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  1. Garry's mod- They just want to be together :( ZEM- MOST LEGIT STACKING EVER! Garry's mod- Dr. Hax is happy :D Black ops zombies- Smoke weed everyday~ Garry's mod- I epic failed at something, so i RAGED!
  2. UNBAN PLS!!

    My hand slipped and caded classi off by accident, I'm black and he's being racist by banning the only black guy on the server US I will bring Obama to Sweden and spread ebola if you don't unban me Unban me NOW Or make it 1 minute BAN or you die! PLEASE!
  3. US Server

    I can restart US server if you want.
  4. Nuketown - Yellow House

    I like this, I also agree with you about how nuketown is like a repetitive of the same thing, going upstairs to the bedroom to camp, we need something new! And I think this would be a good start to starting something new.
  5. I'm back to playing ZAM again, some of you guys may know me from the past from about a year ago and I'm a HEAD ADMIN if you didn't know, Myxa is fag that's all I've got to say.
  6. I'm back! Lancer or Kirito

    Thanks everyone :)
  7. I'm back! Lancer or Kirito

    Miss you too Ramsy you Fagsy <3 And thanks Viirus! Yeah, I'm usually only on weekends because there's like no one on school days and I'm busy with school activities, Anyways, thanks everyone for the welcome back and hope to see you in the game sometimes! Loving the update, I don't really like the Mosin Nagant but I guess it's cool how it shoots out a grenade lol.
  8. I'm back! Lancer or Kirito

    I play usually on US sometimes on EU but usually not EU since I have crap ping, I just go on EU to do my Admin duty on there! I've seen you on US and EU before and you seem chill and thanks!
  9. ZAM Loadout's

    Loadout 3 MPL again?
  10. UU-S IS BACK (once again)

    hell yeah it's SAO :D
  11. UU-S IS BACK (once again)

    thanks bruh i earned dat rep
  12. UU-S IS BACK (once again)

    Your Steam name: Lancer (全體字)™ Your Steam link: Your in-game name: Lancer Your BO1 XUID: 1100001045fcb78 Country: Seattle, WA Age: 15, turning 16 in about a week Which ZAM server do you play on the most?: US On a scale from 1-10, how would you rate your sniping skill?: 6
  13. Complain for V1.6

    So many complaints about cade limbs, but yes I actually find it quite interesting how 60% of the time I'm in the game, zombies usually win because of their cade limbs.
  14. Classes for 1.6 >> 1.7

    Class Name: Heavy Duty[VIP OR ABOVE] Special 1: M60 W/ explosive rounds(if possible) [1000] Speical 2: Explosive Resistance(for 30 secs)[1500](Can spam mustang and sally without dying :3) Special 3: L96 Cannon[900](Or any sniper rifle with explosive rounds) Special 4: Bomber(50 secs)[600] (When activated,everytime you kill a zombie they explode but they can damage your cade at about 50 health each SO USE AT RISK!)
  15. ZAM Update log / Idea thread

    Maybe for VIPs and MVPs, maybe can add at least 3 OP things for non-VIP or MVPs and add some OP things for MVPs and VIPs.
  16. ZAM Update log / Idea thread

    Love the that spot Ramsy, also love the idea of Loyalty, but it looks like Loyalty has more stuff than VIP do so it looks like VIP and MVP paid for nothing, just saying so you wouldn't make the Loyalty shop too OP.
  17. Happy birthday, ๖ۣۜKEX!

    Happy birthday, let's celebrate with free VIP this weekend ehh?
  18. ZAM 1.6 Testers (Apply now!)

    Let me help test KEX, Also when is the testing taking place? What day/What time?
  19. dat Noscope wallbang!

    GG thanks for showing the proof of you using macros or script whatever to shooting that deagle GG!!!!

    Really? I saw you a bunch of times, probably because I changed my name a whole bunch back then lol or it's because was busy with school and practice driving.

    Oh hey what sup my nigga.
  22. Moderator Applications Q&A

    Well done, but you should probably tell about where to go to check out notices, recent bans, etc. in the website.

    Haven't seen GreyHound in like forever.

    ^ Agreed but who the fuck is zeneksashy?
  25. 1 year of swag;3