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  1. New rule!

    Help me to understand this brother Ramsy. Is there a new Ramsy in the UU community suggesting a automatic delay on when a player can use cades in a match? Because the sexy Ramsy I know, use to do this. Notice the pre-match cade placements and suicides for additional funds, for more cades. Granted, it is an old match, but come on Ramsy. Stay sexy baby. I like it as is. (God, I hate being stuck at the station, with no ability to play ZAM.)
  2. Iamindy33 (ban or no ban?)

    Very well said Rams.
  3. Iamindy33 (ban or no ban?)

    Again, this applies.
  4. Iamindy33 (ban or no ban?)

    I've been quietly reading and listening to this entire topic over the last few weeks. I decided early on to stay completely neutral and not provide any input. However, today I can no longer hold my tongue. You kids need to understand something. Just because you want something in this world, doesn’t mean you have a right to get it. The UU community is not a democracy. Classixz created it, developed it, and manages it. He has the ultimate final say in the day to day affairs of both UU and ZAM. If you don’t agree with his decisions, then I suggest you go out and develop your own mod and community website. However, first stop and think of what Classixz did to get to this point in his life. He fully developed a BO mod and supporting website from scratch. A difficult feat for anyone, especially a high school kid and now full-time college student. It’s easy for you to sit back and question his decisions, because you have no vested interest in his community. You simply turn on your computers and expect ZAM and UU to be there. Remember this one thing, Classixz doesn't need this hassle. He can simply pull the plug on this entire thing tomorrow to focus on his education. He keeps it going because he likes seeing the joy it brings to all of us in the UU family. Now concerning Indy's ban. If and when the day should come that Classixz decides to unban him, he will do so. But until that day it really isn't anyone's business, other than the two of them.
  5. I need help with my mice

    decent 1. of an acceptable standard; satisfactory. synonyms: satisfactory, reasonable, fair, acceptable, adequate, sufficient Decent is right Shame. However, if you want to perform at a higher level, invest in a good gaming mouse.
  6. UU membership

    When I mentioned preferred the other, I wasn't suggesting the animal angle. However, it's good to see you guys still have a bit of innocence, so lets leave it at that.
  7. UU membership

    Interesting premise.... Does that mean the players that chose not to include cats in their profile pics prefer the other? I'm not quite sure everything is covered. Mmaayybbee... Blue, but not the case for the others. JJ Blueman PS. The one in my pic is a male cat, what does that mean?
  8. Brebe's gameplay video

    Wait until you have your first multiple.
  9. Those Damn Ballistic zombies

    I like the current setup as is. It should be the zombie's choice concerning which perk they choose to purchase. They earned those funds with their death, so they should be allowed to spend them as they see fit. There are certain players, myself included, that are cursed with the 1st zom bug. Our stats are so skewed because of this bug, they will probably never recover. We want to end the match as quickly and with as few deaths as possible.
  10. Happy Birthday you nerd. You might not like what i ask you to sign. :astonished:

    Seriously, I hope you have a blessed birthday.

  11. It was my fold not his fold

    IKR... Had he not made the same grammatical error in the Chatbox, I probably wouldn't have commented.
  12. It was my fold not his fold

    FYI... Shame: "YOUR" means your. "YOU'RE" means you are. I've always hated those dicks that constantly correct grammar, but damn YOU'RE killing me Smalls.
  13. Hi All

    It's a two day ban which expires later today. ACTIVE PENALTY! The TempBan was Added: Monday, 25/04/2016 (21:49) and will expire: Wednesday, 27/04/2016 (21:49:03) Reason: Rage Quit is NOT Allowed! If you want to submit an appeal, click on the link. https://undeaduprising.net/forums/forum/81-ban-appeal/
  14. Banned for bug

    I must be out of the loop, as I haven't heard of it either.

    Fade, obviously you don't.
  16. Applications

    I'll be damned, I have the same option. Oh ya so you guys r prolly gonna start complaining why i locked it -,- It's called playing the trump card Pat. You have it, so use it.
  17. Hey

    こんにちは Kon'nichiwa
  18. Bye Bye ZAM !.

    IKR.... one of THE best westerns of all times.
  19. Bye Bye ZAM !.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVrEwCa8nSA All I have to say.
  20. New Limb??

    Okay, I'll also follow with "too op omg"
  21. Question

    This is the helpful Shame I like, keep up the good work.
  22. i was banned by stoner

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news CROSS, but as you can see from the log below, you did RQ several times resulting in the subsequent ban. I can assure you it takes a lot more than a player running his mouth to get me mad. Now concerning this AFK allegation, I invite all to view my recent games and judge for themselves. [ZAM]CROSSxBIGPOPPA (rq1): Players: 7, Zombies: 2, Survivors: 5 Mon, 04/04/2016 (17:50:36) [AMK]koenigkilian (rq2): Players: 24, Zombies: 9, Survivors: 15 Sun, 03/04/2016 (20:22:01) [ZAM]CROSSxBIGPOPPA (rq2): Players: 24, Zombies: 7, Survivors: 17 Sun, 03/04/2016 (20:21:31) Appeal Denied.
  23. Mouse... Mouse... My f*cking mouse!

    Make sure the firmware for the mouse is up to date. If you install the software that comes with the mouse, it will notify you when an update is available. Outdated firmware is the single biggest performance killer.
  24. Jungle made by Bluebird

    Map looks promising.
  25. Backarino

    Well back Pat, glad you had a safe trip. Vacation is over, now it's time to play.