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  1. Hey mate, I have lost PSD files for the UU-S logos that you sent me. Can you resend them again? Thank you :)

    1. Destroyer


      Nvm, found it out on chat.

  2. Hi

  3. A teensy-weensy request

    i don't think i'll do it
  4. My first edition in PS CS6

    3D banner ezpz :3
  5. The Future of UndeadUprising

    thank you
  6. You are a true friend, so please don’t change ever! Happy Birthday buddy. Enjoy your day off and party it all out.

  7. 1 vs 1 with hunting ^^

    it was a fun match, he was using intervention^^
  8. Website - Winter/ Christmas

    Not sure about that version:
  9. Website - Winter/ Christmas

    ye i could work on this :D
  10. Website - Winter/ Christmas

    ye that's right. maybe also will add some christmas zombies to it ^^
  11. Wanted to do a banner today. I noticed I've become a little bit rusty.. Well, if u need a winter/ christmas - mood headbanner for the website here you go:
  12. UU is at a impass

    I want to be community manager!
  13. Shitty test banners I made ^-^

    There isn't much to say .. Looks like 10min of work^^
  14. UU-K's Tournaments

    the frog you are using at the moment ahah? u serious?xD