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  1. RQS Server needs admins

    Nah man, I promise you can't see my response, but if you're having strange visions that you think is the future I recommend going to the psychiatric hospital, let them help you. along with other issues that you obviously have. And once again Nah man, you haven't really stepped up, don't get confused between the terms "stepping up" and "complaining" Someone stepping up is not a coward, someone stepping up would say "Hey Griggs, you are not doing this right, this thing is retarded but don't worry, I can a better idea to fix it" Someone who is complaining just wants to point out things they don't like or don't want without having any interest in fixing the thing they are complaining about.
  2. New french idea

    Would be a good idea if we had many website users, which we dont. And I would rather be able to interact with everyone in this small community than just a small portion of it, so not worth our time I would say, maybe for bo3
  3. I'm sorry.

    To remove all admins that were of no use, admins that didn't do anything to administrate the server and those admins were the majority, so the best way we figured was to kick them all out and add back everyone that looks good and have real potential and interest in ZAM and helping out the server. So far I would say dennyB and Unforgotten although their low approval rate are, have done more for the server than certain admins have done in a year. We also didn't know everyone who was a "badmin" but after we did this, I would say I have it all figured out now. And people have been complaining about bad bunkers for a long time now, not sure why this is though, if you think we have bad bunkers (which we defiantly do) then why don't you fucking help out the community and the whole player base and do a good thing for once by creating a god damn bunker. I even fucking organized a system so you don't even need to make a whole bunker map, all you literally have to do is one single fucking spot, and if everyone takes 10 min of their time to create this 1 spot we would have tons of awesome maps, but no. Our former admins (of all time) didn't know their place. They just thought that admin is a status symbol, something they get respect for having without needing to earn anyone's respect at all, sadly this somehow seemed to be the case, and when that status tag were removed they lost their shit, they didn't lose anything else than that though, they didn't lose their will to help out the server, since they actually never had that will to helped out the server before. Admins not caring about the reports have always been a problem as well, ViiRuS was basically the only one who ever looked at them, and when he left the reports started going in, so I and gart ofc picked his place up and did the best that at least I could do and manage our ZAM reports. This was the way ever since, but something happened, we kicked everyone out and added @Dennyb and @Unforgotten as admins, and they have done such a wonderful job at managing the reports, I've gone to website many times since they became admins and wondered "where the fuck are the reports" so I go check the archive and all I see is that these guys already did them all, they always beat me to it. So basically our whole Staff team ever since ZAM started 3 years ago minus ViiRuS_iQuicKZ have done a worse job at reports than dennyb and unforgotten has in a few weeks.
  4. RQS Server needs admins

    Yeah, we all know the answer to this, let's take the example of CS:GO. Developers are retarded, gaben doesn't give a fuck. Doesn't give people Support via Steam Support and look, tons of people plays that shitty game. So your argument is quite invalid. Also a little note for you: I give people exactly what they deserve, if you are a kind person who just wants to have fun in a game, well congratulations I will be rather nice towards you. If you are completely retarded, rude and disrespectful I will treat you the exactly the same. But don't worry, you are just a victim of Griggs wraith, he was so mean towards everyone. Yeah right. Oh look who's acting like a smart ass, well yeah, I might have said it's not a problem, because it's really not a problem, all I want to do is have fun while playing a game, and to me playing ZAM is still fun, the only problem was that retards were attracted to it and to smart people it was the exact opposite because it was already crowded with "retarded, rude 18 year olds that act like 6 year olds" and ddosers. Also Classixz didn't try shutting ZAM down? wtf are you on about. Classixz can shut down the website, ZAM and ts3 with a click of a button. So it's all on him if he wants to shut them down or not, and I am the one who is for shutting everything down lol. Well, almost all admin didn't do shit. Also I didn't do as much as I could have done either, but........ I've probably done more in these 3 years than you have and ever will in your entire pathetic little insignificant life.
  5. I'm sorry.

