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      ZAM has been moved to a new IP   06/13/2017

      ZAM has been moved to a new IP due to the massive lag at the data center in Amsterdam. The new location is in London, UK and should provide a little bit better connectivity for American players. You can find the server in the Unranked tab in-game or with the IP


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  1. ZAM 2.1.5

    FMJ will now be added to all Sniper Rifles when purchased. Changed damage on a few weapons and the different FMJ bullets. Almost all weapons will do more damage if the shot is a head shot.
  2. ZAM BO1 Maps

    WMD Tower by @Classixz & Me.
  3. ZAM 2.1.5

    This update is meant to encourage players to create their own made bases and structures all around the map instead of camping in the classic camping spots. This update will most likely be temporary and we want to see what the players of ZAM thinks about updates like this. Normal Barricades will get destroyed after 2 hits. Normal Barricades price changed to 30 points. Strong Normal Barricades will get destroyed after 3 hits. Strong Normal Barricades price changed to 70 points. Barricade streaks currently disabled.
  4. Happy birthday (:

  5. Happy Birthday nerd. :yum:

  6. HAppy birthday Griggz, 

  7. I'm sorry.

    I mean they didn't really play zam on a regular basis, but yeah sure, kinda sad how some people get mad cuz people younger than them are doing a better job and "can't deal with the fact that they're prolly really bad" =) write that shit in the chatbox, not here lol xD
  8. I'm sorry.

    I think it's more about jealousy than their age.
  9. I'm sorry.

    To remove all admins that were of no use, admins that didn't do anything to administrate the server and those admins were the majority, so the best way we figured was to kick them all out and add back everyone that looks good and have real potential and interest in ZAM and helping out the server. So far I would say dennyB and Unforgotten although their low approval rate are, have done more for the server than certain admins have done in a year. We also didn't know everyone who was a "badmin" but after we did this, I would say I have it all figured out now. And people have been complaining about bad bunkers for a long time now, not sure why this is though, if you think we have bad bunkers (which we defiantly do) then why don't you fucking help out the community and the whole player base and do a good thing for once by creating a god damn bunker. I even fucking organized a system so you don't even need to make a whole bunker map, all you literally have to do is one single fucking spot, and if everyone takes 10 min of their time to create this 1 spot we would have tons of awesome maps, but no. Our former admins (of all time) didn't know their place. They just thought that admin is a status symbol, something they get respect for having without needing to earn anyone's respect at all, sadly this somehow seemed to be the case, and when that status tag were removed they lost their shit, they didn't lose anything else than that though, they didn't lose their will to help out the server, since they actually never had that will to helped out the server before. Admins not caring about the reports have always been a problem as well, ViiRuS was basically the only one who ever looked at them, and when he left the reports started going in, so I and gart ofc picked his place up and did the best that at least I could do and manage our ZAM reports. This was the way ever since, but something happened, we kicked everyone out and added @Dennyb and @Unforgotten as admins, and they have done such a wonderful job at managing the reports, I've gone to website many times since they became admins and wondered "where the fuck are the reports" so I go check the archive and all I see is that these guys already did them all, they always beat me to it. So basically our whole Staff team ever since ZAM started 3 years ago minus ViiRuS_iQuicKZ have done a worse job at reports than dennyb and unforgotten has in a few weeks.
  10. I'm sorry.

    You can't apply as admin. We removed the applications. So as I said, all former admins had to do is: 1. Make a report 2. Make a 10 minute bunker spot 3. Continue as normal And that is it. No applications, no nothing. We have data on their play-time, connections etc, so what me and gart would do is ask them on Steam if they would like to become an admin on ZAM and if they say yes, then they would become admins, easy. Then we promote them if they continue as normal and if they stop playing all together or go crazy, just demote.
  11. I'm sorry.

    We had a plan. Prepare: 1. Create a admin-rank-up system so it's more equal in who becomes an admin, before only certain people could become admins because we know them and it was kinda personal. We want admins on ZAM to be strictly professional and admins on ZAM doesn't need to be our best friends for them to have a chance in making it to admin. 2. Write down some easy requirements to become Assistant Staff Member(Old Trusted), and then it will be a little harder to get Trial Staff, and then a little more hard and more etc. But it wasn't/isn't really difficult to make it to admin now, I even made the requirements extra easy to at least half of our former admins would come back as admins(what I expected), since all they had to do was continue as normal but post 1 report, and post 1 simple bunker base that takes 10 min to create. But for some reason everyone stopped playing, no clue that were gonna happened obviously, made no sense to me on how easily they all gave up. So things didn't go as expected. 3. Kick out them all and add back admins after 1-2 days. 4. Nobody played day after, or day after that or day after that... etc not as many reports or bunkers as I expected, I guess I thought a lot of people were willing to make time for a 30 min game session of zam, make 1 report in 2 minutes, and one bunker in 10 minutes and post it to website, all under 1 hour. But yeah.... I expected to much for y'all. And yeah, you probably know the rest lol Edit 2 kevin: Quite sure Classixz just doesn't want to be involved in this, since....... he wasn't a part of this. Classixz haven't been in UU for a while now(kinda)
  12. Bruh.

    I mean you act like 10 tbh, but ye whatever (=
  13. Bruh.

    Basically..... Ye, well aren't they? XD Also, you're one of them. One could think you would be smart after being in school for like 13 years while you are 15 13 years old, but I suppose not XD #Kindergarten=School xd
  14. Bruh.

    yes, we want someone who plays at least once per week and isn't retarded. Very hard :-(