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  1. UU-K - Information, applications and more

    so i have to knife more right ?? yes but the breaks are old very old pls give me a chance
  2. The Knife Era Mod

    great idea :)
  3. UU-K - Information, applications and more

    In-game name: (TD) BLOODY Steam link: XUID (/steamid): 110000108371481 Age: 14 Country: Germany Which ZAM server do you play on the most? EU or US?: EU Knifing skill (on a scale from 1 to 10): dont know really but think 7-8 Tell us a little bit about yourself: my real name is Fabian i played zam mod long time and played UU-KNIFE server and i am not the baddst at knifing i dont really know what to say abaout me ...ask if u want to know something thank u for reading my APPLICATION it is bad if would change my clan tag back to EGJ after i applied now with TD ?
  4. @Admins

    hi there i heard that only admins can look up the bans of one player so i wanted to ask if some1 can tell me how many bans i have :9 thanks :)
  5. @Admins

  6. @Admins

    lol shameonyou :D haha 10000000 wars :D
  7. Create a class

    Ok yes but i must gave a limit...
  8. Create a class

    Wtf 150$ ?! I think thats toooooooooo much
  9. @Admins

    But long time ago right?
  10. @Admins

    Omg lol ok:D
  11. 1-1000 counting

    7 ;D
  12. my first montage:P

    Wow nice!!
  13. Flying cade.

    Haha lol :D
  14. My ping is soo bad there haha:D but braby wtf hell is going With you:D BEAST MODE :D
  15. The reason I don't Like to knife

    Lol haha sad;D
  16. But the most maps are too big i think...
  17. How to become admin in the new knife server? :D