    You can't apply as admin. We removed the applications. So as I said, all former admins had to do is: 1. Make a report 2. Make a 10 minute bunker spot 3. Continue as normal And that is it. No applications, no nothing. We have data on their play-time, connections etc, so what me and gart would do is ask them on Steam if they would like to become an admin on ZAM and if they say yes, then they would become admins, easy. Then we promote them if they continue as normal and if they stop playing all together or go crazy, just demote.
  6. I'm sorry.

    We had a plan. Prepare: 1. Create a admin-rank-up system so it's more equal in who becomes an admin, before only certain people could become admins because we know them and it was kinda personal. We want admins on ZAM to be strictly professional and admins on ZAM doesn't need to be our best friends for them to have a chance in making it to admin. 2. Write down some easy requirements to become Assistant Staff Member(Old Trusted), and then it will be a little harder to get Trial Staff, and then a little more hard and more etc. But it wasn't/isn't really difficult to make it to admin now, I even made the requirements extra easy to at least half of our former admins would come back as admins(what I expected), since all they had to do was continue as normal but post 1 report, and post 1 simple bunker base that takes 10 min to create. But for some reason everyone stopped playing, no clue that were gonna happened obviously, made no sense to me on how easily they all gave up. So things didn't go as expected. 3. Kick out them all and add back admins after 1-2 days. 4. Nobody played day after, or day after that or day after that... etc not as many reports or bunkers as I expected, I guess I thought a lot of people were willing to make time for a 30 min game session of zam, make 1 report in 2 minutes, and one bunker in 10 minutes and post it to website, all under 1 hour. But yeah.... I expected to much for y'all. And yeah, you probably know the rest lol Edit 2 kevin: Quite sure Classixz just doesn't want to be involved in this, since....... he wasn't a part of this. Classixz haven't been in UU for a while now(kinda)
  7. Bruh.

    I mean you act like 10 tbh, but ye whatever (=
  8. Bruh.

    Basically..... Ye, well aren't they? XD Also, you're one of them. One could think you would be smart after being in school for like 13 years while you are 15 13 years old, but I suppose not XD #Kindergarten=School xd
  9. Bruh.

    yes, we want someone who plays at least once per week and isn't retarded. Very hard :-(
  10. Bruh.

    This is obviously what we want, but it seems to be to much to ask for.
  11. New ZAM bunkers

    You don't need to tag me and quote me, just 1 of those 2 is enough. And you should be able to figure that out yourself... =)
  12. New ZAM bunkers

    Pro Tip: Use /ufo to fly and place cades more accurate and use /g_speed 90 to fly/walk slower to also place down cades more accurate. Also remember that the maps looks the best if everything is aligned. =) Thank you for showing interest in the making of bunkers
  13. RQS Server needs admins

    Should answer your question
  14. RQS Server needs admins

    I don't think ZAM in BO1 will impact ZAM in BO3 in a negative way, when BO3 ZAM is up OG BO1 players will probably make up 0.00001% of the player base.
  15. New ZAM bunkers

    those last once were a bit better I would say =)
  16. RQS Server needs admins

    If you are the one who's standing up for the ZAM community, than it's a wonder ZAM didn't die earlier. I respond to all my messages on Steam, I accept all friend invites I get, I interact with the community and new people of ZAM, I help as many new people as I can, if I play 10 games of ZAM I really only play 1, the rest of the time I dedicate my time to help the new players of ZAM, I always try my best to speak the truth and see things in a realistic way. A lot of people can confirm that all of this is true, and I think I've done a pretty amazing job over all these years, UU and ZAM have been like a time-bomb, but great people such as @stlmokevin, @The One Patriot, @iamindy33(before he lost his mind), @uvenus, and a few more have made the time slow down and really helped the server not die sooner, and to all of you that made a difference I just want to say Thanks, thanks for everything. Keep having a positive attitude! But this seems to be the end of ZAM in BO1.
  17. RQS Server needs admins

