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  1. UU-K Update!

    Firstly, sorry for double posting. Secondly, hey everyone I just hopped on to see how everything was going and just going through my updates etc. I apologiese for being inactive and I'm sorry no one heard from me. Sadly I was kicked from UU-K but I guess my time has come.
  2. UU-K Update!

  3. Happy birthday, GreyhounD<3!

    Thanks Frupis and NW.
  4. Happy birthday, GreyhounD<3!

    Thanks myxa and faith.
  5. Happy birthday, GreyhounD<3!

    Thanks Braby!
  6. Happy birthday, GreyhounD<3!

    Thank you guys.
  7. Happy birthday, Elmo!

    Happy Birthday!
  8. Happy birthday, Sky_Face!

    Happy Birthday!
  9. INdyS.Vidz

    Awesome videos Indy.
  10. Finally, my goodbye?

    Congratulations on UU-S bro. Hard to see you go my man, good luck in the future bro.
  11. Happy birthday, Faith!

    Happy Birthday bro!!
  12. Happy birthday, Classixz!

    Happy birthday!
  13. Last push for ZAM 1.8

    I would like to see that op flag spot again lol.
  14. Happy birthday, ηεεנc!

    Happy Birthday!