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  1. UU logos Vote

    Hello Everyone :) so great job myxa and iKing, nice logo, I voted for 7, 9, and myxa's logo, because, from all the logos in here, those were the ones who appealed to me more, but nice job myxa and iKing :) have a good one :)
  2. Sleeve Tattoo

    Ok great discussion everyone, Really awesome ideas, divergent thoughts, and please don't think that I'm a swag wannabe or a facking hipster, because I despise that waste of bones and tissue, ( I wanna kill them them ) so in that sense I agree 100% with Ramsy. I love Indy, I'm not very certain if you are agreeing with the idea or even if you aren't, if you are being insulting or not, if you aren't sorry for my ruthlessness, but I agree with you love Indy, I do love wearing suits, but I love being casual, and for the fact of work, I already have a company, if you have read my introduction you would know :P, but I even go with shorts to meetings, because, here in Portugal we don't have a lot of issues with tattoos, even my medic has a lot of tattoos on his entire body. But thanks a lot for these great ideas and discussions, keep going guys you are doing amazing Have a good one :D PS : Oh and great idea Morty, I actually wanted to tattoo a zombie, but my wife, said she would rip my arm first than looking at a zombie tattooed into my arm ahahah :P
  3. Sleeve Tattoo

    Thanks Elmo, for your feedback, but since, I'm pretty inkd, there's no going back ahahah, but thanks anyway :) Ramsy, that's a pretty cool sleeve, that you posted, but making an entire sleeve of just one game topic, it's weird for me, but yeah great idea, thanks rams :) :) MyXa, can you send a pic, because that's a very interesting idea :D
  4. Deep thinking with Indy

    Well, new studies found out that Hitler actually didnt Suicide, because they don't know what happened to him, Since the only fragment that was a piece of skull with a shot wound, and they thought that it was his, but it was actually of his Wife or Nephew, something like that :o
  5. Sleeve Tattoo

    yeah amazing man, thanks ^^
  6. Deep thinking with Indy

    Hello, dont wanna be rude or anything, but this Forum has a Message System. Back to Topic now :)
  7. Sleeve Tattoo

    Hello guys, how are you all doing ? :) So I decided to make a(nother) tattoo, and this time it will be a Full Sleeve Tattoo, (from the shoulder to a little before the wrist, because of my watch) And since games, are pretty much the biggest part of my life, I decided to make a sleeve tattoo, about games, so yeah, I'm here asking, some ideas, or suggestions that you might have, For now, I decided to tattoo characters or symbols from: Dishonored, Assassin's Creed, Bioshock, Sonic, Mario, Portal, Half-Life, Bowser, Bullet Bill, Vault boy (Fallout 3), Triforce (Zelda). If you have any ideas of more games or such, I will take every idea into consideration. :) Here is some Examples of what I'm talking about :) So yeah what do you think, following these examples ? :D
  8. Deep thinking with Indy

    ahaha dern sure, but that doesnt make it less amazing :P
  9. Deep thinking with Indy

    AHAHA Funny Topic this is, actually, what an amazing Topic :D But talking about this, topic made me think about all the Physics about the world and history events, because of that I say NO. Here's why : First of all, even if someone killed him, the consequences would be even worse, because if it wasn't for Hitler, there would be a even worse man : Rudolph Gloder, a man 10X worse than Hitler, with so many more inovative ways to kill, and if that would happen, then surely all mankind would be lost, since his intellect level, was way superior than Hitler's, and he was far more efficient, stable, patient, and charismatic. Free from Hitler's personality flaws, Gloder was able to take over all of Europe, so that, in the alternate present day, an extremely conservative US is in a cold war with the Nazis., but since Hitler, opposed first his genocidal tendencies, Rudolph Gloder backed out of his ideas, and became a scientist for hitler, whom he died a few months later. Now let's take the idea to one of the most charismatic person that i've seen... Stephen Fry wrote a book ( Making History ) in which explains in a perfect detailed way, this entire topic. Stephen Fry dealt with this superbly in his book, that the problem that many assume Hitler was the sole cause of the second world war and all the associated horrors. Sadly, this is a gross oversimplification. Germany in the 1930s wasn’t a utopia of basket-weaving peace lovers who were suddenly and severely corrupted by Hitler’s charismatic moustache. The political tensions and strife were all there, results of a previous world war and a great depression; Hitler was just able to capitalise on this. But if he hadn’t, say because he had been eliminated, then there’s nothing to say that nobody else would. Problems rarely exist in isolation. Just like you can’t go in and rip out a tumour because it’s connected to the wider body which will react badly to such a blunt intrusion, elimination of the main figurehead won’t necessarily prevent events that were as much a product of the wider socio-political context. And Finally, because I'm fucking tired as hell, Hitler didn’t win. Whatever you think of the present, we don’t live in some bleak wasteland dominated by a global Reich. Because Hitler and his armies lost. Although it was a costly victory, it was still technically a victory, so why risk going back and interfering with an outcome you favour? And arguably, it was due to Hitler’s incompetence as a strategist that the war panned out the way it did. In a way, Hitler had the perfect combination of drive, charisma, evil and incompetence to unite the world against him and ensure that his forces lost. So yeah that's it, hope you enjoyed :)Have a Good One :D
  10. TeamSpeak 3