    Ehhh no, it's not and never has been hard to become an admin in ZAM, all you need is common sense, play on server once in a while. That's it, being friendly and mature has never been something that ZAM admins have been known for. Unfortunately you're right. They probably were the best the ZAM could offer lol, but being SLIGHTLY smarter than a bunch of 10 year olds isn't really an accomplishment to me. And nope, let me break these down 1 by one. Working: If you call playing a game and if you see someone leave you type "!tb @<id> 2d rq2" a job, then sure, gz you can complete a ask that a 6 year old can. Interested: Hard to say, very different between people, some were just interested in power and if they don't have it they stopped playing, some were just interested in just having fun (which is fine, but no need to be admin) so they didn't do shit to administrate the server. And there is quite a few more reasons that could be added here. (ofc some people liked helping out the server, +rep to all of u) Mature: XD YEAH RIGHT, mature? really? Friendly: .... No, a lot of admins (not all) were not friendly and rather rude and impolite. I think the shit you're saying is kinda retarded, yeah, but showing truth? no, can't say that's really true. You keep saying that ZAM is dead, well do you know the reason for this? What if I told you that you are the reason that ZAM is dead? All you are doing is crying and crying. Time for me to say something to every admin that lost their rank. Don't be a bitch, if you fall down you get back up. If you lose something you take it back. If you truly want something it can be all yours with a little hard work. Let's take you @Frupissss as an example, after the topic I created about kicking everyone out, did you get back up, did you fight for your position back as an admin? Let's take a look at your connection history to ZAM. You played 33 minutes of ZAM since I posted the topic on September 10th ... way to go
  18. RQS Server needs admins

    Frupiss will never be added back as admin, we were planning on making Frupiss an admin, but he stopped playing and started acting retarded so he is a no. Not sure about virus though. ZAM US have 3 people on average and EU has 4. We do NOT need admins because of this tbh. But also if you see a Rage Quit, report it. dennyB have done a better job at taking care of reports in a week than a lot of our former admins did in the entire time they were admins. We will first of all not make people to admin if they don't play the server, and since nobody plays, nobody is also becoming admin, especially not morons.
  19. Pats.vids

    your video is very enjoyable as well =)
  20. AI Zombies

    rent one then ?=)
  21. Hey again

    Ow herrow relow
  22. Time has come.

    So you mean't glitches? Yes there are glitches in ZAM, but not like "rebirth" had anything to do with that. No members of UU or admins of ZA can change or fix glitches, only Classixz. Quite sure glitches would remain the same weather this was implemented or not. But you can't possible think that ZAM is losing players because of kicking out members of UU and changing up the requirements to become admin, the drop of people who play ZAM has always been constant and very predictable. And do you even hear yourself? Do you honestly think that ZAM always had 18 players 3 weeks ago? XD According to gametracker the average amount of players in ZAM PAST MONTH was 4 on EU and 3 on US. But we all know that you wouldn't know this aShamed, because the only time you ever joined the server was when it was close to full.
  23. Time has come.

    1. If you haven't played at all lately, how can you know there are glitchers? and I haven't seen 1 single report about someone glitching in ZAM, not even some noob have told on via Steam that someone is glitching in ZAM for a very long time now. 2. If someone was indeed glitching (let's be real, he haven't seen anyone. Just a mythomaniac, hey, like myxa xd) it's your fault that person isn't banned since you haven't reported anyone. 3. I haven't seen any "spike" in anything since me and gart did this, not a drop in players, not an increase in rule breakers, nothing. Just the same as it was the past few weeks before I posted the topic. 4. The answer to both of those questions is: probably not Good bye =)
  24. Life after death

    Defiantly not in the Wizard class, p2w will be to stronk
  25. Guess who's back...

    I have 500 people on my friends list, I know like 5 of them, you're not one of them, sorry. =D