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  1. Bloody's Videos

    Another gameplay of me playing ZAM going for the GUNSHIP 3 times in a row.
  2. I'll be gone

    Gl & Hf
  3. I made it.

    I swear if you still would be an admin of ZAM and have these Ts3 things, you would have replied something else...
  4. I made it.

    11/10 worth making a topic about that awesome picture.
  5. Bloody's Videos

    ZAM Playing with Classixz, Iamindy33, TheOnePatriot, Griggz, Ramsy, Kevin and much more.
  6. UU-K Update!

    I already wanted to post this a week ago, but I was on holidays, so I didn't have time to do it. So basicly we've got some new testers / recruiters for UU-K, I already mentioned the reason for this in the Q&A section. Since I'm kind of busy in the last weeks, I am using the time I can play PC games, most likely with playing ZAM. So I apologize that I didn't do my job as a Recruiter of UU-K that well. We/I am searching for a new EU-Recruiter for UU-K right now.[Only matters for EU applicants.] EU: Bloody, NoWay US: Fluffl Puff, TheOnePatriot My ambition in this is, that the applicants don't have to wait so long for a tryout anymore, that if one recruiter is unavailable we can contact the other one. Also we've got a new UU-K member, congratz to Faith!! He finally wanted to join us :<
  7. Here's Gunter!

    Welcome Gunter, watch StarWars please.
  8. What happened.

    Well, you're right with your first sentence, but seriously why do you think that I like his posts? Did I upvote him or something like that? Don't think so.
  9. Bloody's Videos

    UU-K Gameplay #1:
  10. Going on holidays

    Hello boys and girls, so like you can read in the title, I will go on holidays for 10d with my family. (Indy no vacation, holidays :P) We will fly to Greece tonight and stay in Creata until 12.08. Have a good time everyone.
  11. UU Knife Only Server!

    Hey, just a quick announcement about UU-K. So UU got a Knife Only Server back up and it's located in US, New Jersey. This will make it easier for us finding new good knifers around Black Ops. At the moment the server is paid for one month and it's worth a try, so everybody come to our new Knife Only server!! Connect: The Server will look like this: - Nuketown only - SnD and FFA (Admins of that server can change the mode) - Knife only (No Weapons, no Granates, no C4, no Claymore, no Tomahawk, no Ballistik Knife) - Killstreaks are allowed as long they don't kill/demage anyone; Dogs are allowed (e.g.: If you got Napalm Strike you can use it, but if someone get demaged of it, you get kicked; same with RC-XD, Sentury Gun, Mortar Team, Attack Helicopter, Valkyrie Rockets, Chopper Gunner, Gunship At the moment only Classixz, Myxa and me are admins of that server. Let's do a knife party tonight, to celebrate the new Server!!
  12. Going on vacation (not VACation)

    Have fun there :)
  13. Going Away

    Have fun with your family mate! :)
  14. UU Knife Only Server!

    I'll do a post about the new testers for UU-K soon.
  15. Bloody's Videos

    Master Survivor Challenge #1:
  16. UU Knife Only Server!

    Well, I don't know the whole story, but since I really enjoyed playing on that server (I hope I'm not the only one) I wanted to post something about it, so you guys know what's going on with the UU Knife Server.
  17. UU Knife Only Server!

    I'm dissapointed that the Knife Server is down. If you would have paid a server, but nobody can play it and you are searching for a way how to make the server playable again and get that criticism for it, isn't that kind of ungratefull?
  18. What happened.

    Honestly, you shouldn't comment serious posts the way you do. I hope someday you will understand that somethings can't be said in one sentence. As for you Hunting, I thought that we were good friends, but I was wrong apparently. You turned away from me, without talking to me anymore. I don't know what I did to you or with what I hurted you. However if you don't want my friendship, I won't run after you. Still good luck in your real live and with this issue.
  19. UU Knife Only Server!

    So you may noticed already, that the UU Knife Server is down again. The reason why Fluffl Puff took it down is complicated, but I'll do my best to sum it up for you guys. While all servers (ZAM Servers, Knife Server) got DDOSED by Axrill, he wanted to make him stop and searched for solutions to make the servers playable again. His attemp only got a few postitive oppinions and a lot of bad ones, so he came to the end, that some players / members of UndeadUprising doesn't deserve the UU Knife Server, since he wanted to help "us" and got negative feedback. Fluffl Puff and me were the only ones who donated for the server, but that have no future. We need more donations for the UU Knife Server, if you want to play it again. Classixz: -Knife server removed from sidebar, seems to never get back, didn't get any fully ansewers from the owner and I can't keep on saying that I don't know. I'll fully state it will never get back up again from now. That's it. RIP UU Knife Server.
  20. UU-K Update!

    We've got a new UU-K member, congratz to NoWay*! NoWay* [EU, Germany] Steam profile link
  21. diditapiro videos

  22. Bloody's Videos

    ZAM Playing with Horky, Swift Abuse, Lithium, Iamindy33 and more
  23. 205

    Seriously Viirus, seems like you have way too much free time...
  24. Q: What do I have to do to get in UU-K? / What do I need to be a UU-K? A: First I would like to say that UU-K [undeadUprising-Knifers] is a Knifing-Clan, so if you really can't knife, please don't wast your and our time with appliing for UU-K. 1. You have to apply for UU-K, right here: [Link doesn't work if you applied already.] If you press "JOIN US" at the middle top of the website, you will also get to the UU-K applications. The more time you spend on your application the bigger is the chance you'll make it in. 2. After that you will have to wait, until the tester/recruiter of UU-K tested your Knifing-Skill in a 1v1. [You are from US? Fluffle Puff will be your tester / You are from EU? Me (Bloody) will be your tester.] Btw: Since I'm kind of busy in the last weeks, I am using the time I can play PC games, most likely with playing ZAM. So I apologize that I didn't do my job as a Recruiter of UU-K that well. We/I am searching for a new EU-Recruiter for UU-K right now. [Only matters for EU applicants.] There is NO specific number of kills you need to pass the tryout, but your Knife-Style count a lot. [if you want an eastimate how many kills you need to pass the test, I would say ~25 Knife Kills.] Knifing in ZombieAnnihilationMod, also called ZAM, will increase your chance of getting in UU-K. For more detailed informations about UU-K, follow this link:
  25. Bloody's Videos

    ZAM Playing with Classixz, Bluebird and Wildey