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  1. Happy Birthday Relow!


    I know how much you love these. Hopefully you get one.

    1. Relow


      Haha u remember :D already got some :) Thanks m8

  2. Hey again

    Yo, im back after a yeah i think. Hope some of u remember me, my ingame name is now SpitzBube. See you on ZAM
  3. Viirus and Chew Chew because he told me yesterday that he loves me. And viirus because he talked and helped me when i was new <3
  4. Community challenges?

    Smoothie challenge ? :D done it one time and never again
  5. I serious, ZAM Trash, Mi Valve

    Okay its funny but @neejc whats your member title about ? Respect right. U blame him.. That havent got anythink to do with respect .. And its a PRIVATE chat! Just let him do.. Just ban him for advertising Im getting lots of dislikes for that ^^
  6. Your memories!

    Advertising for what ? For a dead mod ? Hopeless.. This isnt advertising. Its just a Video calm down....
  7. Moderator application zombie eu

    First learn the website
  8. Mudda's Videos!!

    No1 use spoiler on his own Video upload topic.. Edit: ok sry you were right ^^ looked at some other topics :|
  9. 1.8 Snipers/ Classes

    Okay Neejc you're right with that.. Both clans shouldnt get anythink special because they are supposed to be better then other players at knifing/sniping so why should they get better weapons ? Give them maybe a perk.. Like Ninja for uu-k.
  10. 1.8 Snipers/ Classes

    Why uu-k want an 500 damage knife at Start..the Zombies doesnt have 500 HP at Start so knife with the normal knife at Start.. And buy Bowie.. I mean lol u are in uu-k u need to be a skilled knifer.. So easy to gett 3 kills or what to get bowie. Uu-s should keep an 500 damage sniper cuz u dont get as much for an sniper kill as for an knife kill
  11. Faith's Videos

    Props to u Cheezeburger @Faith better, gj :)
  12. Faith's Videos

    A big mouth for a little guy like u
  13. Faith's Videos

    Anyways. Change it fgt he got it first

    Did i say there is a rule like this? .. Btw i didnt even play zam anymore :) And when i play i nornaly run ;) But its not hard to hold this ^^ So u camp with aa that newby :*