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  1. Happy birthday bro. ?

    Même si comme viirus je pense que tu ne verras pas ce message. . C'est que c'est tant mieux tu dois t'amuser à faire d'autre chose ! Nos discussions de musiques me manque j'ai un son lourd à te faire écouter si tu te reconnectes un jour.

    Reviens nous vite tu manques à beaucoup de personne dans la communauté. 

  2. Happy Birthday @Alapoulka.

    I'm not sure if you'll be viewing this message any time soon, but I just wanted to stop by and type something special to you.

  3. DLC new server bad idea ?

    You didn't understand what I meant, like you I like the idea to play on some new maps ( wo won't like it ? ). But adding a new server will just separate the players in 3 servers instead of 2. Then I wont be the only one playing with bots, we all will and more often, thing about it
  4. DLC new server bad idea ?

    Bullshit, the players who don't know ZAM won't come to play it because they see DLC in the maps. Maybe my logic frustrates you because you don't understand it
  5. DLC new server bad idea ?

    You should be right but that's not the only period where the servers are empty, there are many mounths in the year where it's hard to reach at least 12 players playing together. And we all know more the players are playing more ZAM is fun, that's why i dont like the idea to add a new server which would take a part of the players, even if it would be nice to play on some new maps.
  6. DLC new server bad idea ?

    I think that's a bad idea because it would divide the players in 3 servers instead of 2 and would make the servers more empty than they already are.
  7. ZAM // ZEM

    That would be nice that someone creates a vote to know if people would enjoy to introduce the gun&knife mod in ZAM.
  8. ZAM // ZEM

    After having play ZEM, I found some concepts very interesting, and i'd like to propose some of them to improve ZAM. 1) The variety of zombies : with return of the tank zombie ( which get like 3000 hp but is very very slow ), and the invisible zombie, which u can see but with more difficulty, or also the healter zombie which heals zombies around him. 2) Possibility to improve a weapon : you buy a gun in the shop class, then you can get improves for it, first improve is for exemple dual mag, then red dot etc.. ( something like 4 or 5 upgrades ) 3) Which is in my opinion the most interesting concept : the gun&knife mod, which appears randonmly on some map on ZEM. In this mod, hunters aren't allow to put barricades and get some HP. So could be added in zam at the moment of the vote for restart or nextmap an option for this mod, that would make ZAM more diversified. Maybe for this option won't be abused it could not always appears in the vote. The idea is not to copy ZEM, but just to get inspiration of what they created to make ZAM better.
  9. Idea for a new skin

    @iFrupiss I like the concept, after that idon't know the KSG12, so I can't really say anything. Maybe just adding a snipe ( a bad one if KSG12 is op ), because that would be unfortable to get better visibility without being able to snipe
  10. Idea for a new skin

    I'll post when I'll have time the skin and some weapons Ye I know players want to get perks, but if they can barter one perk for a nice weapon, I think that some will do it. And that'll change the kinds of skins from others, like this people will be able to get a more specialized class according to their way to play, which is the role of a skin isn't it ?
  11. Idea for a new skin

    A new skin that gives you at start a nice weapon from BO2 ( 4 or 5 of them, you get one randonmly, there are some op ones ). The player apparence will be the one of a BO2 player. Tell what you thing about.. Or maybe this could be done with BO3 ??
  12. Knifes of the SNIFE mod in a new class

    There are the same knifes, but they aren't working on the same way ( range, speed ). So yeah maybe we could add these knife in cold blooded, but they'll have to be more expensive than 200 pts
  13. A class in which one you'll find the knifes of the SNIFE mod. - Random SNIFE knife : 750 But they will be 200 dmg even if you play with misty caus these knifes are very goods and very fast - Upgrade you knife of 100 dammages : 400 pts - After getting your knife 500 dammages, you'll be able to buy the intervention for 1000 pts. The intervention will be 500 dammages. Getting the intervention will remove your cades - Idea for the fourth perk ? Prices are just here for the exemple the name of the class could be Snife Runner
  14. UU is at a impass

    Peoples should also stop to answer to the kids wo post shit, they only wait for that.. They see evryone response to their topics, and even if that's to criticize them, i suppose they enjoy to see they did a little "buzz". Then they continue.. #kidswantattention
  15. Don't be a zombie for the whole game

    15 zombies x 10 deaths each one = 150 deaths. If the probability to ressurect is 1/200, that means there is 75% luck that only one zombie get ressurected. Thats not so much, that's why i thought it was a good idea to increase the probability of getting ressurected when you get many deaths or when you kills survivors. So like this maybe a bit more zombies will get ressurected, but the zombies will also be more motivated to kill the hunters, so I don't think that'll make the game harder for the zombies. And you bad understood the concept ( or maybe i bad explicated it idk ). Thats not every 10 deaths you get luck to ressurect, but every death you get 1/200 luck to get ressurected