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  1. US server

    North Korea is best Korea

    no? xd

    I mean your english kinda terrorized me, so you being a muslim kinda explains a lot XD
  4. Let's play ZAM this weekend

    lol dennyb ... always needs to be in control, always wants power, doesn't want any criticism or hate, so you'll even censor shit because you can't stand someone saying something bad? XD oh how sad
  5. Permban Kinder?

    Permban Kinder?

    proof or didn't happened

    quite sure he wouldn't know, I would assume that he's never outside and leaves his home, just inside dwelling in his mums basement =)
  8. The Future of Bo1

    Ok, so your screen doesn't freeze for a short moment in the intro, but it freezes for a short time like crazy in the intro? I thought a stutter was basically a short screen freeze, oh well.
  9. The Future of Bo1

    Why do you think the US server is down? xd
  10. will there be a halloween event like xmas?

    No, but Bluebirds comment basically answers why it probably won't be any more events for ZAM.
  11. will there be a halloween event like xmas?

    Things change, no point to put in time in an event that nobody will play on xd But as I said, up to Classixz
  12. wht the best plat knife

    why such a cunt? About the English part though, like if you want to learn English, you should probably go on some extra courses in a school, maybe a real teacher will learn you better since well... I barely understood shit, and you are learning English the wrong way. To me it seems like you try to find these rare ass special words like nobody uses and try to use them as many times as possible, like let's take your first sentence "What happened to your repartee Fade?" What the hell is repartee, and where did you learn it? I googled and it says "a witty or quick reply" so basically "What happend to your Quick reply?" no clue what kinda question this is, if you are expecting an answer or if it somehow was a rhetorical question. (Word sounds kinda french though) And then there are tons of other words like, for example "utility" I can't think of a situation where I would need to use the word utility to say or describe something, but somehow you seem to be able to use this word all the time. xd So if you want to learn English, before you try to get a huge vocabulary with all of these special words and stuff, you should probably learn word and sentences that you use everyday. For example: with, without, use "he, she, it" correctly, which is basically the simplest thing in English, somehow you know the word repartee and utility, but you don't know difference between he and it. Just a fact in case you didn't know, a server with a power supply, processor, RAM, hard drives, fans, and a aluminum case while running the OS Windows Server 2008 is NOT a living male, I promise. =) (and yeah, I know french and some other European languages uses this differently, but all I am saying is, learn that first lol)
  13. will there be a halloween event like xmas?

    You shouldn't expect one, but not up to me, or anyone else than Classixz.
  14. ZoMbieK9 Youtube Videos

    Yeah, I can tell. XD Yes, Swedish people are always correct, and also, you used "skid" very correctly, good job))) xd
  15. ZoMbieK9 Youtube Videos

    You want your business studies teacher to talk to 12 year old kids and tell them to man up? I mean yeah, ofc I know what an entrepreneur is, but I must say, I am probably not fit for the job, try to hire Donald Trump =) However, maybe I could be your English teacher, it's not "atleast" it's at least, we will have a test on this along with other grammar questions this Friday, if you do not succeed I would like to see you for a jiffy after class so I can help you out, if this doesn't work I would like to invite you and your parents to the evaluation talks this Spring.
  16. ZoMbieK9 Youtube Videos

    No, it's not. And you are lucky you are 12 and have people like me to tell you this. A lot of people who are successful started out young, start learning programming or something now and you will be a pro when you aren't even 18 yet. Geez, just imagine what you could started doing when you were 12, if I had been introduced or even known there was something called programming when I was 12 I would probably be a millionaire by now xD Also The top super-successful entrepreneurs that started young: 1. Jo Malone – 9 years-old: Made own perfumes with flowers from the garden and grated Camay soap. 2 . Richard Branson – 10 years-old: “I don’t think that Britain has been very good at getting young people to understand what enterprise is,” explains Branson. “I started when I was 10 years-old, growing Christmas trees. I worked out that, by the time I left school, these trees would be fully grown and I’d be able to make lots of money and, therefore, retire at 18. Unfortunately, the rabbits ate them all.” 3. Hilary Devey – 10 years-old: Pulling pints for her father after the bailiffs had taken all they had. 4. Lord Alan Sugar – 11 years-old: It was evident form his childhood that the bright young boy would one day grow up to be a great businessman. He built himself a bicycle from an old frame as his family could not afford to buy him a new one. By the age of 12 he started earning his own money by working part-time for a greengrocer, and by the time he was out of high school his earnings were higher than those of his father. 5. Baronness Martha Lane Fox – 15 years-old: Started an in-house dating agency at her school. She says: “It quickly crashed and burned as my classmates cottoned on to the value of the data they were merrily handing over to me.”
  17. ZoMbieK9 Youtube Videos

    edited? like how edited? xd not to be rude or anything, but I doubt u can do anything advanced from the things I've seen so far. But if I'm wrong feel free to disprove me =D If you want to learn about video editing and think that's fun u should defiantly try to find some cool videos about sony vegas, after effects, cinema 4d, autodesk max 3d etc =)
  18. ZoMbieK9 Youtube Videos

    I see improvements, good job, but also your intro was longer than the actual content xD gg ez
  19. wht the best plat knife

    Karambit is best knife, second best is Misty's knife. =)
  20. A question

    Doesn't need me either, the only one it "neeeds" is the one paying for all of this, which is Classixz and the players who purchase stuff from the store (or donates) Yeah, quite obviously. But it feels like u made it sound bad, but it's really not... Like take a example from the "real world" I think it would be really weird if a boss of a big company were doing shit like installing computers or unboxing monitors and place them on other peoples desks. Or like I would be very weird if Bill Gates is the one who had to answer the support tickets that Microsoft gets. And Classixz has no obligation to do shit like handle reports, ban rage quitters, etc.(Or as u call it, shit owner doesn't want to do because he got better things to do)
  21. RQS Server needs admins

    Because that is/was what Classixz thinks/thought is/was fun. Very simple.
  22. Write down all the issues and problems with the current version of ZAM so we can hopefully fix them when the next update is released. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Issue: Why is this a problem?: How to fix: (if you know) Other information: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please feel free to use this template when you are telling us about a issue with ZAM. If you want to tell us about something that is not an issue but you feel like that could be improved you can feel free to just comment giving us as detailed information as possible without using the template.
  23. RQS Server needs admins

    Newsflash, bo1 has been dead for a very, very long time. Not sure why you make it sound like ZAM not having players is something recent, ZAM has been struggling to get an average of 8 people for like 2 years. Within 1 year of ZAM's start I think we had the most players, and then the average players were like 11 or 10. Which isn't even much. Now it's 3 and 4, so this is not something that suddenly changed and it's not something unexpected. Also you all make it sound like ZAM had 24 people all the time, but sorry to break it to you all. It didn't. Also... not that I am a doctor or scientist or anything but... I know that the brain filters out unnecessary information, and I wouldn't call you checking ZAM for players or playing it with nearly no people important or necessary. So obviously you would only remember the fun times you had on ZAM which means the server most likely where full. And this would explain why certain people think ZAM always used to have a lot of players. But as I said, it never, ever have had what I would call "a lot of players" But yes, it surely had its moments.
  24. I'm sorry.

    I mean they didn't really play zam on a regular basis, but yeah sure, kinda sad how some people get mad cuz people younger than them are doing a better job and "can't deal with the fact that they're prolly really bad" =) write that shit in the chatbox, not here lol xD
  25. I'm sorry.

    I think it's more about jealousy than their age.