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  1. UU Member standards

    I do :(. (I'm trustable, not the break rules and bein a fgt)
  2. UU Member standards

    What standards do I have to have to be a UU member? Do I have to be a certain age? Do I have to have a numbered play time? What do I have to do to be a UU member?
  3. Rejected for member app dafuq why

  4. Moderator App

    i dont rq, wtf is the rage of me rqing
  5. Moderator App

    i rage quitted once, and it was when i came back 2 seconds after. -_-
  6. Moderator App

    2 apps and a second one because the website said if i wanted to be mod, make an app? and i don't think i am really raging, I can get much more mad. But i'm sorry if you think I am not cool, or if you don't like me. But please, don't lie. Also, it seems like you don't like me. I know this is my first time applying to be mod, and if I get accepted it will be my first time being mod, but I do think i can handle the responsibility of taking care of little rage quitters and rule-breakers. I am not saying I don't think its a hard job, but I think I can handle it.
  7. Moderator App

  8. Moderator App

    you lying pos, i rq'ed once, you werent there. i dont say HACKER, or n00b, and every1 says noob. you are a lying asshat
  9. Moderator App

    I would like to apply for Moderator or for Admin (unless they are the same...) Ingame Name: Prjct_Mayhem Steam Link: http://steamcommunit...ctormanhatatas/ Do I have a mic: No, i do not because for my age i have a 'squeaky' voice... Age: 19 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:58720769 Info: I live in Old Greenwich, CT. I have been playing Video Games since i was 10/11 years old and i like to play on you're mod: ZAM. Why would l like to be moderator/admin: I would like to be moderator because i have been playing long enough to see certain people breaking rules. I see RQ (rarely now, but sometimes) and also I see blocking. Which Servers: I would like to mod/admin on both servers. If that is not possible, please on EU server. How will i help: I will help by banning/kicking/warning(warning first) the people who break rules. Ban people who break cades, RQ (Rage-Quit), and block. It said if i want to join UU i have to go to http://join.undeaduprising.net/ but it says 404 not found error. so i made another one. ;)