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  1. Happy Birthday Pat! Enjoy your day :)
  2. Bloody's Videos

    ZAM Playing with firends #2
  3. GG

    Where is the Q&A ?
  4. A solution UU-S server and all ZAM

    We need a solution for the UU-S server, ummmmm ok.
  5. US Tournaments Next Week

    I hope p-cade spots doesn't count...
  6. The US Server..

    I think if we would change the "normal look" of ZAM (change black cades, background, camos, starting weapons, stuff like that) atleast one time in a mounth, it will attrack more players to join the servers, because there's something new. Of course we can't change everything and add new stuff to the mod. However I don't think it's right that only if there is the free VIP&MVP weekend the servers are full 24/7, because they get something for free and if it's over again they don't join back again. I personally would like to have more events like Halloween or Christmas in ZAM. These ideas increase a lot of work, but it would help both servers.
  7. Bloody's Videos

    BO | Ballistik Knife Only | FFA 30-8
  8. Knife server.

    Hehehe watch out what you are saying Pat! Where is the most "backuper" from? Yeah US mate. Atleast we could give it a try to host the server in EU.
  9. Bloody's Videos

    Party Games Ep.1
  10. Applications acting weird...

    And how many from that 30.000 play ZAM regulary?
  11. I'm leaving.

  12. UU-K Update!

    If you start playing BO/ZAM regulary again we will see if you can join back in UU-K. I've never said that you can't be in UU and UU-K at the same time. Maybe you understood it wrong, so I'll try to explain it again:You can be in UU and UU-K at the same time.When you joined UU-K and leave us for UU-S, you won't be able to join back in UU-K. I've never said anything about UU have I? I can remember that you said, that you don't want them to be in two clans (UU-K and UU-S) at the same time. Since I'm the leader of UU-K and I've experienced how it is, if somebody of your clan leaves you to join the other one, I don't want that you are like: Hmm today I'd like to be in UU-S and tomorrow I'll change to UU-K and in one week I'll join UU-S again. If you are "Clan hoppng" you treat us like we are nothing and you can do whatever the fuck you want. I'm kind of serious about that Clan hopping, since I want loyal members, who like and represent the clan they're in and members who I can trust. I know that we all represent UU, but still we are different Sub-Divisoins of UndeadUprising.
  13. plz ban

    Well I can't identify the name of the first guy breaking cades. DemanMichiel is banned. Since it was only 1 cade, the ban won't be long.
  14. Knife server.

    Awesome Fluffl! Thank you for paining the knife server.
  15. 1.8 Zam

    Post your ideas/suggestions here: For the cade ideas here:
  16. UU-K Update!

    You will spawn with the 500 DMG normal knife, you will get something else for a 10 knife killstreak.
  17. Games of the games party in the map list

    Or just give admins the command to change normal ZAM to Gun Game for example. :sir:
  18. UU-K Update!

    Classixz is working on something which protect us against bomber zombies. That will be a perk.
  19. Bloody's Videos

    ZAM: 1.8 Maps/Bunkers
  20. The people of ZAM unite!!

    Just ask Indy for !endmap :ph34r:
  21. Important for UU-S Applicants

    Alright. "kind of fun post" would have been enough, but thank you Hunting, for this awesome explanation. :)
  22. The people of ZAM unite!!

    I think I've already seen something like this on ZAM: Q: What is Range Quit? A: Leaving the game directly after you died, or when there is less then 11 zombies and you leave the game. This will get you banned. Maybe let B3 saying this a few times each game.
  23. Important for UU-S Applicants

    That's just totally unnecessary. So you didn't wanted to make a joke? And you didn't meant it seriously, than what is this post about? But ok I'm sure we all laught about that 'joke'.
  24. Important for UU-S Applicants

    Your jokes just aren't funny. Also if that isn't a serious post, why you posted that? It isn't funny.
  25. I need your opinion

    It would make zombies go for the objective, maybe it would make them tryhards, but since we already have a lot of tryhard zombies here, the gameplay of the zombies wouldn't chance that much.