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    full time job
  2. Happy Birthday Griggs! Enjoy and have fun!

  3. Banned by my kid

    funniest i've experienced in my life
  4. The bug called <<Injustice>>

    Yes I do in fact already know about this bug which was added after the forced zombie update, and I've also notified Classixz about this bug when I first encountered it and when MyXa or whoever it was, were picked twice ~2 weeks ago.
  5. i'm not a bad player :'(

  6. i'm not a bad player :'(

    Just restart your game / PC should just fix it kek
  7. wolf

    hi Zino, ya twat XD
  8. my question

    Right now you can't, we will open up the Staff Applications in about a week. If you want to become a Staff member I recommend you act mature, stay active and committed to the community, hang out on the website a lot, have fun, play ZAM obviously. One thing that will obviously make you a lot more attractive as an Admin or Staff Member is if you have a skill no one has so far so you can help us, mainly I'm thinking about programming or website development, but could be something else as well. Good luck.
  9. Staff Changes

    From now on I will post Staff Changes every month on this topic as our Dynamic Staff ranking system is fully implemented now. August 2017: Fade - Promoted from Moderator to Junior Admin Nagini - Demoted from Junior Admin to Moderator
  10. Banned for no reason

    k removed
  11. MyXas Humiliating Staff Applications

    Congratulations, you figured out why I thought this was funny!
  12. So if you are slightly bored and need a laugh or at least a smile on ya face, read MyXas miserable attempts on creating his Senior Admin applications back in 2013 XD First Application: Second Application: Third Application:
  13. Happy birthday, perkele!

    1. `Fade`


      Happy birthday uvenus! =)

    2. uvenus


      Perkele vittu saatana

  14. Ban appeal

    Nope, you can still get disconnected in other ways and it says "Left the game" Instead of "Timed out" It only says that someone Timed out if they lose connections to internet, if their game crashes or BO1 servers are unavailable it says left the game I believe.