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  1. 3 hours ago, ░MyXa░ said:

    Ye i seen this happen, people sometimes get picked twice, i thought griggz knew about it, so i didnt say much

    Yes I do in fact already know about this bug which was added after the forced zombie update, and I've also notified Classixz about this bug when I first encountered it and when MyXa or whoever it was, were picked twice ~2 weeks ago. 

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  2. Right now you can't, we will open up the Staff Applications in about a week.

    If you want to become a Staff member I recommend you act mature, stay active and committed to the community, hang out on the website a lot, have fun, play ZAM obviously.

    One thing that will obviously make you a lot more attractive as an Admin or Staff Member is if you have a skill no one has so far so you can help us, mainly I'm thinking about programming or website development, but could be something else as well.

    Good luck.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Buk Lau said:

    Pretty sure if you were disconnected from the match you would've timed out, instead of it saying you left the game. Just a thought.

    Nope, you can still get disconnected in other ways and it says "Left the game" Instead of "Timed out" 

    It only says that someone Timed out if they lose connections to internet, if their game crashes or BO1 servers are unavailable it says left the game I believe.

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  4. Use the console command /ufo to fly, and then you can place cades in the air.

    Remember, you don't have to do full maps, you can just do individual spots if you want to, and you can submit the code you get and screenshots here:

    (sorry for late response) :(

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  5. 2 hours ago, stlmokevin said:

    The only thing I will say about it is that when I was upset about you banning someone for three days recently instead of just 1 day I was lead to the new rules and felt your three day ban was justified in the end. I know only 20 seconds was left, but does that really matter? Nothing against Peacy, but rules should be rules.

    I mean, just personal thing that I wouldn't ban if it was 19 seconds left, nothing in rules but I just want to keep players, however since that player is Peacy I probably would ban him anyway XD

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  6. I noticed that it says 19 seconds left in your bottom left corner, wouldn't ban anyone if it was like 30 seconds of time left on the map. Well, since it was Peacy I prolly would have banned him anyways(

    Dunno, hard 2 say if it is due to friendship or just time, but weird that he says more zombies. But oh well.

  7. 1 hour ago, BEAst said:

    Does that mean if platinums get 6 kills they wont get a ballistic bowie? I'm pretty sure i miss understood something. And how does misty work with this?

    Oops read your thing wrong, anyway, now if you already have Bowie Ballistic or Sickle Ballistic you get points instead, but what I thought you meant was just normal Bowie knife, not Ballistic. 

  8. 6 hours ago, BEAst said:

    So I don't know if anybody has noticed but if you get more then 6 knife kills in the first minute of the game, you do not get a reward.


    6 hours ago, BEAst said:

    By the way, i am not sure but i think if you get 5 knife kills, it says you got 2 but gives you 600 points, but that isn't the main problem. I think that should be updated, since this issue has been here ever since this challenge was implemented.

    Fixed XD

    6 hours ago, BEAst said:

    Also i think that when you get the spy plane for 5 kills or the sr71 for 10 kills, they wouldn't be instantly activated, but instead given as a killstreak reward.

    This is intentional to keep the person running and maybe even get other kids to start running

    6 hours ago, BEAst said:

    When you get 6 kills you are given a ballistic bowie knife, but no points, and i think you should be given some points as well.

    You get points if you already have a bowie knife, but if you don't then you only get Bowie Knife, which is good knife men, I can add so if you have another 500 Damage knife you will keep it but get points instead.

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  9. In a perfect world everyone would have same rank, same guns, same everything, however as MyXa said, server costs money and humans are selfish and usually won't donate unless something is given to them in return.

    However, if you want the free class to improve, please leave your suggestions in the suggestion area of the forum.

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  10. 18 minutes ago, ( ^◡^)っ✂╰⋃ said:

    really nice :)

    atleast someone that record zam tho...i do record actually some gameplays but my internet is slow with uploading speedo so i need 5 hours if i want to upload 5 minutes of gameplay :(


    Use handbrake =)

  11. On 4/7/2016 at 10:24 PM, Ramsy said:

    Putting the spawn on a black barricade won't do anything cuz you'll still be able to just get hardscoped by 20 people using Interventions.

    Why not make many spawn areas (when going to the out-of-the-map area) rather than just one (this would pretty much get rid of spawntrapping as long as there was a handful of spawns)?

    That took you guys long enough to find the obvious answer xd
    Just because it's 1 flag doesn't mean zombies need to spawn in 1 place. Could be 2, 3, 100 anything kek =)

    Anyhow, I'm reviving this thread now since I want flags to be a part of ZAM again, we will fix spawn trapping by doing what Ramsy said, multiple spawns. Feel free to use noclip/ufo to go around the maps and find cool spots we can use. Or just inside the playable map with a nice bunker.

    Leave your thoughts, opinions and ideas about this, k thx. (=

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