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  1. ZAM Translations

    @Classixz fclory@gmail.com for italian
  2. ZAM Translations

    i can help with italian; so i have to dowload the file, modify it and send it back? is it normal that there is no LANG_ITALIAN ???
  3. mouse problem.

  4. mouse problem.

  5. mouse problem.

    doesnt work
  6. mouse problem.

    i wrote this on the console \cg_viewZSmoothingMin 0 is it okay? if it is these commands doesnt work
  7. mouse problem.

    heioooo guys, it's horkeeeey; hope someone still remember me.... so, recently i wanted to make little comeback and play bo1 but i have a problem that doesnt let me play it. its a bug regarding mouse i think but im not sure because this shit happens just on this game a on mw2. in mw2 it is a little bit better but it still compromise my gameplay. cant really what i've done to make this thing. its pretty simple, when i move the mouse (even when i move it slowly) it starts doing 360 720 n stuff, it seems like the sensitivity fucks up. I made a little video to show you the problem, even tough the quality of it is shit (idk why) you can still understand my problem, i showed some games and bo1. im always moving my hand smoothly and im moving it without changing speed.
  8. Happy Birthday Horky*. Enjoy your day off from sniping.

  9. What does your computer setup look like?

    #potatoquality where is vodka?
  10. hope you have a tryhard birthday :)
  11. Hi

    fuck you. wont believe you were studyng for all this time, already told my version of it to you
  12. How can I reinstall ZAM?

    TA BORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. UUS vs Blur' 2v2

    Heio Its a while that we haven't been posting anythings about a clan war but yeah bo1 competitive sniping isnt that competitive in this period. We have played a 2v2 because many of our team left our clan. Its quite difficult to find both of the members that you want to play with online in a clan that actually has just 6 or 7 people that can handle it but 4 or 5 are completely inactive We played 4 rounds each map. UUS roosters: [uUS]horky (italy) [uUS]weyz (russia) Blur' roosters: Blur' swift (netherlands) Blur' qupee (sweden) 1st map (nuketown) http://i.imgur.com/ck41lx1.jpg won 2nd map (summit) http://i.imgur.com/b1KRy9c.jpg lost 3rd map (firing range) http://i.imgur.com/VHmJO9p.jpg won 4th map (grid) http://i.imgur.com/62byEUX.jpg won its nice to see a dead clan trying to get a new reputation and trying to rank up but u wont beat us that ez
  14. What needs to change.

    UUS horky =horky perfection=UUS perfect plz indy
  15. Banned for advertising

    you have nothing to adverstise anymore i think so yeah i think you will be unbanned