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    Hey I'm a moderator that's it. Any questions ? Ask

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    Intel i5 6600k
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    Corsair vengeance 3 gb @ 2666mgz
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    Asus turbo oc edition gtx 960
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    Antec three hundred two
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    2 TB western digital
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    Antec 750w 80 p gold
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    Razor black widow - chroma
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    Razor Death adder - chroma
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    Razor Kraken
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    walmart mic lol

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    This club is for staff members

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    Only ZAM Bunker makers. If you have skills in making bunkers for ZAM then join us. By joining our club you need to prove us that you are good at map making by sending screenshots and codes of bunkers you made. Fade: Accepting screenshots of bunkers only (If you made a good bunker, just send me a screenshot of it and your joining clan request will be accepted). Classixz: Accepting screenshots and codes of bunkers only (If Classixz liked your work, your bunker will probably be added to ZAM and you will be able to camp on your own bunker and join our club aswell! But don't forget to send a bunker code to classixz, without a bunker code classixz can't add your bunker to ZAM). Here is the link where you can download the mod (, after downloading, you need to read the instruction necessary on the same link where you downloaded the mod! Recomendation while making bunkers (

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    good gamerz only!!!1111

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