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  1. Moderator Application

    In Game Name: ~DOLPHY~ My Steam profile link: My xuid: 11000010b3dd88d Why I want to be a moderator: I have past more than 1000 houres on ZAM I love this mod when i saw all the rules breackers that ther is I have to do something it should have an admin or a moderator every time or most every time because there is : glitcher , hacker , breacker of cade and much more Do you have any experience being a admin/mod on any other servers/games: I am already admin of a web site for sold things for gamers there is the link: Do you have a mic: yes i do i use it when I have to Where are you from: I am from France and united states becauses my parents are separed so i leave in the both half a year How old are you: 09/01/1998 15 years old , 16 in 2 weecks Which server do you want to become a moderator for : US or UE or the both because as i said i leave half a year in UE and other half in US If you become a moderator in which ways will you help the servers: If I become a moderator I will help the server by maid stop every rules breacks and i've got so many idea make the server better and more attractive for the players My notes : I am very active heaven when there is scholl ... fuck the scholl :p
  2. UU-K - Information, applications and more

    In-game name: American Soldier Steam link : XUID (/steamid): 110000104d4765 Age: 17, 01/09/98 Country: france & USA Which ZAM server do you play on the most? EU or US?: depend of where i am , but UE Knifing skill (on a scale from 1 to 10): 6,5 Tell us a little bit about yourself: my name is American Soldier i spend 1500 hours on this mod i love it i played it when he start (powi zombie mod :) and i want to be in a clan yours look to the best and the most actif in the mod and every were i will love to be in your clan and i love knifing ! :)