    Hello Everyone, how are you ? This Topic is just to make a statement about TeamSpeak, and know a little more, about some reasons: I think that Teamspeak is a great add-on to the website as well as the servers, and it has a better bitrate in general, which makes the microphone and/or voices clearer than in-game voice chat. But something that makes me (you can say) uncomfortable, is why don't people use it, it's a great software, and excuse/correct me if I'm wrong but normally the owner pays for the server, so pretty much, they are paying for a TS3 Server, that few people use, and since I've seen some admins on it, It's even better to talk about something that's going on a server ( i.e : a cheater ) Basically why aren't people going on the TS3 Server, ( it's just a question ) If you have any doubts here it is the TS3 Server : ts3.UNDEADUPRISING.net:9987 Thank you for reading this, hope you enjoyed it :) Have a Good One :)
  11. New weapon-Crossbow

    Yay Hip Hip Hooray :D
  12. New weapon-Crossbow

    Hello Everyone :) :) I think that the crossbow, would be one great addition to the game, It's a very balanced weapon, in which, I've made a list of Advantages and Disadvantages for your own good sake: Advantages: -One Shot-Kill (No matter your health) -Scoped ? -and it should be bought for 750 or bought only with a specified class :/ Disadvantages: -Slow Reload -Need to be precise with the crossbow -for long ranges, need to compensate aiming I think that's it, and also since we need to give credit where credit is due, thanks to MortyS and Braby, since they said, a good part of this list already in the Topic :)
  13. [Late] Introduction of HoolyJammer

    yeah great, except the fact that if you muted me, I was pretty much talking to myself like a maniac, but I'm crazy so it's not the first time XD But, I hope that in the long run, we become good friends, with you as well as the entire server, I do not wish to make people mad. And the last point is, You are so right Viirus, Classixz made this topic, so people that are new to the server, present themselves, so we can know more about them it's an excellent, and it's being wasted, but oh well, we just need to reveal this topic, to newer players :D
  14. Jackmonkeybomb's New Parody

    mmmmmm wow, such smexiness in one place :D
  15. Hello everyone, how are you doing ? So I've never actually formally introduced myself... So here it goes, My Username is Hoolyjammer, but my real name is Aleks StormBreaker, I'm 26 Years old, born in 1987/10/09 I have a beautiful girlfriend and a beautiful eye color, I work in a PC Company called INSYS, which gives me access to a lot of game tests and server based work, but enough of that, I love zombies and whatnot but while I was playing Regular Zombies in call of black ops, I noticed that the amount of players on pc, are with the utmost insignificance, so I stopped playing CoD BO, for that reason, but for some signal that Jebus, gave me, I ended up in your server, and I enjoyed so much, that after just, 1,5 hours later, there was I buying VIP for the game, e really enjoy everyone on the server, Admins, Mods, Members, as well as Users. And I just feel undoubtedly happy, when I'm on the server, or Website, so yeah, this is it. ohh and I have a She-Dog, her name is Luna, and she is a Siberian Husky :D P.S : and ViiRuS_iQuicKZ i will never forget the day, that I will show my pro mlg Sniping Skills (never muahahaha :D )