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  1. Quick introduction

    Don't worry Ramsy, I cancelled out his thumbs down by giving you a thumbs up.
  2. Suggestions for new maps

    There are two ZombieX servers still active on WAW. The problem is the attendance wave is so dramatic and not constant at all anymore. They usually sit empty, but occassionally you can find one with quite a few players playing, then 10 - 20 mins later, they are empty again. The maps they cycle thru now suck. I wish they would bring back some of the better maps used several years ago.
  3. Suggestions for new maps

    I'm not sure if anyone remembers ZombieX's "Rat Kitchen" map, but that was one of the best maps ever made.
  4. Official gun skin thread

    GUN SKIN NAME: Forbidden hidden as candy cane PLAYER CATEGORY (Standard/VIP/MVP/UU-K/UU-S/Moderator/Admin): VIP/MVP/Admin "LAYER" (suggest putting this over a non-gol gun camo or over gold): Over gold. URL (or actual picture):
  5. HUGE Problem

    Makes sense, since the error message is system based and not game based. Problem is, it usually only occurs with modded game play and not unmodded matches. Can a simple mod create that large of a resource load on a video card? This isn't a new game. Today's low end computers are faster than many of the high end computers back when the game was released in 2010.
  6. UU-K - Information, applications and more

    Surprisingly, I for once agree with Mudder’s assessment concerning a player’s objective. Arma needs to show more initiative in rule compliance AND pursuit of the objective.
  7. Monthly Competitions

    Maybe just a little.
  8. Monthly Competitions

    I wish ZAM had a knife only server.... ;)
  9. 1-1000 counting

    Ramsy? :)
  10. 1-1000 counting

  11. 1-1000 counting

  12. 1-1000 counting

  13. 1-1000 counting

  14. Going on Holiday ? Let us know

    It's nice to have you visit us here in the US, but you'll be visiting the most highly taxed, overly regulated, states of the US. Come to Texas, We'll spend the day hunting wild hogs, then hit a few casinos in Louisiana. You would have a hell of a time. Damn, you picked a hell of a place to relax... enjoy it and come back refreshed.
  15. my first montage:P

  16. Donations

    It’s good to see the number of donations slowly starting to grow among the faithful UU followers. Many players have no idea what all is involved in managing servers, much less the fine balance in managing a modded server. Classixz hard work and dedication to insuring a fun and yet smoothly run mod, takes a lot of valuable time. Donations from the faithful UU nation, is what keeps ZAM from becoming a subscription based server. Subscription ideas have been pitched to Classixz several times, yet every single time, he has declined them. His dedication to the server and ALL of its players is the one thing that helped establish ZAM as one of the most popular mods of all time. If you enjoy playing ZAM, please consider making a donation to UU. Remember, any amount, no matter the size helps.
  17. A few of the newly modified ZAM maps would be ideal if possible. Just as long as it isn't only Nuketown. It doesn't even need to be a ranked server.
  18. I would play it also. There are a lot of players, including myself, that need the practice.
  19. New updates on the website

    I was trying to find a solution, not multiply my problem. Suggesting an Iphone would fix my problem... LOL I have a Sumsung Galaxy 4S, so it isn't the hardware. As it turns out, it was the firmware. I had disabled automatic updates some how. Back to working like a charm. Your suggestion to restart the phone did help however. The reboot showed me the problem. Thanks
  20. New updates on the website

    Ever since the shoutbox was added, the site locks up on my Android after about 10 to 15 sec. I like the black version of the site though.
  21. New updates on the website

    I like it. Easier on the eyes & has more of a gaming feel to it than the old setup. Well done Kex.
  22. Bomber zombie.

    I also agree. It's really annoying when they stand directly beside you for an extended amount of time.
  23. Lololol

    Th.. Th.. Thi.. This should have a disclaimer. Having Brokeback Mountain flashbacks. Typical western movie... my ass!!! No pun intended.
  24. Happy birthday, Elmo!

    Happy BDay