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  1. Faith's Videos

    Awesome video Wasem!
  2. Happy Birthday! :)

  3. Bloody's Videos

    I hope you guys enjoy this! :-)
  4. What does your computer setup look like?

    @NMAPLE12Actually wanted to see if he's lying about that. Also here is the link for the gaming setup from the picture.
  5. What does your computer setup look like?

    @jabowky18is that your setup?
  6. Just stop.

    Very good content Ida! Hopefully now we can just look forward and whatever happens, happens.
  7. 11+

    @TrAjanYou actually made it worse than it was. Like Myxa said that "statement" won't help you to get rid of your ban. Insulting the admin who banned you and breaking another rule isn't the best way to deal on a ban appeal. There are a lot of notice not getting you banned and the Rage Quit Log listed you 8 times for RQ the last days. You broke the rules and got one day off. Deal with it. (Also the ban shound be already expired)
  8. 11+

    Yeah it is, but for the future you know what can happen.
  9. 11+

    There were 11 zombies in the game, but BTCSLAPPER left right before you and that got you banned. [MW]BTCSLAPPER says to all 11bb Sunday, 08/05/2016 (15:58:49)
  10. Ayy b0ss

    Welcome @ImRiz!
  11. Alles Gute Bruder! Hoffe du hast einen schönen Tag! <3

    1. NoWay*


      Danke,Bruder! ❤

    2. ZoMbieK9


      Happy birthday brotha


    3. NoWay*
  12. Bloody's Videos

    Hope you enjoy this video!
  13. Happy Birthday Wasem! Make it an awesome one! <3

    1. Faith


      Thank you Bloody bro <3

  14. Spyplane instead of SR71 (Zombie Shop)

    That's a good point you are thinking of, Peacy. Keep it up!
  15. Happy Birthday Classixz! Have a great day! :thumbsup::)

  16. Black Ops II - Season Pass

    I don't think you can get the Season Pass or any DLC (PC Key) there. They are basicly just selling the games on DVD ROM, unless the Season Pass isn't on a CD you can't get it from there.
  17. Bloody's Videos

    Hope you guys enjoyed!
  18. Bloody's Videos

    Hope you guys enjoyed
  19. Bloody's Videos

    Hope you guys enjoyed
  20. Happy Birthday ZAM :)

    1. Brebe


      Happy bd ZAM i hope will be good

  21. Pats.vids

    Nice video Pat! Keep it up!
  22. Moon Bear's Videos ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

    Very nice Ida, I hope to see more!
  23. Bloody's Videos

    Hope you guys enjoyed!
  24. Bloody's Videos

    Some Snife Gameplay.
  25. Happy Birthday Idaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! :blush:

    1. Moon Bear

      Moon Bear

      Thanks Fabiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnn :)