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  1. Happy birthday, Fluffle Puff!

    Happy Birthday
  2. Let's argue...

    Well said for the most part.
  3. Happy birthday, stlmokevin!

    Happy Birthday old man. Hope it's a blessed one for you, but not the democrat side. :p
  4. ZAM 1.9

    Can't wait to play.
  5. Happy birthday, Griggs!

    Happy Birthday Griggs, have a blessed day.
  6. December Tournaments

    Hell you never told me who won the last contest I offered to match the prize $$ you were offering. Did anyone even win that one or is the $$ going into the UU pot? Sorry everytime I hear Pot I get giddy.
  7. ZAM community.... Collapsing?

    Some might say it's been nice. :) The ZAM voting system is a tool which introduces the democratic process to its members; majority rule. However, I will agree that maybe we could limit the number of times the same map can be repeated. Maybe after the 5 or 10 time, the map automatically rotates.
  8. Happy Veterans Day

    I would like to wish every US veteran and every veteran of our allied forces a Happy Veterans Day. Anyone who server, please share your branch and unit. xStoner420x/OwnerofAll U.S. Marine Corp 1st Law Enforcement Battalion, 1st Marine Headquarters Group, 1st Marine Expeditionary Force Happy Birthday to the U.S. Marine Corp- November 10, 1775
  9. Happy Veterans Day

    It is the title of an official US holiday, so it should be capitalized. I too am very disappointed.
  10. Happy Veterans Day

    Come on indy, that's Obama talking. Can you imagine if the US and the numerous European nations didn’t band together to defeat Hitler. Do you honestly think the genocide would have ended with just the Jews? It is a tough decision, but sometimes war is necessary to defeat evil. Can you also imagine the difference in outcome had the Jews been armed during Hitler’s reign?
  11. Happy Veterans Day

    No one enjoys war, but unfortunately war is sometimes necessary in defense of humanity.
  12. UU is at a impass

    No comment
  13. yikes, really didnt wanna say this

    Better lock this topic before we get into a pillow and tickle fight.
  14. yikes, really didnt wanna say this

  15. Happy birthday, mudda_fragger!

    Happy Birthday poser!! Have a good one.
  16. yikes, really didnt wanna say this

    I might consider this one. Good price to boot. http://www.neweggbusiness.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9B-83-230-106&nm_mc=afc-cjb2b&cm_mmc=afc-cjb2b-VigLink&utm_medium=affiliates&utm_source=afc-cjb2b-VigLink
  17. yikes, really didnt wanna say this

    Hey..... I have a 5 year old Alienware laptop, w/ 1st gen. I7 that still kicks ass. It's my skills that lay dying on the roadside. (Knock on wood) Shit, I think I just proved your point. Maybe it's time for a new computer. :hidesmile:
  18. yikes, really didnt wanna say this

    Since the problem occurs when the video card is under load, sounds like a video card issue. Hope you didn't overclock it as it will probably void your warranty. If you didn't, then it could simply be a defective card. First take it to an area computer repair shop and have them run a diagnosis on it. It shouldn't cost any more than $100 and you can find out the problem in less than a day or two. I had a similar problem during the WAW years where my game files were always corrupt. I took it to a friend’s shop and test revealed a single stick of RAM had gone bad. I replaced the stick and didn’t have any more problems. I know it's under warranty, but several manufactures have locally approved service shops.
  19. Happy birthday, AIR I Echo!

    Happy Birthday
  20. Happy birthday, xStoner420x!

    I'll make sure I return the sentiment of your video Rams.... LO I knew it Kevin. Thanks, you young whippersnappers.
  21. Happy birthday, xStoner420x!

    Absolutely.... Thanks everyone! BTW Kevin you need to update your profile with your correct birth year.... 32 my ass. :p :p Seriously, thanks Grandpa
  22. Happy birthday, xStoner420x!

    Damn, I forgot it also post the age. :hidesmile:
  23. It's a bright day, motherfuckers.

    Looks like the masses spoke with their wallets and Treyarch finally listened.
  24. LOL.... That was nice.