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  1. Bloody's Videos

    Some FFA on Black Ops, wasn't doing that bad I guess...
  2. KinderBueno#snak

    I guess that's it: 20:24 - KinderBueno#snak: i am retired to trusted # Name Country IP Group Connections First Seen Last Seen 13964 KinderBueno#snak France Regular 1399 Wed, 26/02/2014 (20:00:24) Sat, 06/02/2016 (21:10:14)
  3. Hacked Steam Account

    Hello everyone, as you can see in the title my Steam account got hacked. I've no clue how this could happen, but it happened. So if there is anything with my Steam it's not me doing it. That was the link to my Steam acc: My E-mail adress got hacked aswell. My current Steam name is Ted and set to private as Faith told me. I'll contact the Steam Support right after this however, if you guys have any tipps etc please write them down here. Thank you in advance. - Bloody
  4. Hacked Steam Account

    Finally, I got my Steam account back. I didn't expect that but nothing misses expect from my Steam friends. However, I'm gonna update my Steam profile as soon as possible and change my name back to Bloody. Feel free to add me:
  5. Hacked Steam Account

    @stlmokevin definetly doing the same after I got it back. If I'll get it back I'll post the link to it. Ramsy sent the link to my current account, but I doubt your friendrequest will be accepted. @GriggsThx for the tips, I've changed all of my passworts now. I've sent 4 CD Keys to the Steam Support let's hope that's enough. @Ramsy The last time I was online on Steam was Sunday, but no I didn't got any links etc.
  6. Bloody's Videos

    Very old video of ZAM w/ Classixz, Indy and Jackmonkeybomb.
  7. ZAM Update log / Idea thread

    Hello guys, recently I was thinking about some ideas/suggestions for ZAM and today I decided to formulate it: Add Dr. Niete (PHD Flopper) from Bo2 Zombies, maybe just with the immunity against explosive and falling demage (not sure if the prone-thing would work) to the perk list. It should cost something between 700-1200 points. This could also be placed in a class, but I'm sure some non-VIP players would like to use it aswell. However, I would definitely buy it before getting M&S :< New Jetpack Fuel some perk, item whatever which fills up your jetpack again. This should be placed in the stacker class to prevent it from players who wants to fly up to a wall etc...The price should be around 500, also a purchase limit of 3 times or so would make it more fair for the zombies. This would be very profitable for building skybases. Of course it is only available with the Arlington skin. Alright, tell me what you think about it and hopefully we can solve the "problems" together. Thank you in advance.
  8. UU-K Update!

    Hello UndeadUprising, in this thread you will find all updates about UU-K and stuff which have to do with UU-K. Administration of UU-K: Classixz - Founder Bloody - Leader TheOnePatriot - Co-Leader Iamindy33 - Clan Manager Members of UU-K: Angelo [inactive] BIGz [inactive] Bluebird Braby [inactive] Faith Griggzor [inactive] iamindy33 Moon Bear Neejc [inactive] NoWay stlmokevin TheOnePatriot USpatriot [inactive] Viirus_iQuicKZ Kicked / resigned UU-K Members: Myxa Dewsty Fluffl Puff Ramsy Mudder Fragger GreyhounD AghChew Recruiter for UU-K: US: TheOnePatriot (If you are from America, Patriot is your tester.) EU: Bloody, NoWay (If you are from Europe, Bloody or NoWay is your tester.) I'm currently searching for a new US tester, since Fluffl Puff resigned. Any suggestions? Message me. Acceptance for UU-K: - You need to apply for UU-K Member at "JOIN US". - You need to do a 1v1 tryout, needless to say knife only, with one of our recruiter/tester. - You need to knife in ZAM. - You need to be atleast 14 years old. The points are self explanatory I think, but I'll try to explain why I've set these requirements: It's easier for us to check who needs to be tested in the next time and it's more official, if you apply for UU-K here, than just sent me a message. We need to see if you are a good knifer, so we do a 1v1 knife only to check your skill. When you knife in ZAM and you are doing good, our attention will fall on you very fast. Since UU-K also represent UU, you need to be mature and know how to behave, I think with 14 years you should also be able to speak English. There is NO specific number of kills you need to join UU-K, but you should have atleast 20 kills. MyXa and me will decide who join UU-K and who not. Winning the tryout isn't the only way to get accepted for UU-K. If you knife a lot in ZAM and we see you are doing good, you can also be accepted. Clan Hopping: When you joined UU-K and you leave us for UU-S, you are not allowed to join UU-K back again. You can't be in UU-K and UU-S at the same time. You need to decide for one of them. Loadout for UU-K: - MSMC (Supressor). - M1911 (Supressor) with maximum ammunition. - Scarvenger Perk. - 2x Tomahawks. - Normal Knife (500 DMG). - Bowie Ballistic Knife. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CAMP WITH THE UU-K LOADOUT! There will be also some special futures, new killstreaks and stuff what I won't announce here. Thank you for reading.
  9. UU-K Update!

    Congratulation to our new UU-K member KeRbEy! KeRbEy [EU, Germany] Steam Profile:
  10. ZAM

    Obviously some commands aren't working for NoWorriesImFat, AlaPouLKa pointed that issue out yesterday. I've tried !noc and !leveltest, both didn't work on him, not sure if there are more problems like that, but that's actually strange.
  11. Bloody's Videos

    Another Knife Run with the UU-K loadout.
  12. UU-K Update!

    You will be banned and kicked out of UU-K, if you are camping with the loadout. That's the consequence. The warning part would be good, but the definition of camping might be different to some players. So I appeal to my fellow UU-K members NOT to abuse the loadout (=camping with it), since you are supposed to run/knife with it. @BrEn! No that's not allowed. Sitting somewhere and spamming M&S falls under the definition of camping. It's way better than camping in a p-cade spot, but that's irrelevant. I hope I answered your question.
  13. UU-K Update!

    Hello everyone, the last update was long ago, so here we go: Congratulations to our new UU-K members Once and gart3! Camping with the loadout is NOT allowed! Finally I was able to persuade Faith to be the new temporary EU recruiter for UU-K. Good luck!
  14. Pats.vids

    Awesome knife streak Pat!
  15. Happy birthday, stlmokevin!

    Happy Birthday Kevin. Have a good one!
  16. RIP Cookie

    Lost the belief about humanity...
  17. Bloody's Videos

    ZAM: Cold Blooded Unfortunately I didn't got a better knife than normal Ballistics...
  18. can we stop this please?

    Yesterday Gunter wanted me to ban a player named Cookie, we had a search for the "right" Cookie since there're a few players named so. Gunter noticed you (not sure if it was the right one), but he's a Trusted Member, so if he says that you broke the rules, I (we) belive him. He wanted you to be banned for 2 days, because that's the "punishment" for it. Maybe you feel like you got treated unfair, because Moon Bear banned you (for 3 hours) as well, but I won't make a big thing about that. As Viirus said, according to the Rage Quit Log, you left the game 3 times and than you got noticed for it. I don't see where the problem is.
  19. Pats.vids

    Very enjoyable! :)
  20. Bloody's Videos

    Here's another video of ZAM: Dammn Shamanzz
  21. UU-K Update!

    Alright, so we've gotten a few new UU-K members recently: Stlmokevin and Moon Bear, Congratulations! There are some more suitable candidates, who will get accepted soon.
  22. Bloody's Videos

    ZAM: German Live Com + Halloween
  23. Bloody XUID : 110000108371481