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  1. So i started youtube

    Use handbrake =)
  2. Bring back da flagss

    That took you guys long enough to find the obvious answer xd Just because it's 1 flag doesn't mean zombies need to spawn in 1 place. Could be 2, 3, 100 anything kek =) Anyhow, I'm reviving this thread now since I want flags to be a part of ZAM again, we will fix spawn trapping by doing what Ramsy said, multiple spawns. Feel free to use noclip/ufo to go around the maps and find cool spots we can use. Or just inside the playable map with a nice bunker. Leave your thoughts, opinions and ideas about this, k thx. (=
  3. ZAM 2.1.5

    This update is meant to encourage players to create their own made bases and structures all around the map instead of camping in the classic camping spots. This update will most likely be temporary and we want to see what the players of ZAM thinks about updates like this. Normal Barricades will get destroyed after 2 hits. Normal Barricades price changed to 30 points. Strong Normal Barricades will get destroyed after 3 hits. Strong Normal Barricades price changed to 70 points. Barricade streaks currently disabled.
  4. ZAM 2.1.5

    FMJ will now be added to all Sniper Rifles when purchased. Changed damage on a few weapons and the different FMJ bullets. Almost all weapons will do more damage if the shot is a head shot.
  5. Maps

    WMD Tower by @Classixz & Me.
  6. So basically I want ZAM to be a bit more about skill, so less pay 2 win, anyone have any ideas that will help ZAM stay up and pay for itself instead of selling VIP, MVP, Premium, Player Skins etc? Maybe weapon skins? xd literally only thing I can think of, anyone else got any ideas?
  7. a few questions

    I believe this is impossible for me since Classixz is the only one who can change things within the mod, but if anyone have any idea for ZAM, change it completely maybe? I can pass it along to Classixz and ofc help him with ZAM as I've always tried to do. Classixz has always been the only one who can make changes to ZAM, so Classixz, always, but if u mean the community, since gart3 was community manager, nobody is kek. Well, I want to change ZAM completely, just asked Classixz about this. And is ZAM coming to bo3, not sure, last I heard modding there is not very good. But only Classixz can answer this question.
  8. this is just boring

    With this update zombies have a really good chance of killing the survivors early since they don't have any barricades. If all/a lot of survivors are still alive than that means zombies are bad
  9. Quick refund OPTION in store

    I just answered with the truth as far as I know on the first thing he said. And no, we can't do this, this is simply because we're using PayPal and they are basically nazis
  10. Quick refund OPTION in store

    Actually I think you are like the first one who have been waiting for this long without doing anything wrong. (That will say if you didn't do anything wrong, obviously)
  11. Creating a manual for the skills ?

    Cold Blooded is a knife class. Random Knife, gives you a knife from a list on different knives from the mod, obviously. Point Multiplier, multiplies the points you get from knife kills. Blood, creates a forcefield around you which makes all the zombies go down to 300 HP (if they have over 300 HP that will say) The reason we have this is because all OP knives give you 100 points per kill, and less OP knives gives you 200 points, like the standard one, it also does 300 damage, so purchasing Blood will make you be able to knife zombies that have 500 HP with the standard knife and still receive 200 points per knife kill. This is useful if you only have enough for Blood, but not a certain knife you want to buy/if you want to buy Random knife a lot of times at once instead of a lot at a long period of time.
  12. Is this a bug or it's ment to be like this?

    "Is this a bug or it's ment to be like this?" pls, I think you can figure it out yourself if it literally tells you that you got a Remington and you got m1911, so obviously without a doubt it's not meant to be like this xD You should act more confident, cuz obv it's not meant to be that way. =)
  13. A love story?

  14. RIP Ember :(

    Should have used two step authentication m8
  15. Knife challange

    We must have just made it for the knife streaks, not the fast knife streaks. Oh well. Fix = Menono, not any time soon prolly xD
  16. Knife challange

    wot, I thought we made it like that already
  17. Zam BO3 and zam.

    You can't fix bugs in zam bo3, because it's not even out yet... there are no glitches, yet.... so yeah, not about your English.
  18. Zam BO3 and zam.

    -Fix glitch bugs. plz kill me XD
  19. Update 18 - Patch Notes

  20. Happy birthday (:

  21. Hi

    Hello, and welcome, do not enjoy your stay! =)
  22. US server
  23. US server

    Oh god the cringe XD Telling you how latency works = disrespect? gg lost And the rest I didn't understand, can someone who speaks Retardish plz help me translate to English, ty =) (A fine example of disrespect) But srs doe, I didn't understand, pls help. "My fucking suckers who are ready to Detray their friends for have a good réputation by me, and you are supposed to do what? Continue to do the hypocrite? Never" I understand that you said that "my friends" are ass licking me, and they are ready to "betray" their other friends to become friends with me, but what? that is so retarded, is that your excuse because you don't have any friends? I stole them all? XD Hate to break it to you, but you prolly just forgot to shower or something. I wouldn't call many people my friends from this community lol, and nobody of my friends from this community have betrayed anyone that I am aware of. And do you even know what a hypocrite is lol? xd All I did was tell you the truth, but if you are one of those people that wants to hide from the truth I don't think you belong anywhere near me, so pls gtfo if u dont want to learn anything
  24. US server

    1. It's not a bug, latency is a part of the fucking laws of physics. 2. A good computer won't fix anything if you have a slow internet connection. 3. Don't give advice to people if you don't know what you are talking about. Kinda retarded if you don't know shit about what you are talking about, and still try to give advice, I get that you want to help but ... you didn't... at all... if Brabe had known less you only made it worse because he would have wasted money on a router for no reason. Brb gonna call the European Space Agency and give "proposition" on how to fix their landing problem that had with their Mars rover. (buy a better rover or a box)
  25. US server

    I don't think you understand how latency works... just because he gets a new router ( "box wifi" ) won't make his ping go down, the best thing he can do is get Fiber, 10 Gbit/s, pay a fortune for that, and then he will maybe get 250 ping to EU server. So it's not really worth it. If you want to know why he won't get 5 ping if he gets 10 Gbit/s via Fiber, click here: