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  1. Who wants to Shmack da PUNEH??!!!

  2. Ban appeal

    I don't know you ok? my bro recommended me this name and he doesn't know you either.And thanks :)
  3. Thug Life

    1. 2. 3. best in my opinion)
  4. Ban appeal

    I guess no problem.
  5. Ban appeal c:

    That is true :) I made my ban appeal 1 month ago and no answer and he made it today and already unbanned :<
  6. heyow

    *stand up* *applause* *tear falls*
  7. Ban appeal

    i know that :/ i've learnd my lesson
  8. Leaving Note - GreyhounD.

    I am sorry for that. I see you got 3 upvotes.That means they liked because you were leaving so they don't like you.=> ban perma
  9. What does your computer setup look like?

    love your mousepad
  10. Ban appeal

    Well if you want to get unbanned firstly start a new thread not posting on others ban appeal.And secondly you got banned because you hacked,not because one of you friends hacked and acused you.That's impossible...No admin would do that unless he is 100%sure about it,in my opinion.
  11. Clan War : UU-S 2 - 1 frozen

    @ Blur has been deleted
  12. Happy birthday, Kill Order!

    Happy birthday Kill order! have a wonderfull first day as 20 years old!
  13. Anyone want to go for sniper clips?

    I love sniping and i love you mudder
  14. Ban appeal

    So in july i got perma banned for advertising.I had been playing zam for like 1 year or something like that and i heard that Zem has come again and i wanted to see how it is to play the new zem in many players so I said : " let's all go play zem" . I left the ZaM server and went to ZeM.There is saw noone so i rejoined ZaM.But when i rejoined ZaM i got kicked.Then i found out that i have been perma banned for advertising. I want to get unbanned because i want to reexpierience ZaM,maybe to play with new people,have fun with the people and to help the others in need.I made a mistake of not reading the rules carefully.I learned from this mistake.If i will ever get unbanned from EU.I will never ever break the rules again. I wish everybody happy new year (2015) and a nice day.
  15. Why

    Recently i have been permanent banned may i ask why? i haven't broke any rule i just got banned from b3 Why is that? I am banned for advertising or something like that and i don't know the word anyways i haven't broke any rule and i got banned please have a look.But there are 2 guys playing on my acc me and my brother.... he really hates me and i am sorry of what he did i hope you understand me .ZAm was my favourite server :< and now i am banned :< i am going to cry :<