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  14. @Classixz 27 for, 0 against. We getting 1 more month?
  15. stlmokevin


    You can vent, nothing wrong with that. Not sure why you would erase your posts and replace them with periods though. I mean as Staff Brady can still see what was written. -- And then there's that message you sent me directly asking for a staff spot... for shame.
  16. guns don't kill ppl, ppl kill ppl.
  17. This is basically a tutorial on how to hard camp against new players.
  18. A 18 year old has a son old enough to play ZAM? interesting..
  19. I have to agree with MyXa, most laptops these days have extra ports for extra screens. Sorta common now. No worries, we'll see you back when your able.
  20. If your current/broken monitor used a HDMI cable you may be able to use a TV that also has a HDMI port. Most people don't think to use their TV's, but I exclusively do. Takes some getting used to though. Also, what MyXa said was accurate. You could totally plug your VGA/HDMI cable into your laptop and use the monitor.
  21. Definitely wouldn't be the first time a dude pretended to be a lady. Usually you have to pay extra for that.
  22. stlmokevin

    Bug Reports

    I do have videos of both of these incidents if need. maybe a timer on the nades, so you can't throw them in the pre-game would work. as for the adapt thing, I think this might apply to other skills possibly so could potentially be a worse issue.
  23. idk, he has a pretty sketchy history on ZAM servers.
  24. The only thing I will say about it is that when I was upset about you banning someone for three days recently instead of just 1 day I was lead to the new rules and felt your three day ban was justified in the end. I know only 20 seconds was left, but does that really matter? Nothing against Peacy, but rules should be rules.
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