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  1. RQ every game

    5 days not enough either? geez, just permban them or what? oh, what's this? I see you also have rage quit from ZAM before when you had like 2 connections. Huh, looks to me like you need a Permban, no wait, I'm nice you were new, I'll just give you a month ban. How's that? =D But yes, obviously we don't want people to rage quit, but there is no point in banning them for longer than 2 - 3 days since we don't have enough players in ZAM to support this, we would just lose players. Losing players = Losing Money because MVP doesn't get bought. MVP doesn't get bought = No money No money = No ZAM.
  2. ZoMbieK9 Youtube Videos

    How can you think it's a setup? xD He clearly just played on a Sniper Only FFA server where you must do last nice. So the guys going up the stairs all have 29 kills waiting to do last nice. (Except for ZK9)
  3. Guess who's back...

    Welcome back! And no, I don't know who you are Probably because you are from the US and used to play on our US server while I play on the EU one?
  4. background pics 2.0

    Good job myxa, you downloaded a background image of google, downloaded a custom font someone else made, and just wrote "Moxeiro" over the background in that font. You are so good at. Proof:
  5. New ZAM bunkers

    I mean all you have to do is 1 spot now, not 1 map. But nah I would say they still count. =)
  6. AAANND We're back!

    what does words mean XD nice juan, engrish 2 stronk XD
  7. AAANND We're back!

    I find all of this really funny, 50% of people who disliked the requirements said it was because they are too easy, but the other 50% said that it is going to be way too hard to get into the Staff Team ^.^ But viirus, if it is too easy, then why does nobody meet the requirements yet? // Thanks for giving us feedback tho, means a lot.
  8. New ZAM bunkers

    Updated Your comment should look like the example I posted.
  9. To become an Assistant Staff member you must: Know the Rules of ZAM. Help new players. Not try hard every single game in ZAM Create valid and well made reports. Post a suggestion for ZAM. Not have a large amount of past bans. Play ZAM once in a while. (We will not publicly say the exact amount) Be friendly towards the people of our community. Note: These are all the requirements you get, we will not discuss the requirements for the higher ranks, but they are very easy to reach. also these requirements are not set in stone, they can change. Admin Groups you can reach: Head Admin Senior Admin Junior Admin Moderator Trial Staff Assistant Staff
  10. Pats.vids

    wrong section to post cs:go content
  11. im best member pls!!!!11

    Your [ZAM] Member application has been rejected. Reason: The information is invalid.
  12. This is an official message from the Leaders of Undead Uprising and ZAM! I do not like where Undead Uprising is going, there's a lot of things wrong with our community and staff members, the line between being a UU member and a ZAM Staff member is way to thin, so after a talk between the leaders of Undead Uprising and ZAM we have all agreed on a change, this change will impact everyone in Undead Uprising and hopefully we're doing whats best for the UU community and ZAM. I mentioned earlier that the line between UU and ZAM staff is to thin, by this I mean that basically all our staff members are also UU members and this is something I do not like. The change to come will make it so Undead Uprising will only be personal, and by that I mean only people that we have fun playing with will be able to join UU, whether they play ZAM or not. And now for the ZAM Staff Team, this will only be professional, as long as you administrate the server correctly you can count on being a ZAM Admin and having it easier to be promoted, but of course if it's easier to be promoted we also have to make it easier to be demoted as well. We will improve the system for this as well so we know who to promote and demote. All current Admins of ZAM and members of Undead Uprising will be kicked until further notice. a fresh start Remember, this community is based on the people who play ZAM and use this website, so it's up to us all to make it a good place.
  13. How to record | Edit | Upload Videos ;)

    ofc you can't, but... you didn't take their video, you linked it to a website so it basically automatically credits them lol
  14. this is dumb.

    not sure about the 6 years old thing, but I'm assuming you say that it's really childish to use a religious symbol and then write "this is not the nazi symol" ? If someone joins a random international channel and then sees that text and symbol someone could think "yes! finally someone who understands that isn't the symbol of Nazism, a sign of Hinduism! +rep for him to educate others online" Prolly no1 will though xd
  15. this is dumb.

    I understand a bit first, then 60.000.000 people saw this symbol before receive Ball? So everytime you pick up a ball you will see a big fat swastika? Didn't really understand the part with the 6 years old my head either, made no sense, sawwy (
  16. this is dumb.

  17. this is dumb.

    Not sure why this is relevant though, anyone should be able to use a religious symbol whether they are religious or not, like am I not allowed to draw a cross because I am not christian? † But I wouldn't care if they or someone else still had this as a channel name. Like if I join a teamspeak server, I see a symbol that I think is a "nazi sign" all I would think is "lol fucking nazis xd" and then not care anymore, although I must say that this kinda changes now that they are UU members, we should be more strict towards them and other admins. But Classixz removed it, I would've just re-named it, oh well. TL;DR: I dont really care, but I kinda agree a lil with kevin and classixz.
  18. why do people camp in zam.

    You see Nekro-Wolf here started to go to school when he was 6 years old lmao, so late lol! I started kinderg.. I mean School! when I was 2.5 years old! =) Kappa
  19. Old School Weekend - Poll

    1.4 was released 2013-07-23 1.5 was released 2013-11-13 // Seems to be corrupted. 1.6 was released 2014-09-04 1.7 was released 2015-08-03 More Information: Please only vote if you know what you are doing... Please note that only VIP and MVP is supported in the older versions of ZAM. Player skins and custom classes will not work during this old-school event. Please do not tell other people what to vote for, they should not feel pressured to do exactly as you'd like.
  20. ZAM Black Ops 3

    ZAM's core functions were done a couple of weeks ago btw (Countdown, pointsystem, cade system, infection function and something like 15 weapons from previous call of duty games)
  21. VIP Weekend

    sigh, so much fucking cringe, hand me some bleach please Yes, ofc we have primary school, we start at school when we're 6 (kinda, also it's optional) but real school starts when we're 7, as it says in the link, and it basically says the same for Belgium, but... You don't start school when you're 2 -.- As I said, kindergarten is not school, I can also do this if it helps you understand KINDERGARTEN ≠ SCHOOL really strange that I have to explain this to you...
  22. VIP Weekend doesn't seem like it also this is very very unlikely.... quite sure you fucking mean kindergarten, but that doesn't count as school, pls shame
  23. VIP Weekend

    2 months ain't much, and yes... I do.... I've been in school for the last 11 years.
  24. VIP Weekend

    We had one not long ago, and we have one planned for the near future. October most likely.
  25. ZAM Black Ops 3

    2 of those 3 weapons are already in Black Ops 3 xd