hi I'm Death Poenix

    hey Death Phoenix :lol: